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  1. nice to meet you to dude.
  2. I a a bricklayer and currently running a large gang of elite bricklayers/hod carriers.I have just over another four hundred homes to complete in our current project.nearly twenty years in this trade.
  3. strange i though the ps4 version was not too bad.the game play.driving was like gta.but the story was just too shot left me feeling like it was lacking something.am hope that they bring out some good dlc for this title.
  4. Can't be leave the ps4 psn is undergoing this again.dies anybody hear feel you may have made a mistake buying this console?im really starting to have my doubts.
  5. http://www.dualshockers.com/2014/06/27/hori-japan-is-releasing-the-liquid-crystal-monitor-4-for-the-ps4/
  6. Happy days mr puffdragon hope your all cool
  7. Thanks dudes.i hoped something like this would happen.
  8. Nice fresh clean forum. nice to be here.