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  1. a "handheld" with a fan? well thats a first... guess that tegra chip is working quite heavily then for it to require a fan... But that raises an immediate concern - Dust. I hope that fan and cooler fins will be easily accessible, otherwise I can see the headlines already of how Switches overheat, sets your house on fire, kills your cat and all that...
  2. I can guarantee you that I have certainly not kicked you. Why would I? I have nothing against you >_> I haven't even kicked or killed @StarMelter in ages! Also, Im not very active on IRC myself lately. Sure I have it open, but its in the background these days and I forget to check it Anyway, welcome back
  3. If you're doing just a specific region, this should be clearly pointed out early in the article...
  4. Its really not much different from the WiiU though.. Lots of games have shit locked behind the physical DLC, aka. amiibos. TP have a dungeon that can only be unlocked by using wolf link for example. Hyrule warrior also have stuff locked behind the amiibo-wall....
  5. Cheat Codes inside the games themselves were put there on purpose by the devs. So I dont count them as cheats persé tbh. Especially when we're talking about games with no checkpoints or save's. Oldish PC-games also had similar methods, but these were more akin to debug-things and straight up cheats(unl. health/ammo etc). The universal method was to bring down a console with tilde(or whatever the button above tab next to 1 is called), and then you had your simple commands such as god(god-mode, unl. health), noclip(lets you fly freely without collisions etc). This method still exists to this day in many modern games. However, the console is most of times hidden/locked, and the commands arent as generic as they were in the past...
  6. The old school cheat devices were completely different. Those could be used to unlock cool shit, not just blatantly cheat. I think it was Golden Eye for N64 that you could unlock more levels in, new weapons and stuff like that. I seem to recall OoT also had alot of fancy stuff, such as closing the Door of Time while being an adult(LIKE ON THE BLOODY SCREENSHOT ON THE BOX!!!). So yeah, they had a lot of uses other than just cheat...
  7. Is there any sounds coming from it, or is it quiet? If theres a sound from it, a cog or something might've broken, causing it to slip. If its completely quiet, it might be the dc motor itself thats busted... In any case, sitting here and guessing wont accomplish anything, you're gonna have to rip it open and go through every part that handles the spinning of the discs.
  8. Asshole-mode: Engage! Told you he hadn't changed And yes, I'm against giving you any sort of special status. I get the feeling it'll go to your head, cause thats the impression youre giving. You cant take criticism at all, all you do is come up with excuses and start crying. I've always been skeptic about it, but what set my mind to a definite "NO!" was a post by you in some thread. I cant remember the exact thread or your exact wording, but you basically told someone he was not allowed to post news because "it was your job". I dont care if you were trying (and failing) to make a joke or whatever, it was extremely unprofessional and rude. So rude in fact that it makes both Greg and myself look like fking saints in comparison... Unfortunately for me though, it seems your whining finally managed to get you your beloved badge so... I'll just leave you with a warning, I'm watching you and if I see any tendencies of any of the aforementioned concerns, I will remove that badge immidietly on my own accord. Behave, and you have nothing to worry about. That is all.
  9. The original xbox with a chip: Full-fledged media center that could even be used as a proper PC with linux Xbox one: Will become a full-fledged media center that already runs a version of the windows 10 core... Coincidence?
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 63/100 My Time 111 seconds  
  11. Stop being lazy @Joonie Anyway, maybe you could move webman to be included in the toolbox instead of the firmware itself? And install it in the "standard" location so its easy to either remove or upgrade for the users, without ending up with duplicate webman versions.
  12. What is this? The world famous rebug-developer @Joonie got a lower score than me?
  13. Dont forget the WiiU has also supported external HDD's for a long time And hacked Wii's as well ofc...
  14. Well, when it was originally released on steam, the state it was in couldnt even be considered Alpha... That was more like some internal pre-alpha build. Even my game have less bugs than ark had back then lol. And considering the ambitious size of the game, 3 years dev. time isnt all that surprising tbh. The main issue is that they simply were too eager to start milking it. It shouldnt even have been considered to be released to the public for at least another year. This issue isnt isolated to ARK alone... Its basically become common practice to use the public as alpha-testers, while milking them of their money at the same time. Its a shitty practice and I really despise it. The whole early-access system was put in place to help very small indie devs(really small teams or even individuals such as myself) to get some extra testers without having to specifically hire people, which is something a lot of small indie devs simply cant afford. This system is now being abused like hell by even multi-million companies that have hundreds of employees... Fuck that shit........
  15. Well, they shouldve at least WAITED with the console-ports until the PC version were in a release-candidate state. Now they basically have 3x the workload with bugfixing and shit. Not the brightest decision tbh... I get the feeling they've kinda decided to try and milk it as much as possible, bugs and shit be damned.