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  1. Topic moved from Member Introduction to General PSVita.
  2. Oh dear, yet another step towards the grave... My condolences on this tragic, tragic day...
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 337 seconds Misclicked on one, otherwise I wouldve gotten 100...
  4. Nice!
  5. Hmmm, not bad... Lets hope the build quality is a bit better than the old 2DS though. Well, lets see how much it'll cost...
  6. That uh.... Should do nothing but blow fuses for the USB-bus... And Im ashamed to admit that, ye, talking from experience Lost 4 USB ports by managing something similar
  7. ... Because he thinks it should be "connect to" instead of "contact"... "Connect to" is more common, but contact works fine too. Regardless of term used, anyone should be able to understand what you mean. Anyway, just ignore anything lightning says from now. He just seeks attention and is salty because he got stripped of his news editor-badge. Also, Im pretty sure thibobo was refering to the actual history, e.g. "the past", and not the history stored on the vita
  8. Its grammar
  9. Funny how he digs out a almost 1-year-old thread just to start bullshitting... Also, is he seriously calling himself a dev. and made a flappy bird rip-off? lol............... Come back when you have done something mildly difficult. And finally, @B7U3C50SS, you are correct. There is absolutely no reason trying to "impress" us over here. We value honest and upfront people far more than bad actors and ass-lickers
  10. Yeah, both producing AND capturing 4k is very... optimistic... to say the least... I doubt it comes with a fast SSD, so with 4k recording the HDD will be a limiting factor in itself. I mean, theres a reason "pro gamers" uses dedicated capture cards for hundreds of dollars, and not just some software-based solution. And 99% of those are still capturing 1080p, 1440p in some rare cases.. Never seen anyone capture 4k regularly other than for a "Look at what I can do!"-thingy. 4k in general is not yet viable. Start with getting 1080p without dynamic downscaling working properly first, then move on to 1440p, and THEN one can start thinking about 4k... In other words, proper 4k gaming should be at least 1 generation away. I mean cmon, only a select few with way too much money can play somewhat proper 4k with a monster-PC, how the fk do they think they'd be able to mainstream it in a fking console, that HAS to be significantly cheaper than a PC to be viable? Yeah, not happening...
  11. It'll most likely feature a Ryzen chip then. Whether the "true 4k gaming" holds true remains to be seen.... Im skeptic as usual though.
  12. Welcome
  13. "omg stop spoiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111one" Hm, ye, Im one of those skeptics regarding BOTW... I havent played it myself yet becuase A) My WiiU is still packed in a box somewhere, B.) Im hooked on another game that takes up all my time lol and C) I've somehow lost interest in the game, it failed to give me the "hawly shiet must have!"-impression previous zelda-titles have given me. I'll probably pick it up at some point though. As a side-note in regards to impressions etc.. Most of you know I'm quite fond of the Tales-games, but... Even Tales of Berseria failed to impress me with the demo, so much so that I havent even bought it. I do have it... "borrowed"... from the interwebs on my HDD's though, but I still havent installed or played it.... So... yeah.... /end-offtopic
  14. The other test-post-quotes are fine, as is all other quotes on the entire board. This is the only one thats fked Res. is ofc the standard 1080p. Im not starmelter who still lives in the -80's with 1024x768 res
  15. Dunno what youre testing but, the quote-frame is stretching too far, way longer than the rest of the forum frames...