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  1. Happy birthday dude! Rock that shit
  2. So I received the brooks nincade today! It's a slick little device honestly. I installed it in about 5 minutes start to finish. Works exactly as described. So far, I have only tried my ps4 controller, which thus far works as intended. Don't notice any real lag or issues. I plan on using a wiiu pro controller (nyko knockoff), but it is fresh out the box dead. I'll let you guys know how I like it once I get it synced up and play a few levels of chip n dale rescue Rangers! Thanks a lot to @BobbyBlunt and the guys at brooks accessories.
  3. That's really nice of you. I would definitely pay the shipping, but I'm not trying to rob @thezander out of it. Not sure but he sounds like he had first dibs? So either way. I'll either pay shipping or just buy one from site. Thanks a lot man. Hope all is well. 😀
  4. @BobbyBlunt do you have a link to buy one of these?
  5. I posted earlier on this but my post is gone? anyway....this is really cool. I finally nabbed a NES classic recently. Haven't played it too much. Just a handful of times. But I have defiantly wished I could use a wireless controller. Thought about buying one, but this Bluetooth receiver is way cooler. I love the combo to put it into pair mode. 😂
  6. I just bought a couple of these at the local Walmart for $7 on clearance. These little controllers feel absolutely great in the hand IMO. Anyone have any experience with them? It's perfect size for my boy too. For $7 you can't beat them. If anyone is interested in 1 let me know. $7 and cover shipping. Pic Sidekick
  7. These are cool. I've seen these before, but didn't really show much interest as most are strictly setup for emulation. With the android stick tho....tons of possibilities I'd assume. Don't know much about these but good job man. I'm interested for sure if you throw some more together.
  8. Some old faces in here! Love to hear you guys are all doing well. Life happens to the best of us. Glad to hear from you all. ?
  9. I'm actually impressed with the switch drop test. I'd say if you can drop the switch 5 times and still play the damn thing, that is certainly respectable. And he dropped it 11 times and it still worked. Sure it was scratched and ugly, and the joycon was busted....but the thing still technically worked. Pretty damn good IMO
  10. Thanks a lot for the info guys. I think I've decided to just update and use the vita tv as inteded. I have an updated vita, and a vita on 3.52 for henkaku/homebrew. i just can't see enough reason to stay on 3.60 since I can already enjoy homebrew/henkaku on my vita, and there are only a few games I would care about that aren't compatible. I'll just have to live with those on the vita. :/. thanks fellas.
  11. Is he on the site? @atreyu187
  12. What's up fellas? So like a moron, I just bought a pstv bundle. I haven't seen any in a good while, and this was the bundle with 2 games, controller, and 8gb card for $29. I figured I'd whitelist it if I can and use it for remote play. I haven't even read into the pstv before, so I realize now I may not be able to do what I intend. I haven't opened it up yet, so hopefully it's on an early enough firmware for whitelist. But reading around, it appears you get one or the other? Either whitelist or remote play. Can't do both because of having to update firmware for remote play? Any confirmation and info would be great. Thanks!
  13. Nice job man! But after doing a handful... I prefer not to do coronas at all! Lol. Trinitys FTW!!!!
  14. Merry Christmas fellas!
  15. Happy birthday brother. Sorry I missed this. Hope your day was awesome!