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  1. 3.65 Jailbreak > ad fly link > bit fly link > spammy upload site > download zip > open up note pad file > different adly link > bit fly link > spammy upload site > large zip file > encrypted ^^ There's a special place in cyberhell for these types of practices. Not that it is equivalent with the rhetorical question titles. However these types of practices aren't usually specific. They're just like fake youtube videos. I kind of went on tangent with this, Google SEO results confuse me nowadays anyways. The change to more location specific results was subtle enough for me not to realize everyone gets the same search results.
  2. Happy bIRTHDAY Man!
  3. pretty cool, I wonder if this is the reason they discontinued the other one. Or possibly this new one will allow for online purchases.
  4. Updated main post.
  5. Yeah overall nothing was that exciting, they made an announcement like there hasn't been a Kirby game for 3DS before but I am almost positive there has been at least 2. I have a hard time keeping up with Nintendo Directs, Treehouses, and e3 I hope we get an actual pleasant surprise soon for the Switch. Such as Metroid, I mean we need a Metroid game like the Prime series.
  6. Starts 6pm EST http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/04-12-2017/ It looks like they are going to talk about Splatoon 2 and ARMS
  7. in such a subtle way is what makes it worse. Like I've gotten around to not wincing when I see people drop these off of roofs. But this, I didn't like this at all it hurt.
  8. wow, what an evil little thing that is. I wonder if it's used by people who void their warranty and need to cover their tracks. *pondering_smiley_face*
  9. hey man just got one of these, are you still looking to try something?
  10. One of the all time insult comics who use to roll with the famous Rat Pack back in the day has passed away today. He was very funny and never pulled his punches and went after everyone equally, extremely funny guy. The crazy thing was just yesterday while I was going about my day I randomly thought about him and how he could pass at any moment it's kind of bizarre. I recommend that you look up a couple of his acts; Johnny Carson, Friers Roast with Dean Martin and countless others. http://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-don-rickles-snap-20170406-story.html
  11. A new development from qlutoo 4/4 : You guys are already aware I'm sure. Also this helped me understand the significance a little better:
  12. Maybe this thread isn't the time to say this, but it seems as this contest was a success. Who knows how many of these people would of made this stuff otherwise.
  13. Wow, I didn't know it was just 20 bucks to get published on the playstore. Ever thought of putting a QR code thing on your site or signature? QR codes are all the rage these days, I never scan them but they look cool.
  14. ^^ That's pretty good, a couple others I came across were Google Maps ( mobile at least not sure on desktop) has a cool Ms. PacMan gag. Also Amazon Echo has a new joke talking to animals video. Also on a off-topic note I noticed you have an Android app for your site. That's pretty cool, have you developed other things for Android? You have to apply and pay for a licensing thing with them right?