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  1. I got a question, how much money are you willing to spend to alleviate this problem? Based on your amount then we can start giving you more ideas.
  2. Good to have you back, need more people around you keep up with DB Super.
  3. I get that, I was only using Super LuigiU as one example I don't like that amiibo DLC crap either. Expecting people to buy dolls in order to play as a certain character is a little much. I get the that you have a tangible object for what are usually digital purchases but it's not like they're 5 bucks or something out of a gumball machine.
  4. I do not like this, 20 dollars for an extra dungeon, and different story is bogus. Just like Super Luigi U really pissed me off, this does as well. Games like these I think DLC should stick with different costumes and colored swords, not actually cool stuff.
  5. hm ya that's a screw up, i usually select remove formatting. i'll fix it in a bit.
  6. User brenj at GBATemp has released and consistently updated an IRC client for the WiiU. It currently only connects to freenode, but he has been making revisions to it on a regular basis so perhaps more options will come in the future. It also uses an attached USB keyboard so no gamepad keyboard it seems. the steps for using are pretty straight forward It's a neat piece of homebrew software, some people like to use their consoles for IRC chat I have come to learn and those online clients can be kind of whack. Source : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-lameircu.460609/
  7. The only cheat device I was ever aware of was the GameSHark for 64, I think I may of rented it once or twice. Looking back I remember what the hell it did, but I think it could unlimited lives, no damage kind of things. Anyways I don't think I would buy a modern cheating device because I just have no inclination I think cheats only intrigue children which is fine. Now cheat codes are a whole different story, they made impossible old school games more palatable. Of course I had very limited connectivity to the rest of the world to find these out until much later. Cheat codes are just cool in general if they brought those back it would be a neat aspect however they don't have a lot of place in modern day games and would become mass knowledge in no time.
  8. Ok correct me if I'm wrong because I am super familiar with all of this. The laser one a disk drive moves in just a back and forth motion on an arm. And there's a gear pog thing in the center that is connected to a motor that is responsible for the disk actually spinning.
  9. Since replacing the laser didn't make it spin. Then perhaps you are correct in assuming that the motor is jank. Do you have any ideas on how to test that theory though? External power supply, swap with another PS. Finding another console would be a pain. But I do not think that the motherboard is the issue unless you swapped knowingly working parks to test.
  10. That would be ideal. How long ago did it stop working? Was the total breakdown gradual or all of the sudden? Did it have more issues with the disk not spinning until not all.
  11. Well that would screw up your mod right? would you need to do that in order to fix the drive?
  12. If you think you've diagnosed it why not get the part from ebay?
  13. Your pictures seem to be focused on the mod install do you think that is the cause of it? That a solder point is screwing it up? Does the PS1 have a disk drive that you use a PC to power it up?
  14. Is it recently modded or something? Is it back together now? I haven't used a PS1 in awhile so I can't remember but does it have a message that either says "Disk not readable" or "no game inserted" to see whether or not it even recognizes something is inside of it.
  15. Is there anyone looking forward to this movie? I am interested in it somewhat. Not enough that I am dying to see it in theaters but the first one was entertaining. If you've seen the movie 'Taken' with Liam Neelson it's as if this movie took the action sequences out of that movie ampped them up, and removed any frivolous story. It's the kind of movie you can turn your brain off, let your jaw relax and watch. Whereas in 'Taken' you get subtle hints of the guys background and first hand see his skills. This movie makes it's main character (John Wick) hyped up the entire time, it's a goofy movie but watchable.