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  1. This game took me by surprise because I didn't know anything about it. I knew about Sonic Mania which I am now less excited for now that I know about this game. It's not a sidescroller but like the Sonic Adventure games ( I hope ) it's looks all dystopian Eggman's robots are taking over everything. The characters so far do not look to be in the style of Sonic Boom which I never played and I hate to rag on stuff that I haven't played as to jump on some popular-opinion-band-wagon however screw that game and everything about it, I am sure it sucks as much as I have heard it sucks. That being said Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces both look dope. Here's the footage of Sonic Forces. Source: https://www.geek.com/games/sega-unveils-first-sonic-forces-footage-1693105/
  2. For those Switch owners out there don't forget to test out Splatoon 2 tomorrow through a couple days I think. Nintendo is doing a cover thing live as well http://live.nintendo.com/ Now I know a lot of you are saying how can I take a break from Snipperclips and 1-2-Switch to play a demo. Well, if you want to take the chance to play it before it comes out it's definetely worth a shot. I never played the original, but there is nothing else to really do with the Switch so I hope I get the chance.
  3. Hopefully we'll be able to hold the fort down here, I'm assuming protocol still stands? If something goes wrong blame @Lucif3r then it just kind of works its way out. ''
  4. Those are cool packages, what do you do with the insides of the cartridges after you gut them? Can you buy them as shells? Overall they look flawless, how long does it take you to assemble one? Do you package them with those controllers as well? I bought a usb snes controller that looked like one of those but it didnt last me long a lot of the buttons won't work for me anymore. I am just curious about your experience so far. I'm sure the damage was in part because the rubber connector at the controller separated which i bet pulled the wires.
  5. I didn't know that, now I can check out that stuff when the show gets way too confusing. I knew it had some collaborating with Marvel but wasn't sure what. All the mutant talk made me just think it was just kind of like x men like a spinoff.
  6. Has anyone been watching this crazy show that started airing this year? About a guy who seems schizophrenic but then realizes he has a bunch of crazy mental abilities. The show is really weird and confusing ( kind of like this post ) it is captivating television though. I highly recommend watching the pilot at least. If you watch the pilot and think the show sucks then you lost maybe an hour of time, and if you don't think it's a total waste of time then you'll be hooked in. It's not one of those shows where you have to watch a couple episodes to get sucked in. It's pretty much all or nothing. However, you got to start at the begining and not just the latest episode.
  7. Has anyone who updated to this FW experience this issue: http://www.polygon.com/2017/3/22/15022232/ps4-wi-fi-broken-firmware-4-50 ? Apparently WiFi says the password is screwed up regardless for some users.
  8. Chuck Berry I figured with the recent passing one of Rock n' Rolls founding fathers perhaps a quiz on his legacy would be appropriate. Since I decided to go with the Music category I'll leave out a lot of biographical questions. Submitter thezander Time 5 minutes Submitted 03/19/2017 Category Music  
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    I figured with the recent passing one of Rock n' Rolls founding fathers perhaps a quiz on his legacy would be appropriate. Since I decided to go with the Music category I'll leave out a lot of biographical questions.
  9. They're making another console right after a new XBOX One model. I wonder how the people who just bought that feel about it.
  10. Hey welcome to site! I believe someone here has the know how to walk you through the PS3 problem. I'm not to confident with my experience to give you a sure fire thing. but why not install a new CFW? Also i'm sorry to hear about your wife my condolences to you and your family.
  11. Are these all cutscene screenshots?
  12. yeah there is a ton i have yet to do. i was just anxious to beat him (worried about zelda and hyrule and all that) the cool thing about this game that one of the nintendo dudes mentioned is that you could pretty much fight ganon from very early in the game. you just probably won't win unless you are seriously a savant at this type of thing. the other thing the guy said was that if playing non stop someone still wouldn't be able to 100% the game in a week. now is it worth buying a switch over? while it is a great game if you have seen the future titles to be released and Mario Odyssey didn't peak your interest and you don't know think nintendo titles will be of interest either then you can still get it for the wiiu which if you dont already have should be discounted or find a used one.
  13. First I do not think it would be over presumptuous to claim that I am sure a great deal of you out there have heard of Zelda BOTW. Game came out 3/3 and I figured a thread concerning it would be appropriate. Now some fans out there are very weary of reading anything someone has to say on the game because the Zelda franchise has intriguing stories and hidden secrets that people do not like to have spoiled for them so I will try not to hit any major plot lines or locations of stuff. So I'll start off by saying I was hesitant when I saw footage last year I think it was called a treehouse event or something of the first BOTW gameplay they went away with a lot of tropes; the ability to hop, classic tunic, breakable weapons, weird potion making crap. I thought it could of given the game a bad omen however having just defeated the last boss or whatever you'd like to call it I can tell you that the game is excellent. Now I will keep out of the more specific details I suppose of some gameplay things in this first post such as what I thought of how dungeons were addressed and new abilities or items. I'll keep that for other post below I guess. If any of this you found still too spoiler-y just tell me to screw off or something.