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  1. [music of the day]

    Welp this has been my theme for a long time but today I hacked it all off.
  2. [Update] This Is A Test - Do Not be Alarmed

    That's the spirit! I never turned on you Frank I've always been loyal, I made what I could on the side but I never betrayed you. ^^ I may of butchered this one. but it's my favorite because he totally did Frank wrong with the girl.
  3. [Update] This Is A Test - Do Not be Alarmed

    YOu know what you are frank? a hazza that's a pig that don't fly straight and neither do you.
  4. It's never too late for now,
  5. GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

    Hey good to see you back, congrats on new born.
  6. PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

    Looks like a new browser exploit is in the works: https://gbatemp.net/threads/new-browser-hack-method-for-wiiu-on-firmware-v5-5-2.480966/
  7. NTRBoot has been released which involves the use of a DS flashcard and magnet that can unlock several useful options for your 3DS. If you have a bricked 3DS this may be able to breathe life back into it. 3DS on non exploitable fw can now be hacked. Apparently works on every 3DS just to get that out there. By the following people (quote of source): Here's a helpful guide to get started https://3ds.guide/ntrboot There are several useful faqs you should probably read on the source via thread : https://gbatemp.net/threads/ntrboot-released.472585/ It seems rather exciting, if you have ever bricked a 3DS and still have it, or updated past exploitable fw. And you get to use a magnet to screw with factory option stuff which is all I need to hear before I hunt down some DS carts. Source thread https://gbatemp.net/threads/ntrboot-released.472585/ Source https://github.com/kitling/ntrboot_flasher https://3ds.guide/ntrboot
  8. PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

    edit: nvm, i think i misunderstood.
  9. A GBATemp member CTCaer made and released a tool that lets you change your JoyCon color in game. He utilized the joycon work done by ShinyQuagsmire and implemented this. At first I thought the tool changed the LED lights however in game when it shows you your controller it displays it's actual color like blue or red. Now if you got yourself some custom color shell deal and would like to change the in game display of the color joycon you have you can use this thing to do it. Quote from source: Prerequisites: .net framework v4.5.x Visual c++ 2015 x86 redist Bluetooth adapter Windows PC Source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/tool-joy-con-toolkit-v1-0.478560/
  10. Transparency Regarding Article Removal

    I think the problem stems from having a hosting provider that doesn't feel like putting up with anything. If Sony tells them that a site they are hosting has copyrighted material wtf do they care they'll tell you to take it off before going to bat for anyone.
  11. User OatmealDome at GBAtemp released a program for the wiiu that lets you play TV only games on your WiiPad. By allowing you to swap displays with a click of a button. So games that were previously unplayable with only the wiiupad as they would show a 'look at tv' message are now playable without a television monitor. https://gbatemp.net/threads/swap-drc-for-tv-only-wii-u-games.478026/
  12. Today is has been reported that some Nintendo Switch games have been successfully dumped. They may not be complete cartridge dumps and it comes shortly after this code was released: They games reportedly dumped were Also I am getting the term 'cartridge dumps' from the source thread, I have no idea if it was made clear whether they were cartridges or eShop games. source thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/first-nintendo-switch-cartridge-dumps-released.477954/ Post-script; I lucked out on not posting this before I saw this message: I am not sure how much of step this was, I don't think this necessarily marks a a huge accomplishment. I think the powers at be made this possible via doing other things and some team picked it up and announced these dumps as a by-product. While it is always exciting to see the first game dumps announced, it may not deserve a lot of attention in and of itself. I don't know if this is abundantly obvious however there is no way to play these and who knows where they actually are. Edit: To expose my own ignorance here a bit; the NFO for the game mentioned that it was a cartridge dump. To add to that it also said something about uniqueness and something about being unique. I didn't totally comprehend what that was but not too interested to contemplate it that much.
  13. This is hilarious. I'd like to see that email he sent Sony. "...AND THEN MY NARROW CIRCLE BETRAYED ME, ANYWAYS HERE IS BLUEPRITNTS." Sony: Oh thank you very much sir, we greatly appreciate you telling us about the device you invented to garner piracy of our console.
  14. #PS4 Game-Sharing Modchip Info Revealed

    Do we know what the chip does? On a side note, if they had put this inside a clunky looking plastic fin shaped shell it would sell like hot cakes.
  15. Zelda Breath of the Wild [Spoiler Free OP]

    I agree that the durability of weapons is annoying, I mean it shouldn't apply to hylian shield ( spoiler?). Also I never got into making potions and stuff which is a huge part of getting ready for certain things like bosses. About it being difficult right from the get go I am not sure. I mean you still have to follow that old dude around and he explains a good brief overview of the entire game. Those first three shrines, there is a slight tutorial feel to it. Also some Zelda fan jerks still complain incessantly about Twilight having way too much tutorial to it. The part I didn't like was the feeling of too much climbing, I know it's because I didn't stake out where I was going thoroughly enough before scaling a mountain for 10 minutes to find out there's a walking path. It is a good game though and has a bunch of Zelda aspects to it. I can't recall a single game where Link knew where he was or what he was doing or going to do but this is a new idea to just give him amnesia. I played it on WiiU too and not sophisticated enough to notice frame rates and things of that nature. Also the hopping didn't bother me as much as I thought it would when I learned about it from Treehouse coverage, I realized that it wasn't the first game to do it. I just didn't remember Link's Awakening because I was not a fan of that game at all.