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  1. 4.76, 4.78 Reverters added and 4.80 Converter added
  2. Thread cleaned up, organized and pretty now
  3. They always gotta fuck shit up XD
  4. 4.81 Reverter https://mega.nz/#!FZIz1QAb!Ft6fLJ7Tu3pv-TphArzBMTt3t5-Rd_h-2V1CgULNgA0 added 5 minutes later Gotta fix the page at some point the spoilers are broken it seems
  5. Nice work. To bad don't have a 1.7x ps4 to test it on.
  6. Well that's why crack is a pretty good option
  7. Really sad that the game turned out this way. What did they do with all that money?
  8. A lot of fixes were implemented when they rewrote the code from scratch basically so probably. VR support could come if someone wants to write code for it. Shouldn't be to hard to port it, just making it render 2 720-1080p screens might stress it a little.
  9. Well soon I'm sure they will add WiiU support after Cemu gets better. Lol. But dolphin 5 is the best thing since sliced bread.
  10. Because its a US based lawsuit and other countries have different laws and systems for lawsuits.
  11. Guys geohot just exploited 3.55 jk
  12. Still wish I had gotten a PSV ;-;
  13. Damn dood. Looking forward to GOW and Res7 Greek mythos and Nordic mythos are some of the coolest. Maybe one day it will be Kratos against Jesus Christ lol
  14. All your hax are belong to us!
  15. He will not be able to install a 3.55 CFW on this unit if it has a minimum firmware of 3.60 or above. If it has a minimum of 3.56 he should be able to install CFW like a normal unit in those conditions. He should check the minfirm first.