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    @3141card has asked me to share this. it is ps2_netemu from 4.81 with full hvcall support, and option to dump lv1 from inside netemu. @mysis this is also for you https://mega.nz/#!FlMQ3SyB!-wtUdxvPEuGBZoB1awY9I5f3zBd_f3qLG7NOZugLE28 instructions on how to dump lv1 are inside. have fun
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    HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY @GregoryRasputin !!!!!!!!!!!!! You remember everyone else on their birthday. Do you really think you would we forget yours?
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    Tools Required: * IDA Pro (don't ask where to find it, Google is your friend) * HxD * 7zip * Tools to extract elf from lv2_kernel.self (Unself/Unself2/Scetool/etc) / pup unpack tools Step 1: Extract the elf from lv2_kernel (here i'm using aldos tools) by right clicking lv2 and choosing "SELF Tools->Extract ELF" Step 2: Extract further the elf with 7zip by right clicking the elf and choosing "7zip-> Extract to <name_of_file_without_extension>" It'll create a folder and extract its contents. If a popup box shows up asking to overwrite or not, choose "Rename automatically" Step 3: Open the folder and go to the segment with 46KB/45KB size. Open it with HxD and go from the start position 0x8000 bytes into the file. Example for 1.02 lv2_kernel: Step 4: Copy the first 8 bytes from 0x8000 to the transfer area. Step 5: Open the kernel in IDA Pro and let it load. After it loads search for those bytes. You should see an unknown data structure. That is your TOC PS: Tested on 4.46 REX Cex Kernel, 1.02 CEX Kernel, and 4.60 DECR Kernel, as well as 3.41 CEX Kernel v1, 2.70 CEX Kernel and 2.00 CEX Kernel
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    I am sure most of us over the age of 25 have seen the Terminator 2 movie, but what you will never have seen is the entire Terminator 2 movie using the Grand Theft Auto 5(GTAV) game engine, a young Russian using the pen name Mikhail Kramer has done just that and you can see the entire movie below: Not only is Mikhail a big GTAV fan, he is quite a talented photographer, links below to his work: ₭ R Λ M E R'S P H Ø T Ø Thanks @NeoSabin
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    @3141card @Joonie @mysis proof of concept scripts: https://www.sendspace.com/file/mv5czq lv2_dump_analyser_before_355.idc <- script for firmwares before 3.55 and after 1.02 (TOC located at segment #7) lv2_dump_analyser_355_plus.idc <- script for firmwares 3.55 and above (TOC located at segment #6) Useful if you want to find everything quick and leave syscall table for later. Just add those two to ps3ida folder and use them according to version. TOC will be automatically found.
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    The SFlash is useful for when something might happen to your ps4 (some changes that affect the console in a way that it won't be able to boot later) and in case you need it you can use it together with your hardware flasher device to undo the changes you made to flash that caused the console to brick. What you'll need: * http://www.extreme-modding.de/PS4/1.76/Playground/index.html * ftp client such as filezilla or flash fxp Steps: 1-Enable the ftp server (big silver star) located at http://www.extreme-modding.de/PS4/1.76/Playground/index.html 2-Connect with the client 3-Navigate to /dev/ 4-There should be a device called sflash0. Download it. 5-Make sure its exact size after the download is finished is 33554432 bytes/ 32768 KB / 32 MB Congratulations! You should have your sflash Keep it safe in a location only you know in case something goes wrong with your ps4.
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    For info, the methode for dump the RAM over lv1_peek() is not optimized. It was good enough for me. Which file is extended for dump is unimportant too. The other changes are: symbol 0x10000 check_text_for_illegal_instructions() This function check the text segments(including our changes) for illegal instructions like hvsc and others. It is not necessary, but it make the bootup faster to skipp this check. I nop-out and remove this useless thing. symbol 0x10550 set_hvcall_perm_for_initialize() This function set the access for all hvcalls needed for the init. Now it patch access for all hvcalls. symbol 0x10834 set_hvcall_perm_for_runtime() This function set the hvcall permission at runtime, interrupt stuff and stuff like lv1_close_device() for finalize, can be nop-out. symbol 0x104D4 syscall_0x1002_invalidate_gpu_hvcalls() This function invalidate all gpu hvcalls after rsx stuff is inited, can be nop-out. symbol 0x11C38 syscall_2() Called at the end of init, to start pu scheduler. Here are the calls to e.g. check_text_for_illegal_instructions()
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    @Red-EyeX32 asked me to share this with you guys (it's already released but whatever) https://mega.nz/#!h4VnyCxK!n7Sqh9h6_zGT2dnFzue-6_ZUDNh0kfKnuPVmLUWHa-U
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    I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 87 seconds  
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    PlayStationHaX App v1.02 - #HENkaku View File @ConsoleHax has released a nice little app for us which lets you visit PlayStationHaX simply by running it. Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer ConsoleHax Source http://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/234 Twitter https://twitter.com/ConsoleHax_com Donate
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    lol shorter wires. confirmed, i can dump and write on 4.07 no brick guys.
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    i was the one that was worried. ....over my health. it went out of control, this happened about 2 years ago i think, recently i had a major fallback.... in the end i'm my own enemy...thinking,thinking and thinking. my stpry so far.
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    Happy Ramadan to all muslims and non-muslims! May it be a month of peace between humans no matter of their beliefs. Please no wars and hate. Solidarise with the poor ,orphans and people which got struck with a disease (which sadly there is alot). Is a month to see how the poor and without bread feel or lack of water. Help friends or neighbours if you can. Is also a month to be more respectfull to each other. But the respect and help to the poor or to people with disease(physically or mentally ill) should be on EVERY day of year. Is a month when on after fasting to eat with familly together at the table too. HAPPY RAMADAN! RAMADAN MUBARAK! PS: RESPECT TO ALL RELIGIONS AND NON-RELIGIOUS PEOPLES THAT DON'T HURT EACH OTHER!
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    To my friends around the world, from Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, India, Kosovo, USA and many more countries who celebrate this date, i wish you a Happy Ramadan: Welcome Ramadan Walk humbly Talk politely Dress neatly Treat kindly Pray attentively Donate generously May Allah bless & protect you! Via
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    Picard has revealed the button combination to unlock the configuration and debug information modes on the PS3 whilst using PS2 Netemu Source And Combo Info via @zecoxao on Twitter Images via @3141card at PSX-Place
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    View this quiz Can you name these games from the Legend of Zelda series? How good is your Legend of Zelda game series knowledge? Submitter ConsoleHax Time 60 minutes Type Graded Mode Submitted 05/16/2017 Category Game Consoles  
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    Pick up your P45 and fuck off. You're fired.
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    CFW2OFW Helper v1 View File friendlyanon has released an application that helps those who have experience problems whilst using CFW2OFW, here is a quote from one of the sources: This is the first piece of software the developer has created using C#, so give him some feedback. You can find him here Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 05/01/2017 Category PC Software(PS3) Developer friendlyanon Source https://www.reddit.com/r/ps3homebrew/duplicates/68cohr/cfw2ofw_helper_release Twitter Donate Other Sources: https://github.com/friendlyanon/CFW2OFW-Helper http://www.psx-place.com/threads/cfw2ofw-helper-release.13633/
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    Hi.. I had some doubts about this, since flashing the PS4 isn't something many people do and I never received any feedback. But some time ago I saw these vids on utube and now I'm pretty sure that it's working fine and that there's no protection or what so ever involved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O612Mtz43OI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1OT3isiqvM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9BNn-uH7oY -- judges
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    I am sure most of you remember that console called 2DS, the horrible looking device with tiny screens was a 2D version of the 3DS, but instead of taking the shape and form of the 3DS, it was like someone had opened a 3DS and squashed it, now whilst i could forgive the horrible look, i could not forgive its miserable sized screen, which really for me is extremely uncomfortable to play with. If any of you found the 2DS uncomfortable or awkward to use, rejoice as Nintendo are releasing a 2D version of the 'new' 3DS and this time it actually resembles the 3DS as you can see in the images below: What's in the box? New Nintendo 2DS XL system x1 New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus x1 microSDHC memory card (4GB) x1 AR Cards x6 Operations Manual x1 AC adapter x1 Built in NFC, which is great as you won't need that add on hardware that came out a couple of years ago. Source
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    There has been a bit of buzz recently surrounding the 3DS it has become apparent that Nintendo is targeting consoles that utilize homebrew and CFW. It appears to be a permanent ban and the exact method of detection has not been made public yet. Perhaps the safest route if you are not already banned is to disconnect from the internet till new information is brought forth. Source ( I've seen this a few places now, but GBATemp will probably have the most reports. ) https://gbatemp.net/threads/regarding-the-recent-3ds-banwave.471781/
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    I really want to buy it, but offer is really not suitable for non US users (is not @Joonie fault). Btw. is nice investment, get hardware used by Rebug team.
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    Appmanager PLUS v2.0 View File ONELua Team have updated their homebrew Appmanager PLUS to version 2.0, here is a quote from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 05/18/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer ONELua Team Source https://github.com/ONElua/AppManager-Plus Twitter Donate
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    When you see my name then you need to hit the green button. In that way you will be sure that the system works correctly
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    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 103 seconds  
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    Imagine how many hours he has spent creating this...respect!
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    Of the small amount of franchises i enjoy playing, the Dynasty Warriors series has to be at the top of the list, i have had a few gripes about the game, such as it always looking last gen and the fact the keep changing good parts and putting stupid parts in, but i thoroughly love the game, but after about 15 years of playing it, it is getting a bit repetitive, which is why i am super happy for the info that has been released for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9, here is some info, followed by images: For the first time in the series, the expansive land of China is shown on a single map with the introduction of an open world format for diverse progression through the game. The 'one vs. thousands' exhilarating action of the Warriors series and the beloved characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale are carried over, but the freedom through an open world stage provides a brand new Warriors experience. Critical Missions unfold and progress the story of the player character, and are supplemented by numerous missions from various regions such as Regular Missions that affect the Critical Missions and requests from other characters. The situation will be ever changing depending on what missions are selected. In the many battles that occur on the map, players will find a variety of strategies and tactics open to them such as "attacking head on," "launching a surprise attack from an elevated position" or "infiltrating at night", for numerous ways to enjoy the expansive world of the Three Kingdoms. The map is displayed with beautiful graphics and features many different regions of China such as snow plains, jungles and deserts which reflect the passage of time and changing climate. Key cities and checkpoints, such as Luoyang and Hulao Gate, and landmarks such as the Yellow River and Mt. Song, are replicated, allowing for deeper immersion into the game world. For more images and information, check the official website: http://www.koeitecmoeurope.com/dw9/ Via
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    I finally remembered my password. Greg has this place locked down like fort knox. Usually I guess the wrong password and get sent away because one guess is all I'm allowed.
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    I thought the updates sounded awesome, then i watched the video and thought to myself, how the fuck could anyone release such great updates when they can't makes a proper orientated video >.<
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    I can get you a link, or you can have this one. Just pay the shipping
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    Sorry i broke the forum and had to restore a previous backup
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    Well...you didn't have to update your Vita. You could have reinstalled 3.60 over the top, formatted the sticks and went on your merry way. You could always pick up a <3.60 motherboard, swap it out and sell the old one, I hear they're going fairly cheap.
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    #HENkaku Release 10 View File Team Molecule have updated HENkaku to version 10, here are the changes/fixes: Moved files to ur0:tai, can run without memory card on original Vitas now If molecularShell is removed manually, will not attempt to reinstall by default Support loading plugins from ur0:tai/config.txt if ux0:tai/config.txt cannot be found If you are using Ensō, you must redownload the installer and reinstall configuration in order to use the new path Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 05/27/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer Team Molecule Source https://henkaku.xyz/changes/ Twitter Donate
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    This thread is for those of you who wish to share your Nintendo Switch friend codes, here is mine:
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    Thank You everyone for the Birthday Wishes
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    sorry for the late one, happy birthday mate. hope you had a good one
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    Happy Birthday @GregoryRasputin !! I wish you the very best, much cash girls and so on... Fatman
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    ISIS attacked to manchester = GR's birth day lel С днем рождения, дружище
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    I wish you a very happy Birthday and many more wonderful years to come. Respect man, and don't forget to enjoy your day!
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    I may have been a bit too hasty to get this thread out because there is a huge influx of resources and guides coming out. I'll try and tidy up the thread and get some bullet points as time goes passed. Here I go anyways, you may remember a talk at 33c3 way back in December 2016 where the 3DS hacker crew announced they had a working BootROM exploit video below. Today derrek announced the release of sighax, http://www.sighax.com/ which enables a person to run fake signed firmware on any console. I'm going to go ahead and assume they mean current available consoles because I do not see how they would know for sure if it works on that new 2DS that isn't out yet. I mentioned earlier that I may not be great at explaining it fully because I have not yet tried it myself yet. However I plan on doing so once I have some free time. Right now if you have installed a9loaderhax you're in good shape because you already got the first step knocked out. If you do not have a9lhax installed already I will post a link to a tutorial because there are some really good tutorial sites that have a really friendly step by step guide. I'm not exactly up to date on which firmwares for which consoles are exploitable at the moment. I am pretty sure that if you have an old 3DS on the latest firmware you may be out of luck for the moment. Anyways, if you have a9lh you just download the bins from the site http://www.sighax.com/ and put on the root of the SD card and install as directed. Be very careful though and look at you're doing because if you install the wrong thing from the wrong source you can brick your console for sure. Here is a helpful guide for updating from a9lhax: https://3ds.guide/updating-to-boot9strap Quote from source: Also there is an option on there that if you do not wish to download their firmware they provide you with the forged RSA key to do with as you please. Which is pretty neat if you got something to do with it. Source: added 2 minutes later I just posted this, but now via tweet from smealum. Sciresm has an excellent run down explanation of the significance and different possibilities. https://sciresm.github.io/33-and-a-half-c3/
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    BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER, THIS BETA HAS A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE CHANCE OF BRICKING YOUR DEVICE, IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THAT RISK, THEN READ NO FURTHER. TEAM MOLECULE ALSO WANT YOUR CONSOLE ID, IF YOU DO NOT TRUST THEM, READ NO FURTHER!!!! @Yifan Lu has posted a Tweet in which he requests help brick testing HENkaku Ensō, this is an understandable request as Team Molecule have only so many Vita's at their disposal, they are the ones risking their devices in order to give us HENkaku for free, it is only fair that we help in return, here is a quote from the source: If you are 100% sure that you do not mind your device being bricked, then click the link on the source tweet below: I do notice some people have concerns in regards to Team Molecule asking for a CID, i am not sure why they are asking, but a wild guess is so that they can match your CID to the beta file they give you, because some people enjoy leaking beta's and other files they have been trusted with.
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    Happy Birthday @Mistawes
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    yeah he messaged me already saying to let you have it
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    If you love RPG games and would like to make your very own, you will be able to do so soon on your 3DS, NIS America will be releasing RPG Maker Fes in June 2017: Source