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    So time flies when you are busy and its is easily to get distracted with having to deal with server crap and posting news, but you guys the members are always in my mind, the loyal ones and the ones i have known for a long time especially, i have noticed a few of you do not visit anymore, some of you haven't even visited in over a year, if you are fed up with me and cant be bothered visiting anymore that's cool, as long as you are all well, safe and healthy that is all i care about, so here is a list of people i miss in no particular order: @RafaSimpsons @arcadekidflo @denero1 @UnknownArchive @TheEvolution_PT @mostwanted @LadyDana @AnD_FiS @svenmullet @BANFREEDJ @Nimation @HulkWogan @Sandroron @Sassa @Hakaze @Rautz @bonesnizz @Dizzy_McSpin @will23 @Willemse21 @Tall_King_Crap @aries2k @VIRGIN KLM @OoZic @rednekcowboy @Cylent1 @baileyscream @Bammo @Simonbuck @Rancid-o @smartymarty @stussy @TOM1211 @LoboGuara @Puffdragon @Cheesethief @saxile @Wolfie708 @animalovich @limker @tangotnt @Mr.Dutch @Mistawes @gusha @Persian McLovin @Xhase @ICECOLDKILLAH @mrc1978 @vatomalo @General Plot That is a list of some people i miss around here, i do miss others from the old days at PS3HaX too, be great if you could pop on to say you are doing ok.
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    still alive. at the moment i'm doing ok, but i had some ups and downs...mentally. when i loose even my sense of humor then you know something is really wrong. it feels great though that @GregoryRasputin haven't forgotten me.
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    I've been very busy lately, but I'm always lurking the forums around here. I also miss all the activity (and drama) of the ps3 scene. Glad to see some old faces here! I'm currently spending almost all my free time playing Zelda: botw on Wii-U. Unbelievably addictive game! * My english is still broken xD
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    The SFlash is useful for when something might happen to your ps4 (some changes that affect the console in a way that it won't be able to boot later) and in case you need it you can use it together with your hardware flasher device to undo the changes you made to flash that caused the console to brick. What you'll need: * http://www.extreme-modding.de/PS4/1.76/Playground/index.html * ftp client such as filezilla or flash fxp Steps: 1-Enable the ftp server (big silver star) located at http://www.extreme-modding.de/PS4/1.76/Playground/index.html 2-Connect with the client 3-Navigate to /dev/ 4-There should be a device called sflash0. Download it. 5-Make sure its exact size after the download is finished is 33554432 bytes/ 32768 KB / 32 MB Congratulations! You should have your sflash Keep it safe in a location only you know in case something goes wrong with your ps4.
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    Happy Easter to all of you
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    Lately I have been trying to think of other uses for my youtube channel. It is a nice side hobby to have since I do have an audience which I never thought would happen. I remember a long time ago during our ps3hax days that @GregoryRasputindid a product review for the original cronusmax. There are two things I love and that is electronics (tinkering, modding, playing, etc.) and fighting games. I reached out to a company called Brook to see if they would be willing to send me some samples in exchange for an honest review for our community. They agreed. Brook makes controller converters, fightstick PCBs, and other cool gaming electronics. They have USB plug and play converters that allow 3box360/One to PS3/4 and vice versa. They have convereters for the wii u. Most of these converters also have bluetooth so you can use your favorite controller on your console of choice over wireless. They sent me 3 products to review. The first one I am doing a review of is the PS3/4 Fightboard with audio. This is a fightstick PCB. Fightsticks can be very expensive. Some games allow the use of PS3 fightsticks on the PS4, but you are stuck in legacy mode with an 8 minute timeout. After 8 minutes you have to power cycle that peripheral. That can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a match. With this PCB, (and their converters) the 8 minutes timeout is gone. Your devices is read as a native PS3/4/PC fightstick depending on what you are playing on. My fightstick stock This was originally a PS3 stick. I love my stick. It had the LEDs stock and I can easily change that art (actually waiting on a new print ) With the work I have on the internals this controller is kind of expensive. Why should I have to spend $100-$300 on a new stick? Well I don't have to spend that much. The Fightboard with sound This is the replacement PCB they sent me. It is a little longer than a credit card. It has support for a 20 pin header (stock on newer premium fightsticks) as well as screw terminals for solderless installation of your buttons and stick. This board also comes with a daughter board for USB and the 3.5mm jack. Now I do not have a problem with this board. There are covers you could put over it and it would really nice on some cases. I chose to keep my USB port as mine was designed to be an actual port on my stick. They included the cable so I could do that. The board itself has a very visible pinout on each point so soldering to an existing USB assembly was easy. My Install: Excuse the wire mess. That is 32 wires coming off the buttons alone. A nice wire harness will make that look much nicer (making that this weekend) As you can see I kept that daughter board as mentioned above. I plan on using a small aux cable, hiding that small board and the aux cable inside the side panel, drilling a small hole on the bottom of the left panel, and gluing that aux port in the hole so it will sit flush with the case and look professional. My install was much harder than most people's install will be. Like I said above, I wanted to keep my stock USB port, and I wanted to keep my lights and the light switch working. In many cases this board will install without the need for soldering for most people. So How well does it work? I love this thing Before I had a ps3 stick with direct input. The main systems I play on now recognize this stick as a native peripheral. No 8 minute timeout on the ps4, chat works on the ps4, ps3 works grea, and it is x-input on pc so playing games like Killer Instinct is not a problem. The board detects what it is plugged into an just works. With the old PCB I had a slight input delay I was never really aware of. After installing this I noticed that doign combos in Ultra Street Fighter 4 was much easier. I was able to hit my links much easier. That game can be very tight on timing (within 1 frame) So not only does this give me what I need for PS4 and PS3, but it is also perfect for my PC. No more input mappers, less input delay, and not hard to install. For anyone that has a fightstick that they would like to work on the PS4, I do highly recommend this as this is a great fightstick PCB, and it sure beats taking apart padhacking a dualshock 4 (google that nightmare, and even then you still don't have x-input) There are many features my video was able to show off. There is the ability to setup turbo, hook a ps4 touchpad up, emulate the ps4 touchpad with a button and stick movement as well as add a switch to switch between d-pad, and the right and left analog sticks. My stick was fairly basic, but this PCB includes the needed features if you are upgrading a current gen stick (it is nice having X-input on a ps4 stick without using an input mapper, or software. Even many of the Premium PS4 sticks did not have native x-input for the longest time which made playing Killer Instinct, or Street Fighter 5 season 1 more difficult than it needed to be) I would like to thank the people at Brook for sending me some samples. I feel as though these are relevant in our community since we cover gaming and modding. Sony has been known to put out updates that blocks certain USB devices. I know with their products if Sony does attempt to block them, they always have a firmware out within 24 hours (usually within the first 12) This board is completely tournament legal, and their converters are also tournament legal. The cronusmax that Greg had reviewed years before is not tournament legal and has been known to damage USB ports I also did a video review: Brook has sent me a total of 3 products to do an honest review on. This is the first of the 3 products. The next one is called the Sniper. It is a mouse and keyboard converter for consoles. It also happens to be a controller/fightstick converter. It works on XBox360/One and PS3/4. I am workign on editing the footage and will do a review on that soon. The third product I have may require some community help, but I will explain more on that soon. Thank you guys for reading and watching. This is my first ever product review. I like to thank Brook for being kind enough to send some samples. All they wanted in exchange was a review, and spread the word a little. These opinions in this review are mine, and mine alone. This review is not affiliated with PlaystationHax. This review was not paid for. Again they were kind enough to send samples just so I could review them for our community.
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    So over the last few days, hints have been dropped all over the scene. There's a video below for those of you who prefer to listen, otherwise if you would like to read then just check under the video and there's a whole write up. Recent updates are showing that qwertyuiop and cturt may have something more than we have expected. cturt has started off by posting tweets showing himself updating to ofw 4.06 from his beloved 1.76 This also goes along with other tweets by qwertyuiop hinting at a 0day exploit kernalside as seen bellow At this point in time we can only assume they are sitting on top of something huge but until the exploit is finished and publicly released, might take some time.. I am personally excited to see where they are going to go with this and what could come of it. What we know: The webkit exploit will currently grant us access up to firmware 4.07 while the kernal exploit is currently classified as 0day which means that the exploit is unknown to sony and therefore not patched in latest released firmware. The only issue with the kernal exploit is that there is no current public releases of a webkit exploit for the latest firmware which is required to utilize the kernal exploit. The good news about this is that webkit exploits are usually much easier to come across than kernal exploits and if a newer webkit exploit is discovered this could essentially target latest firmware systems and all systems will be exploitable until $ony engineers patch them. Let us know in the comments down below what you're most looking forward to when the ps4 is publicly hacked Sources: Twitter - CTurt Twitter - qwertyuiop Wololo
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    LOL a lot of old peeps here and on that list. Speaking of which, I missed VIRGIN too. I don't know what happened with TLDK either.... Iuno, but I mean life is a real thing and people have their own things to do these days I guess. I personally have school but really I think I am just not around because it doesn't cross my mind.
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    Hey. It has been a while, didn't realise it had been so long tbh. Not into the ps3 scene anymore, busy life, don't have much time for anything. I do dabble with the ps4 from time to time, but yeah, life passes too fast. Both my daughters are at uni now so life is hectic at the best of times. Hope you are doing well and I promise to make more of an effort. Nice of you to think of me. Ttfn, I will be back..
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    I've always been about Greg. I generally follow on Twitter and check in anon via my mobile but I'm getting older and the teenager I produced takes up much time ;). Sorry to have been so scarce. I'll be sure to drop in more often. Love this site and its members. To think we were mostly members "back there" before Greg created a home for us.
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    Of course not.... This is just a method of injecting shit to your backup file, not magically grant you access to syscalls.
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    #PS4ME (PS4 Memory Editor) By @j0lama View File j0lama has released PS4ME which is a PS4 Memory Editor, here is some information from the source: Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/12/2017 Category PC Software(PS4) Developer j0lama Source http://jolama.es/temas/ps4me/index.php Twitter https://twitter.com/j0lama Donate
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    Happy Birthday @flatz Also thanks for everything you have accomplished and given us <3
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    Greetings to you all. A lot happened to me in the last year. Got married, moved out from Venezuela. Found a nice job. Things are good. Peace and health to you all. Cheers.
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    i was the one that was worried. ....over my health. it went out of control, this happened about 2 years ago i think, recently i had a major fallback.... in the end i'm my own enemy...thinking,thinking and thinking. my stpry so far.
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    @cfwprophet its just sometimes some members be trying to help another with good intentions. But mistakenly or accidentally taking their question for a dump one without digging a little deeper into it. It's alright though, I can understand how some things may get crossed when repeating yourself over and over to help out. so no worries oh yea as silly as I will look now, that was not a bug and was not my intention either. it was a mistake on my end . @esprit1711 Thank you but i think your version is better great job there. The short between the caps is not a trace but a + mark. I left the torigin layer (+) on to have a + mark in some pads for precise drilling. I saw it was only the caps that were going to be shorted which I thought I can just simply break it with a sharp object. You caught it though keen eyes lol. Paths were routed based on the schematic and I checked to make sure it was ok. im yet to test it though. Anyways again many thanks to you for the new file and for constantly continuing to help and your contribution. Also many thanks to everyone else here whether it's for their time that is spent here helping or their contributions, big or small thank you.
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    I am sure most of you remember that console called 2DS, the horrible looking device with tiny screens was a 2D version of the 3DS, but instead of taking the shape and form of the 3DS, it was like someone had opened a 3DS and squashed it, now whilst i could forgive the horrible look, i could not forgive its miserable sized screen, which really for me is extremely uncomfortable to play with. If any of you found the 2DS uncomfortable or awkward to use, rejoice as Nintendo are releasing a 2D version of the 'new' 3DS and this time it actually resembles the 3DS as you can see in the images below: What's in the box? New Nintendo 2DS XL system x1 New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus x1 microSDHC memory card (4GB) x1 AR Cards x6 Operations Manual x1 AC adapter x1 Built in NFC, which is great as you won't need that add on hardware that came out a couple of years ago. Source
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    3.65 Jailbreak > ad fly link > bit fly link > spammy upload site > download zip > open up note pad file > different adly link > bit fly link > spammy upload site > large zip file > encrypted ^^ There's a special place in cyberhell for these types of practices. Not that it is equivalent with the rhetorical question titles. However these types of practices aren't usually specific. They're just like fake youtube videos. I kind of went on tangent with this, Google SEO results confuse me nowadays anyways. The change to more location specific results was subtle enough for me not to realize everyone gets the same search results.
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    Happy Birthday @TizzyT
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    With this ONELUAV3R0 (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA.I have the happiness, to announce that ONElua has an important update!With the arrival of version 3.0, comes fairly new, v3.0 features list:Please use oficial Web for download http://onelua.x10.mx + Ported to be 100% compatible with taiHEN and use the maximum of functions.+ New Touch Module (separation of the buttons module).+ New Motion Module (Read Accelerometer, gyroscope).+ New Console Module (Debug text console).+ New Thread Module (Handling of threads or processes).+ New Channel Module (Data connections between threads or processes).+ New Link Module (Remote File Emulation), used 'PSP2LINK' of Bigboss @psxdev.+ New Theme Module (Management of personalized themes for Livearea).+ Completely rewritten Sound module, now supports OGG, MP3, WAV, in addition to playing from net sources.+ Added function buttons.homepopup(), Enable / Disable the PS button to exit a game or app.+ Added function buttons.portinfo(), Gets information from the control ports on the console.+ Fixed functions buttons.rumble() and buttons.lbar().+ Added the ability to scan QR codes with the camera, using the function cam.scanqr().+ Added the metafunction of converting a color to a number, using color.tonumber().+ Added 2 new colors in color.loadpalette(), 'color.shine' and 'color.shadow'.+ Added the game module (Handling applications or Bubbles), Some functions:|- game.list(), It allows to obtain a list of all the installed games in ux0 and ur0 of your console.|- game.move(), It allows to move a game or application from ux0 to ur0 or vice versa in the system.|- game.delete(), Delete a game or application on the system.|- game.exists(), Lets you check if a game or application exists on the system.|- game.install() & game.installdir(), Installation of VPK packages, and directories, Now when installing an update of a game the changelog.xml is shown correctly in the game bubble in the Livearea.+ Added the possibility of render scroll effect, in the screen.print().+ Fixed the function screen.clip(), now work, and support circle limit.+ Added the function screen.brightness(), Allows you to get and set the brightness level in the console.+ Added the function screen.frame(), Allows you to get the current frame that the console is displaying.+ Added several new functions in the OS module:|- os.master() Allows you to enable Unsafe mode on the console.|- os.access() Allows you to know the type of access in the console (Safe or Unsafe).|- os.taicfgreload() Allows a reload of the file config.txt from the Tai folder (henkaku).|- os.browser() Allows run the browser.|- os.newuri() Creates a fast access URI command to an application.|- os.updatedb(), os.rebuilddb() In order to update or completely rebuild the database (app.db).+ Updated the internal debugger.+ Rewritten most code, to be more optimized and fast.
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    The GekiHEN competition is over and we can reveal the winners Best Homebrew Game Project Void Best Utility Vita Homebrew Browser Best Emulator/Port ZeldaROTH Best Plugin RinCheat If you would like to know all the details on how the winners were chosen, check this article at PSX-Place Thank You to all the great developers who entered the competition, all the entries were awesome GekiHEN was brought to you by CustomProtocol, PSX-Place, Wololo and PlayStationHaX
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    IN ITALIAN Prima di iniziare la guida ricordo che per accedere al VSH MENU di Adrenaline 3 o versioni superiori,basta semplicemente premere il tasto SELECT .Non siamo responsabili di eventuali brick alla vostra console.Le varie modifiche nelle impostazioni e a vostro rischio e pericolo VSH MENU CPU CLOCK XMB Con questa opzione è possibile aumentare la velocità di clock della CPU nella XMB con i seguenti valori: Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 CPU CLOCK GAME Con questa opzione è possibile aumentare la velocità di Clock della CPU utile per quei giochi che richiedono molta velocità di calcolo(tipo Soul Reaver).E' possibile selezionare i valori: Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 UMD ISO MODE Da qui è possibile selezionare con quale modalità avviare le UMD ISO Inferno(i driver più utilizzati e compatibili con i firmware 6.61/6.60) M33 Driver (i driver del Team March33 più evoluti rispetto a NP9660) Sony NP9660(i vecchi driver originali della PSP) SUSPEND DEVICE Permette di attivare la modalità Stand-By della console RECOVERY MENU Il menu RECOVERY di Adrenaline con ulteriori opzioni come Toggle Usb,configurazioni avanzate,attivazione dei vostri plugin ecc RESTART VSH Permette di riavviare l'eCFW Adrenaline EXIT Uscire dal VSH MENU RECOVERY MENU Toggle USB Toggle USB Attiva la modalità USB per trasferire homebrew,giochi,plugin ecc direttamente sulla scheda SD della PSVITA tramite PC CONFIGURATION Sotto menu di CONFIGURATION SKIP Sony logo permette di disattivare e saltare il boot-logo iniziale di avvio di Adrenaline SKIP Game Boot permette di disattivare e saltare il boot-logo iniziale PSP quando si avvia un gioco Hide Corrupt icons Nasconde le icone corrotte nella XMB Hide Mac Adress Nasconde il Mac Adress nelle informazioni di sistema Autorun program at /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP Avvia direttamente all'avvio dell'eCFW il programma nella cartella /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP Umd Mode Permette di selezionare con quale modalità far partire le UMD(ricordo che il lettore UMD non è disponibile su PSVITA) Inferno M33 Driver Sony NP9660 Fake Region Permette di attivare una regione diversa da quella di Default Japan America Europe Korea United Kingdom Mexico Australia/New Zealand East Taiwan Russia China Debug Type I Debug Type II Hide Dlc in game menu Nasconde i Dlc nel menu in game Hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG ingame menu Nasconde le immagini PIC0 e PIC1 nel menu ingame Use extended colors Permette di utilizzare dei colori estesi Disabled 02g 03g Use Sony PSP OSK Permette di attivare la tastiera su schermo della PSP (OSK ON-Screen KeyBoard) Use NODRM Engine Permette di attivare il motore NODRM Run program at /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP Questa opzione permette di avviare un programma dal percorso PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP ADVANCED Sottomenu di ADVANCED----->>> Advanced configuration Permette di accedere alle configurazioni avanzate Reset setting Resetta le impostazioni ai valori di default Sottomenu di Advanced configuration Force high memory layout Permette di forzare e di avere la fusione tra la memoria del kernel in uso con quella dell'utente(Sblocca la memoria nei giochi PSP/HOMEBREW) Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO Permette di Eseguire il BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO XMB Plugins Attiva e disattiva i plugin nella XMB GAME Plugins Attiva e disattiva i plugin nel gioco POPS Plugins Attiva e disattiva i plugin POPS CPU SPEED Sottomenu CPU SPEED Speed in XMB Permette di aumentare la velocità/frequenza nella XMB Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 Speed in UMD/ISO Permette di aumentare la velocità/frequenza nelle ISO o UMD Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 PLUGINS Permette di avere un plugin manager dove poter abilitare/disattivare i plugin (si sconsiglia di utilizzare i plugin PSP su PSVITA).I plugin non sono inclusi nel Recovery Menu e devono essere aggiunti dall'utente. REGISTRY HACKS Sottomenu Registry hacks Button Assign (currently: X is Enter) Permette di modificare il tasto Enter da X a O o viceversa Activate WMA Attiva o disattiva i file WMA Activate Flash Player Attiva o disattiva il Flash Player CREDITI Si ringrazia lo sviluppatore Theflow per Adrenaline 3,tutti gli sviluppatori PSP/PSVITA e il sito originale della guida gamesandconsoles.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN ENGLISH Before starting to remember guide to access VSH MENU Adrenaline 3 or higher, simply press SELECT . We are not responsible for any brick your console. VSH MENU CPU CLOCK XMB With this option you can increase the clock speed of the CPU in the XMB with the following values: Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 CPU CLOCK GAME With this option you can increase the clock speed of the CPU useful for games that require a lot of computing speed (like Soul Reaver) .And 'possible to select the values: Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 UMD ISO MODE Here you can select which mode to start the UMD ISO Hell (the most popular driver and compatible with firmware 6.61 / 6.60) M33 Driver (the driver of the Team March33 more evolved than NP9660) Sony NP9660 (the old original drivers of the PSP ) DEVICE SUSPEND Activates the Stand-By mode of the console RECOVERY MENU The Adrenaline RECOVERY menu with additional options such as Toggle USB , advanced configurations of your plugin activation etc. RESTART VSH enables the restarting of the eCFW Adrenaline EXIT Exit the VSH MENU RECOVERY MENU Toggle USB Toggle USB Enable mode USB to transfer homebrew, games, plugins etc. directly on the card SD of PSVITA via PC CONFIGURATION Under the menu CONFIGURATION SKIP Sony logo enables you to mute and skip the initial boot-logo launch of Adrenaline SKIP Game Boot enables you to mute and skip the initial boot-logo PSP when you start a game Hide Corrupt icons Hides corrupted icons on the XMB Hide Mac Adress Hides the Mac Adress in the system information Autorun program at / PSP /GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP Start dell'eCFW directly start the program in the folder / PSP /GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP UMD Mode Allows you to select which mode to start the UMD (UMD remember that the reader is not available on PSVITA) Hell M33 Driver Sony NP9660 Fake Region Activates a region other than that of Default japan America europe Korea United Kingdom mexico Australia / New Zealand East taiwan Russia china Debug Type I Debug Type II Hide DLC in-game menu Hides the DLC menu in game Hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG ingame menu Hides PIC0 PVS1 and images in-game menu Use extended colors allows the use of enhanced color Disabled 02G 03G Use Sony PSP OSK Activates the keyboard on the screen of the PSP (OSK On-Screen Keyboard) Use NODRM Engine Allows you to activate the motor NODRM Run program at / PSP /GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP This option allows you to start a program from the path PSP /GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP ADVANCED ADVANCED ----- Sub >>> Advanced configuration allows access to advanced configurations Reset settings Reset settings to their default values Advanced configuration submenu Force high memory layout allows to force and to have the fusion between the kernel memory in use with that of the user (Unlock memory in games PSP / HOMEBREW) Execute boot.bin in UMD / ISO Lets Run boot.bin in UMD / ISO XMB Plugin Turns plugins in the XMB GAME Plugins Enable and disable the plugins in the game POPS Plugins activates and deactivates the plugin POPS CPU SPEED Sub CPU SPEED Speed in XMB allows to increase the speed / frequency in the XMB Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 Speed in UMD / ISO allows to increase the speed / frequency in UMD or ISO Default 20/10 75/37 100/50 133/66 222/111 266/133 300/150 333/166 PLUGINS It allows to have a plugin manager where you can enable / disable the plugin ( it is not recommended to use plugins PSP on PSVITA) .The plugins are not included in the Recovery menu and must be added by the user. REGISTRY HACKS Sub-Registry hacks Button Assign (currently: X is Enter) Allows you to change the Enter key from X to O or vice versa Activate WMA Enable or disable WMA files Activate Flash Player Enables or disables the Flash Player CREDITS She thanks him Theflow Adrenaline developer for 3, all developers PSP / PSVITA and the original site of the guide gamesandconsoles.org edited 10 minutes agoby franzes80 (see edit history)
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    First of all i give you the humblest of apologises for this major fuck up and for the second time, in my haste to start the poll i have made a few mistake, i could make excuses and say its all down to the fact that i am moving home and trying to get things fixed and packed away, whilst doing several other things, but i will not use that get out of jail free card, i fucked up not once, but twice and there is no excuse for that and there is no excuse for that lack of professionalism with such an important competition where money and integrity is on the line. So again i apologise from the deepest part of my heart and i can understand if any of you are pissed off or angry, if you want to vent and say something about me or the competition, feel free to do so below without any consequences or actions from anyone on the forum. So back to the competition and the polls for voting, here is the original post from the first two failed polls, followed by additional information: The awesome GekiHEN competition is over and whilst it didn't have a huge amount of entries, it did have plenty of quality entries. So now has come the time to vote for which Homebrew you thought was the best, which was your favourite, you can either pick a single one or pick one from each category, the choice is completely yours, i will not state which was my favourite or favourites as i would not like to sway your decision, but i will say that each and every entry was great, thank you to all the developers who participated. To refresh your memory as to what was entered, check the list created by @ConsoleHax below: GAMES: Bernard Chronicles (Tetris Attack) Flappy Jesus Pong NamelessGhoul0 Starkiller2D Freakler Happy Land MyLegGuy Starfield Vita gnmmarechal Zsokoban gdjjrod Project Void Akabane87 Galactic Federation By The Suicidal Robot EMULATORS: pfba cpasjuste uae4all cpasjuste PORTS: vOpenTyrian cpasjuste Prince of Persia cpasjuste Another World Vita Enrique Somolinos Pérez HOTA usineur Minicraft Rinnegatamante Bermuda-Vita usineur ZeldaROTH usineur BlockOut II 2.5 bomblik GNU Robbo bomblik OpenSyobon Vita Rinnegatamante UTILITIES: luaIRC Rinnegatamante Vita Calculator Flappy Jesus psp2shell cpasjuste Custom Themes Manager Red Squirrel Game Shrinker Dakor rinCheat SE Rinnegatamante ONElua Vita Team ONElua SystemCheckEnabled Draqen ONEtranslate team ONElua ePSP Bubble Installer CelesteBlue Theme Manager EX Kylon ARK Fast for 3.60 team ONElua Bookr mod Vita pathway27 VITAforecast Joel16 Appdb Tool By luckys Notepad++ (VE) By Arkanite Vita Homebrew Browser By Devnoname120 PLUGINS: rinCheat Rinnegatamante TrackPlug Rinnegatamante Additional Information:(Via STLcardsWS) The fact i did not include Emulator and Ports in the one poll is the reason that we need to redo the poll. Finally each of the sponsor websites hold a poll and each of those sites count as 20% of the vote, so in addition to voting here, you will also have to vote at Wololo, PSX-Place and CustomProtocol, then each of the sponsors vote, to be 100% clear, this poll will not determine the winner, once everyone has voted here and on the other three sites, the votes will be combined, then each of the sponsors add their vote to determine the winner, though i think we can say without a doubt that Rinnegatamante is a winner in the plugin section regardless of the vote, you can check this post for more information: If you have forgotten who you voted for in the last poll, it is here: There were 33 voters in that poll and they are: @Vettel @DevDavisNunez @esmjanus @thehero_ @CelesteBlue @gdljjrod @joel16 @Thibobo @B7U3C50SS @kood @Defkyle @Acemad @Baltazar Regalado @Arkanite @stevega94 @ConsoleHax @silicaAndPina @Rinnegatamante @kingskidd268 @Freakler @chronoss @Fanou @Fatman @MyLegGuy @Enigma95 @xxshiptailxx @TRUMPARMY @Luckickio @GhOst. @psvitagud @marvin @yosh @preetisketch Again, i am truly sorry for this screw up, it won't happen again. You can vote at the other sites by visiting the links below: Wololo http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=47994 http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=47993 http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=47992 http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=118&t=47991 PSX-Place Homebrew Games Emulators & Ports Utilities & Hacks Plugins CustomProtocol Vote catégorie « Jeux » Vote catégorie « Utilitaires » Vote catégorie « Émulateurs/Portages » Vote catégorie « Plugins »
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    Updated all the sites where you can vote added 0 minutes later I almost cried when i first seen that.
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    In celebration of 10 years M33 (Custom Firmware for PSP) developer, TheFl0w has released Adrenaline-2 for PS Vita. Adrenaline is software that adapts the official PSP emulator using the TaiHEN Framework. Because of TaiHEN the Vita can execute custom and unsigned code when booting. You can install Adrenaline-2 manually by following the instructions on this GitHub. or you can use @Freakler Easy Installer which is updated to support Adrenaline-2.
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    The awesome GekiHEN competition is over and whilst it didn't have a huge amount of entries, it did have plenty of quality entries. So now has come the time to vote for which Homebrew you thought was the best, which was your favourite, you can either pick a single one or pick one from each category, the choice is completely yours, i will not state which was my favourite or favourites as i would not like to sway your decision, but i will say that each and every entry was great, thank you to all the developers who participated. To refresh your memory as to what was entered, check the list created by @ConsoleHax below: GAMES: Bernard Chronicles (Tetris Attack) Flappy Jesus Pong NamelessGhoul0 Starkiller2D Freakler Happy Land MyLegGuy Starfield Vita gnmmarechal Zsokoban gdjjrod Project Void Akabane87 Galactic Federation By The Suicidal Robot EMULATORS: pfba cpasjuste uae4all cpasjuste PORTS: vOpenTyrian cpasjuste Prince of Persia cpasjuste Another World Vita Enrique Somolinos Pérez HOTA usineur Minicraft Rinnegatamante Bermuda-Vita usineur ZeldaROTH usineur BlockOut II 2.5 bomblik GNU Robbo bomblik OpenSyobon Vita Rinnegatamante UTILITIES: luaIRC Rinnegatamante Vita Calculator Flappy Jesus psp2shell cpasjuste Custom Themes Manager Red Squirrel Game Shrinker Dakor rinCheat SE Rinnegatamante ONElua Vita Team ONElua SystemCheckEnabled Draqen ONEtranslate team ONElua ePSP Bubble Installer CelesteBlue Theme Manager EX Kylon ARK Fast for 3.60 team ONElua Bookr mod Vita pathway27 VITAforecast Joel16 Appdb Tool By luckys Notepad++ (VE) By Arkanite Vita Homebrew Browser By Devnoname120 PLUGINS: rinCheat Rinnegatamante TrackPlug Rinnegatamante Please be fair, strictly only ONE vote per category, per member, no multi account voting. UPDATE Guys i am sorry but i have had to reset the votes due to a fuck up by me, i missed some entries to the competition and in fairness i needed to reset the votes, to the devs that i missed out i am extremely sorry, to the voters, i am sorry for the inconvenience UPDATE 2 The voting lasts one week, voting will also take place on PSX-Place and Wololo, all the votes will be added together.
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    for those who use the raspberry pi 3 and the gamepad snes30 on retropie I've updated the wiki page for configuring the gamepad on retroarch to this page https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/8Bitdo-Controller or https://pastebin.com/raw/pfRyAk9s
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    Hey greg. I still live as you may have noticed on psn Thanks for all your time you're investing in your sites. I see you're also covering the switch, nice! Keep up your good work. On a side note, my ps3homebrew youtube channel crossed the 1 million view mark a few weeks ago
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    glad to see this site is till what around.
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    PlayStationHaX App v1.02 - #HENkaku View File @ConsoleHax has released a nice little app for us which lets you visit PlayStationHaX simply by running it. Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Homebrew(PS Vita) Developer ConsoleHax Source http://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/234 Twitter https://twitter.com/ConsoleHax_com Donate
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    I didn't expect i would have to create this article and i am only doing so because of a horrible click-bait news post created by quite a reputable website, where the headline makes it look like there is a Native Hack for PS Vita Firmware 3.65, now i am NOT going to name this site as i have a lot of respect and love for the owner, he is a cool dude, but occasionally does horrible click-bait articles. The heading of this article, which will show up on Twitter under various Hashtags and will be pinned, clearly states that HENkaku for 3.65 does not exist. If you want to know why or how HENkaku was blocked, check this link from Team Molecule
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    Thanks a lot guys, This year I didn't do anything crazy, school has me booked. Miss the good ole days were I'd get drunk and hop on IRC and make a fool of myself lol. Once again thanks for all the happy wishes
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    Wololo does alot right but he does some wrong and usually it comes with promotion and promoting false terms and usually when sites do this: Are the ones who are seeking "max" revenue from a site. Which if you look at wololo: Ads plastered everywhere, in thread/post Amazon links spammed all over the place. So then for those to succeed and make the most you have then create misleading and catchy titles to grab attention, Your normally would not be grabbing. I do not agree or condone this practic. if wololo wants to be considered a reliable and clean site. He needs to cut this type of shit out IMO. i am just one opinion, but i feel like he is abusing a scene to reap rewards at various times. We seen this in his site headers, (ps4 CFW, Vita CFW ect..) these things do not exists but obviously is an extra page click and certainly in the search results. Then we had the bad tutorial contest that was just user's stealing content (in most cases) that Wololo was well aware of and would even pay these guys anyway and WOULD never remove the tuts or add the REAL source of it. But then later promote it as news and some of these tuts were very outdated and no longer good advice but was being put out there knowing just that. He knew this because i know many of us made him fully aware of it.
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    Qwertyuiopz is teasing us guys! nas - Proxima - flatz - CTurt - Red-EyeX32 - SKFU - fail0verflow - bigboss - Zer0xFF - kR105 - fx0day - Specter - Fire30 - m0rph3us1987 - lezek20 - ds4user - maxtron - harlequin - Wildcard - zecoxao - zil0g80 - j0lama @eXtreme Shouldn't we add qwerty to this list also..? @GregoryRasputin @BobbyBlunt @Lucif3r @zecoxao and whoever i am forgetting that is a super admin.
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    BORING! ksploit isn't SAMU. so it's BORING!
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    The specs for the new console from Microsoft were revealed last week, now Project Scorpio has had its dev machine details revealed, it is quite impressive and looks quite good too, here are all the consoles listed together: Source
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    People really shouldn't make retail releases of shit like this. There is no good that can come from these other than buying them to intentionally damage other people's property. I have seen these things used on all types of devices. Some survive, and other devices die. As @Lucif3r said above this should do nothing more than pop the fuse on the USB bus, but most devices are so poorly designed that your device dies. I have seen macbooks, consoles, and almost every single phone die to this thing. There are some phones that survived. Yes I understand that making one of these at home is actually fairly simple but I would love to slap the fuck out of the person that thought "hey let's sell these at a profit and watch the chaos while we laugh and count our money." There are some pretty evil tools on the market that do have a legitimate use like penetraition testing tools, and password crackers, etc. This thing? This thing was designed to kill shit... nothing more, nothing less. Some people just want to see the world burn
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    I asked my roommate to vote. Turned out he didn't even vote for me... LOL. I'll start moving his belongings out on the street tomorrow. Wmoo-ha-ha-haaaaa! (evil laugh)
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    So many downloads and usefull applications with large userbases GekiHEN offered us. Yet, "no" one seems to take time to vote for the devs who put time and effort in to it. The only website that had votes worth to mention was wololo.net. I think that's very sad.
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    wow, what an evil little thing that is. I wonder if it's used by people who void their warranty and need to cover their tracks. *pondering_smiley_face*
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    So @Fede84 as you have voted in this competition, i have to ask you why you have the same IP as @Fituchi ? Also @GhOst.as you have only used one account to vote, i will not disqualify you, instead i will combine you to @Ghost
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    If you own a US PSN account, you can get a bunch of THQ Nordic games for as little as $15/£12, here is some information regarding the bundle: PS4 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Red Faction Super Dungeon Bros Deponia ArcaniA: The Complete Tale Battle Worlds Kronos Destroy All Humans Legend of Kay Anniversary(Available for PS3 too) Destroy All Humans 2 MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Darksiders Warmastered Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition PS3 MX vs ATV Supercross Darksiders 1 Darksiders II The bundle comes with a single redeemable code, which can be used in these countries: (US) United States (CA) Canada (MX) Mexico (BR) Brazil (CL) Chile (AR) Argentina (PE) Peru (CO) Colombia (PA) Panama (CR) Costa Rica (EC) Ecuador (GT) Guatemala (SV) El Salvador (PY) Paraguay (HN) Honduras (BO) Bolivia (UY) Uruguay (NI) Nicaragua Of course you can use the code in any country as long as you have a US PSN account, which is extremely simple to set up, you can read about that here: https://playstationhax.xyz/us-ps-store-vs-eu-ps-store/ You can grab the bundle here: https://www.humblebundle.com/thq-nordic-playstation-bundle
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    No very different you can not compare this to something like HENkaku. HENkaku (vita) , 3.55 CFW (ps3), PSP (day 0 exploits). All had one thing in common. User had a extended period of time to choose a path. The only people who are on lower firmware is very minimal in comparison, people on 1.76 (not many) so they can update and a small portion of the regular followers of the scene are on a lower firmware. So you have even most of the regular homebrew enthusiasts not even on the firmware, then you know anyone on the outside more then likely is not. So it very different from Henkaku where many who were not in the scene(s) learned about the scene seeing the huge main stream news saying the device are hacked as an example.. and like henkaku there was several weeks before an update arose. So every device had a period it could be hacked. not quite the same story for 4.06 on the ps4 So there is a HUGE difference. and alot of people not having access and yes you can buy a new console, but many already bought a console and very few are willing to buy another. So talking apples and oranges to potential impact EDIT: BTW i personally never suggested for people to not update. As i do not think waiting for an exploit that will not be popular and used much is worth missing all the PS4 OFW features. the time will come when a user has a choice like all the other devices.The time is not here yet
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    I didn't mean the voting for yourself, i meant the posting as a guest @joel16 you voting for yourself does not bother me, what is annoying me is the fact that you are appearing as a guest, guests cannot post, so this makes no sense and extremely annoy, of course it is not your fault, it is frustratingly weird
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    Damn, I am owner a ps3 CECHL 80 gb model from afar 2008, I used very little and it is brand new What do you think about? You think I should throw me to get a refund, try to sell it, or give her a flight out of the window? Sony motherfuckers!