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    Just ten days before we reach the forums third birthday, we have managed to reach 2000 members. Thank you to all the members and staff who make this forum the awesome place it is. If you aren't a member yet, feel free to join or if you are a member, speak to us on Discord Thank you to @Arifakhtar for being member 2000
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    The PS4 scene has been quite excited about this new Modchip for the PS4, below you will see an English usage guide: The full tutorial can be seen here Below are some more videos: In other news, the background of this device is as seedy as the device itself. A PSXHaX developer was selling the board for over $5000, shitty website has shitty developers is nothing new, but a huge fucking scam artist as a member of staff is a bit of a surprise, his board got leaked and cloned by the Chinese who are selling it for around $50, now he is all upset, here you see the little 'suka' crying his 'zhopa' out:
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    This is hilarious. I'd like to see that email he sent Sony. "...AND THEN MY NARROW CIRCLE BETRAYED ME, ANYWAYS HERE IS BLUEPRITNTS." Sony: Oh thank you very much sir, we greatly appreciate you telling us about the device you invented to garner piracy of our console.
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    Happy 2k members!!! This forum deserves more members and has awesome peoples
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    I am pretty sure just about every single one of us lives in a country that protects freedom of the press. We could fall under Press since we post news about a certain set of topics. As long as we are not hosting anything we are fine... might be time to show Sony they can't bully people and shit on protected freedoms simply because they don't like what gets posted. I noticed wololo got a DMCA notice as well over a similar article. Can't talk about things Sony doesn't like? Sony can suck on the bottom of my balls. I am pretty sure I can post or say whatever the fuck I want and as long s it doesn't have anything illegal attached there isn't a damn thing they can do. Makes me wonder why they dont even want us talking about the SDK...... now I am curious
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    User OatmealDome at GBAtemp released a program for the wiiu that lets you play TV only games on your WiiPad. By allowing you to swap displays with a click of a button. So games that were previously unplayable with only the wiiupad as they would show a 'look at tv' message are now playable without a television monitor. https://gbatemp.net/threads/swap-drc-for-tv-only-wii-u-games.478026/
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    I released an unofficial version of vitashell to try to compile vpk files for PSVITA alone. With the help of zecoxao and TheFlow I was able to understand the various features while compiling and I would like to share my release with you.I would also like to thanks the Gamesandconsoles and playstationhax community and the various testers (goku84 and vito florio).This release to all features of version 1.63 not yet released. All credits to TheFlow,Yifan lu and other developer of the PSvita scene Changelog 1.63 Added ability to export video files. Added support for PSVSD uma0: mounting. Fixed bug where the right analog stick was simulated when the headphone was plugged in. Download Vitashell 1.63 unofficial Preview https://ibb.co/bHFTsv
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    Can't spell and cries to Sony..... it is spelled "traitor" you stupid non spelling crybaby fuck
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    To my friends and all Muslims around the world, Happy Eid Mubarak.
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    Yeah, that's right thezander. Me Fat Fiter Bajrami! Frohes und gesegnetes Zuckerfest! Happy Eid / Bayram Bayramin mübarek olsun! Eid al-Fitr mubarak!
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    Thanks @GregoryRasputin Happy Eid al-Fitr (Eid mubarak) to to you and to all Urime Festa e Fitër Bajramit
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    Today is has been reported that some Nintendo Switch games have been successfully dumped. They may not be complete cartridge dumps and it comes shortly after this code was released: They games reportedly dumped were Also I am getting the term 'cartridge dumps' from the source thread, I have no idea if it was made clear whether they were cartridges or eShop games. source thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/first-nintendo-switch-cartridge-dumps-released.477954/ Post-script; I lucked out on not posting this before I saw this message: I am not sure how much of step this was, I don't think this necessarily marks a a huge accomplishment. I think the powers at be made this possible via doing other things and some team picked it up and announced these dumps as a by-product. While it is always exciting to see the first game dumps announced, it may not deserve a lot of attention in and of itself. I don't know if this is abundantly obvious however there is no way to play these and who knows where they actually are. Edit: To expose my own ignorance here a bit; the NFO for the game mentioned that it was a cartridge dump. To add to that it also said something about uniqueness and something about being unique. I didn't totally comprehend what that was but not too interested to contemplate it that much.
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    Welcome on forum @DeViL303
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    Hahahaha, did this cunt really just throw a shitty and go crying to s**y. This cunt needs to take the bad with the good and drink a big glass of harden-the-fuck-up.
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    Back during the days when the PS3 Scene was quite active, leaks of the official Sony SDK were quite a common occurrence and it seems the PS4 scene will be no different. These files are illegal so i will not be linking them.
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    Can be wrong here, but you need cobra 7.52 to run backup discs. Here is Rebug Toolbox with included *updater* for cobra files (you will find it in menu after install and run): http://www.mediafire.com/file/pvrp2td5upn6ydy/REBUG_TOOLBOX_02.02.13.pkg Settings are fine, you are just trying to use feature that don't exist in that release. All default settings are fine for all models. There is no need for additional changes per console version. Edit: Added tutorial for updater. Tutorial: REQUIREMENTS!! REBUG 4.81.1 or 4.81.2 COBRA 7.31~7.51 1. Firstly make sure you're on REBUG 4.81.X [1 or 2] and COBRA must be active prior to the update, otherwise the option will NOT be shown 2. Locate the option COBRA Payload Updater 3. Select "UPDATE" 4. "COBRA payload updated!" will be shown when finished 5. Exiting the toolbox will restart the system to apply the change 6. Enjoy the new COBRA 7.52
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    There is this crappy website that i don't want to talk about as they usually post fake news and click bait junk, so after i verified with several sceners( @flatz, @zecoxao, @Harryoke ) i can now post this news not as a rumour but as a factual device: You can read the PDF Tutorial here You can chat about it in our Discord channel here And if you really must, you can visit the piece of crap site that posted about it here, you can go there and thank them for this method being blocked in a future Firmware
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    xyz from Team Molecule has released a PoC showing an 128GB+ microSD being inserted into the PS Vita via a modified Gamecard, here is a video of it in action posted by Team Molecule member @Yifan Lu
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    I hope everyone is enjoying their Eid Mubarak, I have never heard of this holiday before. Before googling it though I would guess it's a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan?
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    PS3 Software Archive View File Much like the PS3 Homebrew Archive, but with less applications< here is what it has: ASToolPS3 2.3 dePKG by Vortex DOStoPS3 ES35's PS3 Toolkit v2.0 Lv2 Patcher PS3 Date Check by DEFAULTDNB PS3 Tools by aldostools PS3 Merge by Karmian PS3 Save Unlocker by ColdReader PS3 SFO Edit PSN Download Manager PSP/PS3 PKG Decrypter/Extractor v1.0.0.0 by Mathieulh SACD Extract Server Mapper Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 07/24/2017 Category PC Software(PS3) Developer Source https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oqu72a8kjqq61fe/AACoGZzyejK9q2-4nL_uKtuHa?dl=0 Twitter Donate  
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    PS3 Homebrew Archive View File I was going through an old HardDrive earlier today and i found a bunch of homebrew i had saved, probably won't be useful for anyone, but it is nice to have, here is the complete list: 3.41/3.55 CFW AsbestOS Hybrid Loader by MrGatz85 and Cael AsbestOS Installer v1.5 Awesome Mount Manager v1.1 by NZHawk Awesome Peek Poker v0.2+ by NZHawk blackb0x FTP v1.2 Button Layout Changer v1.3 by Rogero CDG Player Comgenies Awesome Filemanager v0.6 Condor Updater by CondorStrike dev_blind Final eEID_RKDumper by flatz Factory Service Mode v0.2 Flex Manager Beta Free Flash by Waninkoko Gaia v2.07 Hermes Manger v1.5 IDPS Viewer Iris Manger v1.2 USB Firm Loader v0.3 by jaicrab LSPWN v0.1 by adrianc LV2 Loader memdump v0.01 Final Open Copy Install v1.1c Open Manager v2.1 Open PS3-FTP by jjolano Open PS2 Loader ISO v0.8 by coveman PS Jailbreak Manager PS3 FTP Server by CJCP PS3 Minimal Firmware Checker PS3 Model Detection PS Seismograph PS3LoadX(Fixed for 3.55) by CondorStrike PSIDPatch v1.5 by stoker25 PSNnja v3 PSPoke V1.1 PSVibe by jjolano QuickDumpR Rogero Manager SELF/SPRX DECRYPTER v0.6 BETA Sexy Manager Simple AVCHD Manager v0.1 Simple Filemanager SKFU Exploit Loader Solar v4.2 Solar Rogero Manager v4.2 Thank You Manager v1.0 WinDos Final Wipe History v2.0 XMB eEIDx Dumper by Evilnat XMB Manager Plus v0.20 4.21 CFW blackb0x for 4.21 Comgenies Awesome Filemanager for 4.21 dev_blind for 4.21 ReactPSN for 4.21 Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 07/24/2017 Category Homebrew(PS3) Developer Source https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xbh74yxrdueyhpx/AACilly98bOxM2_sasm1Su0ba?dl=0 Twitter Donate  
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    It wasn't down for that long, at the most maybe two weeks. I seen that you donated, but it was way back in 2014 before we had the current donation system, so that is why it doesn't show, not sure how to fix that, but ill try, you do have the VIP badge.
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    Glad to see this place growing 😀
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    The owners of a Moroccan gaming/mod shop have posted a demonstration of the MTX Key for PS4
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    Happy 2000 my dear! PSHaX deserves it!
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    Thank you @GregoryRasputin
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    I think the problem stems from having a hosting provider that doesn't feel like putting up with anything. If Sony tells them that a site they are hosting has copyrighted material wtf do they care they'll tell you to take it off before going to bat for anyone.
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    A simple HENkaku fork Flash Light app for Playstation Vita. This application displays a green screen at max brightness. Your brightness settings will be saved and re applied on close of application. Controls TRIANGLE * close application Changelog -Changed the color in green (Looks stronger than white) -Changed the button to exit with triangle Credits joel16 - brightness registry entry reference xerpi, and all contributors behind libvita2d vitasdk developers : for the sdk ArkSource For the original tool Download flashlight.vpk Source Github
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    I've updated vitashell that specifies the unofficial version on the startup screen
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    On Monday information on the MTX Key was revealed to the PS4 world, we wrote a thread about it here, today we have a video showing it working on the latest PS4 Firmware: Thanks for the news tip Berazu and not SONY SPY
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    For sure, let me find the places I saw and I will absolutely post them for you. EDIT: This isn't the page I am talking about, but here is one with DeanK talking about it, but I need to find the one I am talking about specifically. http://www.psx-place.com/threads/cobra-changes-to-add-full-burned-optical-media-support.12494/ To me though, fully reading that page now, sounds like him actually MAKING it work,.. not that it came with it, let me find the page I am talking about.
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    That would indeed be correct. Don't worry, I can't understand it either...may need to be retranslated.
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    Things like this are why I like the emulation scene. Playing games is obviously the main thing, but being able to try out old alpha builds, prototypes is the coolest aspect for curious cunts like me.
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    Unreleased #SNES #Rayman Prototype Released - #Retro View File A very early prototype of the unreleased Rayman game for the SNES has been released; Submitter GregoryRasputin Submitted 07/04/2017 Category Retro Developer Michel Ancel Source https://www.polygon.com/2017/7/3/15917458/rayman-prototype-snes-super-nintendo Twitter Donate  
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    Enso это было начало))))
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    After the success of the NES classic albeit relatively short lived. Nintendo is releasing a SNES Classic September 29th and it will come with 3+18 games. The mention of 'Playing With Super Power' was a nice touch. Additionally gizmodo said that it will also have the never released star fox 2 as can be seen on the top right of the box pic in the twitter. Also in an update they said pricing will be around $80 USD. Source http://gizmodo.com/the-super-nintendo-classic-edition-arrives-with-21-game-1796419063 Now watch the flock of people buying them all up thinking their investing in their future and Nintendo will actual produce a reasonable amount.
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    It seems like Sony is stepping up a bit with the Instant Game Collection games for July. For all kids enjoy these games during your summer vacation. New PS Plus Free Games: Until Dawn (PS4) Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series (PS4) That’s You (PS4) Tokyo Jungle (PS3) Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3) Don’t Die Mr Robot (PS Vita/PS4) Element4l (PS Vita) Will leave Free PS Plus: Killing Floor 2 (PS4) Life Is Strange (PS4) Abyss Odyssey (PS3) WRC5: World Rally Championship (PS3) Spy Chameleon (PS Vita) Neon Chrome (PS Vita) Do not forget to add all free games from June to your library, if you want to download/play them later on. You can add the games to your collection without downloading them using the PlayStation App on your smartphone, or visit the PlayStation Store website on your PC. Log into your account, go to the PS Plus section, place all the games in your basket and checkout. VIA SOURCE
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    @Bigbones87 Many of us seem to think the hardware will be almost identical to that of the NES classic. If that is the case the Nincade should also work on this as well. I guess we will know more closer to release date
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    European version looks like this:
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    After seeing I could mount my USB storage devices via VitaShell (thank Yifan) I decided to to create an internal USB storage mod. I added a toggle switch in case I needed to remount it although I'll rarely use it. Here's a picture of the inside. I will also be setting up a hardmod service for pretty much everything Vita . Some may know me on twitter. [Click to go to my page]
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    That is a special feature of the theme O.o
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    You all know that i hate articles being removed, i hate censorship, unless it is spam, which is why i am extremely annoyed that i had to remove a certain article which contained a recent P$4 Soft Dick Kake, my server hosts received a DMCA complaint for that article, i personally could not see where i had infringed any copyright, all i had done is post some text and a screenshot of the Soft Dick Kake, i did not provide any links so that users could get the Soft Dick Kake. Here is some of the correspondence: They also showed me the complete DMCA, which states this: So we cannot use material connected to SIEA, which makes zero sense as everything we post about has some sort of Sony materiel >.<