For those interested: psxclassics working with decompressed isos
i posted on twitter.
it’s simple to do.
forge edat, use psx2psp to forge eboot and pack everything up.
credits to ZeroTolerance for the information and findings.
here are the tools (Windows only) :!lhdmgKxS!xOWydW41HkkK8TiqoP6ZIw

package.conf (example) :

Content-ID = UP9000-NPUJ00594_00-0000000000000001 
k_licensee = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000 
TitleID = SLUS00594 
DRM_Type = Free 
Content_Type = PS1emu 
PackageVersion = 01.00

make_npdata command to sign ISO.BIN.DAT (example):

make_npdata -e ISO.BIN.DAT ISO.BIN.EDAT 1 1 1 0 16 3 00 UP9000-NPUJ00594_00-0000000000000001 5

1) create pbp file using ps1topsp tool without using any compression methods.
2) extraxt the data.psar from it (this file is required for creating ISO.BIN.EDAT)
3) extract iso headers and isos from data.psar
4) extract the sector table from iso header.
5) use hasher util with each iso and sector table to create the the table with proper sha1 hashes.
6) insert the hash tables to their iso headers
7) fix the iso offsets into iso headers.
8) create ISO.BIN.DAT using modified iso headers.
9) create ECDSA signature at the tail og the ISO.BIN.DAT
10) encrypt ISO.BIN.DAT to ISO.BIN.EDAT
11) make pkg
12) Profit!

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