F4TMOD PS4 HDD Expansion By @F4TMOD

A few minutes ago i posted this article about the Nyko Data Bank, i also posted a video at the bottom of the article, where someone explains how this device could be dangerous for your PS4, after watching that video i noticed another video in the suggested videos called “Playstation 4 Hard Drive Mod F4T MOD” which shows a device similar to Nyko’s device, but where this one is superior is that it has its own power supply and ventilation, it can also be customized by the creator, here is the video i watched, followed by some information from the official website:

Being a gaming addict, and getting my system on launch I already noticed the ridiculous install sizes of games. Waiting hours for games to download, and numerous DLC’s, and game updates. NO ONE!! wants to suffer through this multiple times.

Thanks to Sony making it simple enough to change out the hard drive, I came up with a simple solution that does NOT void your warranty.

Due to high cost of machining for injected molded parts, and being stuck to one design, unless you want to fork over another several thousand in machining,

I decided to take a chance with 3D printing Fused Fillament Fabrication (FFF), or Fused Deposition Manufacturing (FDM). This allows me to cater to those who want to personalize, or make one of a kind mods for their PS4 Console.

They aren’t the prettiest of devices, but they are being made by one guy at home on a 3D printer and not some big company with a manufacturing plant, here is another video:

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