Easiest way to update <3.60 PSvita/PStv to FW3.60

Easiest way to update <3.60 PSvita/PStv to fw3.60

(I know this tutorial may exist already but as @ConsoleHax asked me to write a dutch version for his site,

i took a little effort and translated it to english for playstiationhax.xyz & now that Ensō is released some people might want to update their system to 3.60)


Step 1: Go to settings -> Network -> Wi-Fi-Settings -> “Your Wi-Fi” -> Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Change the DNS settings from “Automatic” to “Manual”.

Step 3: Change the Primary DNS to “” , Secundairy DNS has to be blank. (Set proxyserver to “Do not use.”)

Step 4: Press “OK” & make sure everything is saved (doublecheck it.).

Step 5: Go back to main Settings -> Systemupdate -> Update via Wi-Fi.

-If you’re already on 3.60 or above you’ll get this message.

-If you’re below 3.60 you’ll get this message.

Step 6: If the message says “3.60 (変革 Compatible)” then click next & it’ll start downloading & installing the 3.60 firmware.

Sidenote: Even when 3.60 is installed on your system, you better keep the DNS settings, as this DNS blocks updates further than 3.60, this way you’re sure your system will never auto-update past 3.60FW.

Visit the forum for more help:
Easiest way to update <3.60 PSvita/PStv to FW3.60

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