Does Driveclub Break The PS4’s Blu Ray Drive ?

Driveclub was released last week, a year late ans since then it has been plagued with problems, including the PS Plus version not being released.

So the game doesn’t need any more problems, unfortunately it seems that problems will continue if a blog post by SKFU is legit and not some sort of coincidence.

SKFU posted that a friend of his experienced problems when using a digital version of the game, while having the disc version of the game in the PS4, here is a quote:

Today a friend from Hong Kong told me about a major bug which he faced due the release day of Driveclub.

Since he is PS+ subscriber, he has access to the free PS+ version of Driveclub. He added it to his download list, waiting for the next time he’d be online.
Meanwhile he also purchased the disc version of Driveclub. Full of “GREATNESS AWAITS” thoughts, he turned on his PS4 and went online.
As the Driveclub PS+ version was already in his download list, it began to download. While the game was downloading, he wanted to use his disc version and pushed it inside the PlayStation 4’s Blu-Ray drive.
It seems that no one actually ever tested if a user would do that. The disc drive of my friend stopped working right away. Ejecting and inserting works fine, but the PS4 won’t read any disc anymore.


Hopefully this is just some one off problem and not an actual Driveclub problem.

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