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  3. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome healdeal

    Hello healdeal, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. healdeal joined on the 11/18/2018. View Member
  4. I am sure i don't need to remind anyone how much i enjoy photography, i wouldn't say that i am very good at it or that i produce great images, it is just something that i enjoy, sometimes i do take some decent photo's and some people enjoy them, my favourite type of photography is macro. I thought i would use my love of both photography and games consoles to take photo's of a PlayStation 1, the model is SCPH-5552 and it is the beginning of a bunch of photo's i will take of various PS1 and PS2 consoles for the PS1 and PS2 Dev Wiki, here is a photo sample, the rest can be viewed at the link below: SCPH-5552 - PS1 Dev Wiki
  5. BwE

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Statistics

    Well my program was released for those who can't wait for my 12,000 line NOR validator. It's simple as it tells you with bright colours if your NOR is abnormal. A hex editor can't do that unless you already know what to look for. Not every one does. Hence the colours! I'll update it with a COREOS check and an additional corruption validation. Either way my main validator will arrive soon. I'm able to detect and fix corruption in CID that causes BLOD. So it's getting more accurate! Also I want COFFFEEEEEE
  6. Xhase

    [HELP] Xbox ONE Orig // No USB

    Obtained an Xbox one that fell off an armour. Well it thankfully still works but USB DATA , and controller SYNC Is dead, USB 5v is present. Anyone have an idea of what it might be? Maybe an IC I can check? btw new Hardware mod coming soon. (Internal PSU , in Xbox one ORig)
  7. Last week
  8. GregoryRasputin

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Statistics

    Any chance you could answer kiwidog? https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/9xv87w/release_bwe_ps4_nor_statistics/
  9. GregoryRasputin

    Release: BwE PS4 NOR Statistics

    Sexy work as always Also check out https://ko-fi.com/Manage/ I think its more appealing than Buy me a coffee.
  10. GregoryRasputin

    Is this website legit?

    I think the link belongs to the person who create this thread
  11. Hello! Following my this program BwE PS4 NOR Statistics v1.00, another micro version of my PS4 NOR Validator, is designed solely to validate your NOR based on statistics only from Better Way Electronics! Why make this you ask? Entropy and statistics are a well used methodology in the malware analysis field to determine if a binary file is encrypted, and by how much. What is entropy? Entropy is a method for measuring uncertainty in a series of numbers or bytes. In technical terms, entropy measures the level of difficulty or the probability of independently predicting each number in the series. What has this got to do with PS4s? Well the PS4's NOR is almost entirely encrypted and so with a collection of known valid NOR's it is possible to determine the level of entropy that represents a valid NOR and what level of entropy would represent a corrupt NOR. When corruption occurs it will generally wipe out a large chuck of the NOR, cause the NOR to repeat itself or will fill the NOR with junk. All of this will decrease or severely increase the entropy. Seeing as the PS4 firmware is likely to add more or less complexity with each update I have made available a settings file where you can adjust the predicted statistics. Download: BwE_PS4_NOR_Statistics.rar (5.4 MB) Have fun! And yes this is made specifically for other PS4 repairers like myself. Maybe it will be useful for something else one day. Remember the fun we had with the PS3 NOR? NOTE: My program is designed for Windows 64 - If this is a problem then you're computing wrong. Release Date: 5/11/18 Version: 1.0 MD5: BDABAAB45995A3D1E7AE83541E752721 Chiptune: Dubmood - A Tribute to Kootie Loader Art: BwE (Credits to Maniac (Netflix)) This is what a valid NOR looks like: This is what an invalid NOR looks like: Sorry for the copypasta! Enjoy either way!
  12. BwE

    Is this website legit?

    Hahahahah! people fall for this shit too easily!
  13. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome psbc

    Hello psbc, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. psbc joined on the 11/16/2018. View Member
  14. According to a recently published patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC, the next generation of DualShock controllers may receive a touchscreen instead of a touchpad. Although the information in the document is not entirely clear with what the company plans to do with the screen. On behalf of Sony Ryuji Nakayama, Ennin Huang and Nathan Gary invented the patent that was submitted on September 29, 2017. The submission however does not mean that Sony will actually use it, technology companies often have their ideas patented to protect innovations. Personally I find that the current touchpad doesn't offer real advantages during gaming or navigation and I often forget the controller even has one. This also seems the case with most game developers who never really embraced the use of it during gaming. It would be kinda cool though to see an interactive map on your controller during gaming, so who knows what future gaming might bring. On the other hand it probably wouldn't be feasible, a controller with such a high end touchscreen would be immensely costly. The full patent can be read as a PDF here: http://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?PageNum=0&docid=10099121&IDKey=96543379056A Via: Hardware.info / ConsoleHax.com
  15. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome Yasir

    Hello Yasir, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Yasir joined on the 11/15/2018. View Member
  16. the time will come...
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  18. TheZander

    Happy Birthday PS3

    I had to order off ebay to get the console before any other jerks around me would see them in stores. Usa consoles are for the likes of people like @StarMelter and their preprogrammed non European standard date format. For Shane!
  19. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome Roxanne

    Hello Roxanne, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Roxanne joined on the 11/11/2018. View Member
  20. DarkElementPL

    Happy Birthday PS3

    Boi I was 4 years old when PS3 was released xD
  21. GregoryRasputin

    Happy Birthday PS3

    Twelve whole years ago today the PS3 was released in Japan, that was at least two years before members of the forum such as @DarkElementPL were born, The PS3 does not have the same amount of love from Sony as it did all those years ago, but the scene gives it the love it deserves, you can see such instances in places like PSX-Place, Reddit and of course here at PlayStationHaX. I haven't updated the website in about two years, but that doesn't mean what already is there is not a good read, as it is probably one of the best console histories you will ever read and i will update it when i have time, you can read all about the PS3's life below: PS3History
  22. Lucif3r

    PlayStation Classic Uses Open Source Emulator

    Well if its using an OS emulator the chances of hacking it and adding the "full version" of the emulator drastically increases, as well as adding your own roms/images. But as Zander pointed out, most people probably buys these things for the novelty, maybe plays a bit on them, then places them on the shelve for display. Still though, unless the PSClassic actually comes as open source(no need to hack it), using open source code is quite naughty. According to the GNU General Public License v3.0, when delivering a product with compiled/closed source which is based on open source, the manufacturer must provide the sourcecode in its entirety upon request, to anyone who wants it as far as I understood. PCSXR seems to require the following: Will be interesting to see whether Sony will abide by that licencing or not.
  23. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome vacardi

    Hello vacardi, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. vacardi joined on the 11/11/2018. View Member
  24. TheZander

    PlayStation Classic Uses Open Source Emulator

    I think one of the big factors in people buying these are for the novelty of it and the fact that it is made by the original manufacturer ( in some sense (sorta)). The fact that they used a emulator and stripped some features is not surprising but still kind of lame. Edit: On another thought they are fully capable of writing their own emulators above everything else didn't they do just that for something to do with Parapa. Did they mainly use the emulator for the existing aesthetics?
  25. No and this is the reason why I love the jailbreak
  26. I am sure by now you have heard of the PlayStation Classic, the tiny replica of the original PlayStation, with twenty games embedded what we did not know is what hardware or software the device runs, however we found out on Thursday thanks to an article by Kotaku that the PlayStation Classic runs the open source Emulator PCSX Rearmed Sadly it seems to be a bastardised version of the Emulator and doesn't have many of the great features that PCSX Rearmed has if you were to use it on a PC, i cannot suggest anyone buys the PlayStation Classic, yes it looks awesome, but for the same price, you could buy a damaged original PlayStation, a Raspberry Pi, and SD card and a control pad and install PCSX on your Raspberry Pi, then fit the Raspberry Pi inside the PlayStation case. The Raspberry Pi isn't the only device you could get to put inside a PlayStation case, there are a multitude of devices you could use, PSTV, Nintendo Wii and many more, you could even grab a small PC motherboard and mod it in there, there is really no reason to spend all that money on a PlayStation Classic that has a miserable line up of games, when you could do so much more and have so much fun creating your own PlayStation Classic Will you be buying the PlayStation Classic?
  27. The console scenes seem to have an abundance of app's made for Windows PC users, the apps for Mac and Linux users is quite sparse and it is awesome when someone releases something for those platforms. Developer nabilfreeman created a script for his Mac to enable him to split large PS3 game files, here is a quote from the source: Source Download
  28. PlayStationHaX

    Welcome norteli

    Hello norteli, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. norteli joined on the 11/10/2018. View Member
  29. GregoryRasputin

    Is this website legit?

    No it does not look legit, it looks horrible and seems to have been designed by a moron, on top of that it is a fake website.
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