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  4. Hello rghernan, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. rghernan joined on the 10/21/2021. View Member
  5. hi, is it possible to jailbreak 9.00?
  6. Hello toonbarmy1969, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. toonbarmy1969 joined on the 10/20/2021. View Member
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  8. Demonstration how to play to Alien Isolation playing a mouse-cat-game on hard level difficult and beat the Alien and the most advanced AI in a game! Only on the PS4'a'Cheater droid Apk. Url to the short film: https://dai.ly/x84wpef Psw: ps4acheater Note: In the normal game maybe is possible do the same in novice level difficult if you are a very good player... but, I don't think so... BTW: The game is AMAZING, play in the dark, alone, with a home-cinema, the atmosphere and the audio is perfect synchronize like in a horror movie... Even with the cheats active the scare sensation is no gone! Not recommended to play in this way if you have heart problems!!!
  9. It’s possible to connect PS3 and PS4 Controllers to a PS Vita, but the App shows the following message on PS Vita devices: "Error: PSVita detected! PSVibe will only run on PSTV / VitaTV consoles PSVitas dont have any vibration mechanism sorry about that :(". The developer commented (I think on the first release) "If ever someone figures out how to pair a controller with a PSVita, I will need to remove the model checks. But for now it will check to make sure you're running this on a PSTV / VitaTV system because otherwise it will only display text on the screen." Does anyone know if it is possible to update the application so it will also work on PS Vitas now?
  10. New DX/Watch Version 2.02.. New Features Version 2.02:  New Historic CPU Registers Log mode (need to enable this option first on settings)  New option to save CPU Registers in a CSV format file any-time  New option to save Memory Map Sections in a CSV format file any-time  Fixed an occasional bug related to the incorrect activation/deactivation of cheats from the Trainer menu  Update Faqs/How to related to the new option Historic CPU Registers Log  Other minor improvements
  11. Fursan al-Aqsa® - Steam Next Fest and other updates Hello friends. Some GREAT news here. #FursanAqsaGame will be on #STEAM #nextFest. I will do a demo walkthrough on live, friday. On sunday I will challenge you to play against me, an epic online split screen multiplayer match via remote play. Everyone is welcome! Today, one of the biggest news portal from middle-east, Jerusalem Post, wrote an amazing article about my game: https://www.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/new-video-game-lets-players-free-palestine-and-fight-israel-680622 This is simply AMAZING! I have a strong feeling that this game will be a big hit on STEAM, as soon as I release it. New Campaign Mission - Map Showcase This is a Military Camp established in the Israel-Lebanon border region, known as South Lebanon Security Belt. This camp is used as a warehouse to store and distribute weapons and warfare supplies to IDF Forces acros all the Occupied Lands in Palestine. Your mission is to infiltrate this camp, destroy all their warfare supplies, eliminate all enemies and kidnapp an AV-8B Harrier to escape. #gamedev #game #indiedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #UE4 #UE3 #UnrealEngine
  12. Fursan al-Aqsa® Demo Update - Not Very Hard Mode https://store.steampowered.com/app/1714420/Fursan_alAqsa_The_Knights_of_the_AlAqsa_Mosque/ (the steam version will auto update) https://nidal-nijm-games.itch.io/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque (you need to manually click on check game updates using the itch.io app) The Consoles versions (PS3/XBOX360) and the PC Standalone version were also updated. These can be downloaded from here: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads After listening to many players feedbacks, I realized that not every player nowadays are hardcore players, that the world itself changed a lot in the last 20 years, and also did the gaming world. We live in a very different times since the days of Goldeneye 007 for the N64, the biggest inspiration for Fursan al-Aqsa. While people back then could take months to beat the game because they were usually stuck with the game until the next time their parents buy them another game, the mass availability of games of all prices on digital storefronts nowadays means that people can just play a different game if something is too hard. In other words, people will also get bored easily if the game is too hard as well, especially if they have plenty of other games waiting for them. So for this reason I did balance much better the difficulty of the game now. It is easier, but still challenging without being frustrating. I hope to reach now also the casual players who want to try something different, an action game which anyone can enjoy, not only hardcore players. Here follows the list of changes, which were also added to full game: 1- I improved the post process effect, increasing the image contrast and brightness a bit, so players can see better important gameplay objects, like the security cameras, healthpacks and other pickups; 2- I added a small delay for the enemy soldiers, so it takes some seconds for them to shoot at the player after they spot him; 3- Now the Health Packs restore 25HP of health instead of 15HP; 4- Now each Headshot gives the player 10HP of health; 5- On each mission the player will have a Body Armor to pickup, and it is placed always close to the player entry point of each mission; 6- I reduced a lot the opacity of the on-screen blood whenever the player is injured, so it does not distract the player anymore; 7- Now to perform the knife kills is a bit easier, but you still need to get close enough to the enemy; 8- I made the security cameras range less unfair to the players, specially that one close to the corridor under stairs; Now I am sure the game is much more enjoyable, without losing it's challenging aspect, but at the same time without being unfair for the players, neither frustrating. I hope you enjoy it, Insha Allah. Assalamu Alaykum - May the peace be with you. P.S: My game was featured on one of the biggest gaming portals of Japan!!! https://www.gamespark.jp/article/2021/09/10/111752.html
  13. Thanks my friend, may Allah bless you. You are one of my biggest supporters on this project. That's fantastic to have my game in the IGDB, it gives too much credibility and aswell visibility specially on the google search. I even forgot about it, but thanks again. I will just make some small edits. Again, thank you very much my friend.
  14. Looks like a good idea to fix some BLOD issues, just put your own syscon/flash on somebody elses console - right?
  15. Hey! Updated the original post! Yes I am still updating this program lol <3
  16. Congratulations on the Steam release @nidalnijm I added the game to the Internet Game Database(IGDB). https://www.igdb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-the-knights-of-the-al-aqsa-mosque You can edit it to your liking 😀
  17. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1714420/Fursan_alAqsa_The_Knights_of_the_AlAqsa_Mosque/ Finally, after almost 10 years working on this game, since 2009, it is finally released on Steam! I thought it would take more days for my game being approved by Steam Review Team, however, today the wait is over, today is a GREAT day for my life, for my dream of becoming a game developer. Against all the odds, despite all the controversy around my game, despite anything, finally now my game is officialy on Steam, the biggest platform for digital gaming. This is indeed a great achievement for my life. No arab muslim game developer before me was able to make a game about the Struggle of Palestinian people against Israeli Oppresion in a global scope like Fursan al-Aqsa, a game, that despite being a small indie game, but it has a very important underlying message. As many of you know, I am a brazilian muslim, son of a Palestinian Resistance Fighter, and I always wanted to tell the history of my father, and the history of my people, the palestinian people and their resistance against oppression. Through this game I want to show to the whole World that Fighting for Freedom is NOT Terrorism, Fighting for Life is NOT Terrorism, Fighting for Protecting the Homeland is NOT Terrorism, Fighting against the Oppressor and its Savagery, which kills innocent children and civilians, is NOT Terrorism, that Palestinian Resistance is NOT Terrorism! And today I feel I am close to accomplish this mission. Again, I ask you all to please wishlist my game on Steam, as this helps me too much. And if you did not download the demo yet, please, download it now from Steam.
  18. Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque® Updated Demo Released Since Steam will take a long time to finish reviewing my game, before it can go live there, and since the demo is finished, I don't see a reason for not releasing it, so you all can enjoy this new demo and have a sneak peek of what awaits you on the full game, which is coming, finally, in December 2021. This demo can be downloaded from itch.io, Game Jolt and IndieDB: https://nidal-nijm-games.itch.io/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque (access this link using the itch.io desktop app and click on install to install the Windows version) https://gamejolt.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/573682 (the Windows version is a standalone installation) https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads (the Windows version is a standalone installation) IMPORTANT: FOR PS3/XBOX360 YOU MUST SET THE VIDEO RESOLUTION OUTPUT TO 480p 16:9 ON YOUR CONSOLES CONFIGURATIONS MENU (also set on your TV the image aspect ratio to 16:9) OTHERWISE THE GAME WILL CRASH!!! Please download, play, leave a feedback and wishlist my game, as it helps me too much! --------------------------- About the Demo: This brand new and updated demo of Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque® contains 3 Game Modes (Campaign, Challenges and Multiplayer), alongside 6 Maps, so you can all enjoy it and have a sneak peek of what awaits you on the full game, which is coming, finally, in December 2021. In this demo, for the sake of making things easier for the players, all the missions are opened by default, but on the final game you need to accomplish the previous mission to be able to play the next mission of the Campaign. The first Campaign mission is basically a tutorial for players to understand the basic game mechanics, specially the Bullet Time, which I, personally love it, as I made it very similar to Max Payne. The second Campaign mission, is where the action begins. Retro shooters, specially Goldeneye 007 fans out there, will find too much similarities to the game, which ARE NOT MERELY COINCIDENTAL The Challenges mode, I made something very similar to, let's say, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, on which the player must complete some specific tasks to earn a ranking badge according to his performance. The Challenges mode will keep people entertained playing Fursan al-Aqsa, even after finishing the game's Campaign, because the player will have to conquer all badges, and, something very cool, is that, both the Campaign mode and Challenges mode, will have FULL SUPPORT TO STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS! About the Multiplayer mode, this is something I am very proud of it, because I think it revives the Golden Era of Split-Screen Multiplayer! Due to technical limitations I won't be able to add Online Multiplayer support for Fursan al-Aqsa, so it will be Offline Multiplayer. This Multiplayer mode makes more sense for the console version of Fursan al-Aqsa: The Knights of the Al-Aqsa Mosque®, but even the Steam version does support local multiplayer. However, you must have 2 Xbox360 USB Controllers connected to your PC, before starting the game. But ANY USB GAMEPAD will work if you use the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, which can be downloaded for free from their official website (https://www.x360ce.com/). By the way, I will release, in December, 9 Campaign Missions, with full Steam Achievements Support, and some Multiplayer Maps. In the first FREE update for my game, I will release the Challenges Mode, with many missions. I will use the same Campaign Maps with many variations, and some new Maps. Also ALL the Challenges missions will have FULL Steam Achievements support, and by the way, the Challenges missions achievements will be HARD to unlock In the second FREE update for my game, I will release some new Campaign missions, alongside some new Challenges missions, all of them with FULL Steam Achievements support. As these new updates will take a lot of time for making, so, after I finish these updates, I will still decide if I make more free updates, or some cheap paid DLC's for my game, with brand new content. I plan to make some new missions, real missions and battles which indeed did happen in Palestine, real missions from the Palestinian Resistance, not fictional missions like these I am making now. My final words: After many years of intense work, dedication, too much love, passion and sleepless nights, finally, my journey with Fursan al-Aqsa is coming to it's peak. It has been indeed a long life journey, which began, here, on this piece of paper, the first sketch I made for a game about Palestinian Resistance there in 2009, the game of my dreams, the game which, since childhood, I dreamed to make, and today, praise be to Allah, it is a reality. I confess it has been a very hard journey, full of ups and downs, I even thought on giving it up many times, but the palestinian blood in my veins told me that a true fighter never gives up. Also because the underlying message of my game is very important to be said in the Gaming World, that RESISTANCE IS NOT TERRORISM, as this breaks too many cliches, specially the cliche Arabs = Terrorists. In this long journey I got to know many friends, from this site and many other places, and something I never imagined, is that my history with this game has been an inspiration for many other people, specially because of my other project, UDK Ultimate Engine, the homebrew port I made of Unreal Engine 3 to the 7th generation of Consoles, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. So here my dear friends, since now I am on the final phase of my game's development, I won't be too much active on these forums anymore, but I will still publish some new trailers I make for my game. My focus now will be finish these 9 Campaign missions to release my game now in December, Insha Allah. Again, I thank you all guys and girls who are supporting me since the beginning of this project, and I thank the forum admins here to allow me to keep promoting my game here. This game now is HUGE thanks to this AMAZING COMMUNITY. May Allah bless you all. Assalamu Alaykum - May the peace be with you!
  19. A couple of people have said that the link does not work, I have checked using my iPhone and it did not work, however it works fine with my PC.
  20. Hello Yousef, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Yousef joined on the 09/04/2021. View Member
  21. Hello Ilpitbull420Il, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Ilpitbull420Il joined on the 09/03/2021. View Member
  22. New Version PS4aCheater v4.2.xxx Final Release Summer Edition 2021 Exclusive hand Droid-Poker five of a king: Far Cry 5 Gold Edition GTA V (all versions from 1.27 to 1.34) Days Gone (with side effects explained) Cyberpunk 2077 and more! Total Games: 406 / Total CUSAS: 767 Enjoy it!
  23. Hello Saso34, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Saso34 joined on the 08/29/2021. View Member
  24. I’m trying too mod my gta vc ps4 with this mod https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-vice-city/skins/72041-pastel-suit.html
  25. I’m trying too mod my gta vc ps4 with this mod https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-vice-city/skins/72041-pastel-suit.html
  26. Hello Tightmanob1, Welcome to PlayStationHaX. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Tightmanob1 joined on the 08/06/2021. View Member
  27. It is not only playstation whose security needs to improve, but all our devices as these are the time every business, household, and everything is under threat of cyberattacks. We uniformly should take desperate measure for security.
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