dex-cex Objective Suites with the clean executable(for reverse engineering purposes)!901UWILB!GjFj8hiZfDm4TBIPf3vwn9x5yLhShFifIpMS3mHkuRM

back when dex-cex or cex-dex was leaked, the original leaker decided it’d be a fun prank to put .net obfuscation on the main ObjectiveSuites executable, and probably bundle it with some viruses. when i got this, i wasn’t sure what to expect, until i looked at the exes and compared them. yes, the file size differs. no, sony didn’t add any obfuscation to objective suites. yes, this was meant to slow us down.

So, there you have it. the full source exes and dlls, without any virus report.
Edit: This was shared with the permission of Mr. Math. Mr. Math, if you can see this message, french potatoes are the only good shit in France. rest sucks

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