The Crew Closed Beta

Are you interested in participating in a closed Beta of ‘The Crew’ racing game ?
Check the article posted by ICECOLDKILLAH bellow

The Crew Closed Beta starts on November 6th for Xbox One and PS4.

The Crew Closed Beta

The Crew closed beta will let players explore the entire United States without seeing a loading screen, and take part in a variety of challenges, which are outlined below.

• Midwest: All missions and skill challenges

• East Coast: All skill challenges

• West Coast, Mountain States, South: Open for free- roaming!

For the purposes of the beta, missions and skill challenges will only be available in the Midwest, and challenges in the East Coast. In the full game at release, it will, of course, allow all challenges and missions throughout the entire US map. As for PvP (player vs. player) matches, beta members will have access to two lobbies; one for the Midwest, and another one for the East Coast.

You can get a key from here (click on claim your code now! in the small white window) and then redeem the key over here -> you need an Uplay account for this.

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