Competition – Win Some PS Vita Game’s

Well the wife recently bought me that terrible device known as the PlayStation TV, i won’t go into why i think Sony have made a huge, massive balls up with this device, i will let you tell me in form of a competition.

With the PS TV i got a voucher for three free PS Vita games, which are:

  • Worms revolution
  • Velocity
  • OiiOii

Some things you need to know in order to win these three games.

1.) The games ONLY work on an EU acount
2.) Click the link below, to be taken to the forum and in the comments section, explain why you think the PlayStation TV is a bad device, or if you are crazy enough to think its great, then say so below.
3.) Your post number will be your ‘ticket’ number and i will use to choose the winner.

Good luck, whoever wins, use these games on your PS Vita, do not bother with a PlayStation TV, until Sony wises the fuck up…….

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