Competition – Win The Last Of Us Remastered

Here is a competition for all you PS4 owners out there, who haven’t yet tried this awesome game.

Win The Last Of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us Remastered is a visually enhanced version of the greatest game on the PS3, or rather the one that got the most awards, whilst it is better looking, it does have its graphical problems, for example, at the beginning, when everyone is running, there is a group you pass, the person at the front, has the arm of the person behind her, sticking through her, there are other small glitches, like broken hair, but the game is still fun, loads of fun, though i still haven’t finished it.

Anyhow, enough of my opinions on the game and onto the competition.


  • You MUST be a member of the forum, you cannot enter any other way.
  • You MUST have a North American PSN account, you do not need to be from North America, but you must have an account from that region.
  • You MUST NOT send me naked pics of yourself, that will not make your chance of winning any easier, looking at you wolfie708…
  • DO NOT spam the thread with dumb comments, if you want to ask questions or post something about the competition, do it here.

How to enter:
Make a forum post stating what your favourite Zombie movie or game is.
Your post number will be your ticket number.

Competition ends 28th of April 2015.
The game is in the form of a digital code, so you must also have enough space on your PS4‘s HDD.

Changed the entry details, seems that the previous way was too hard >.<


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