Compensation For Early PS Vita Buyers

Sony are going to pay $25 in cash or $50 in merchandise to PS Vita owners who bought their handheld before July 1st 2012, due to them telling lies over the capabilities of the console in early advertising, here is a quote from the source:

PS Vita

In Tuesday’s action, the FTC alleges that Sony falsely promised consumers that they would be able to pause games on their PlayStation 3 home gaming system and then continue them seamlessly on their hand-held PlayStation Vita. The feature was one of the main selling points highlighted in Sony’s advertising campaign. In reality, the FTC says, only a few games offered such “cross platform gaming,” and on a limited basis.

The FTC also alleges that Sony’s ads falsely implied that consumers who bought versions of the PlayStation Vita with a 3G wireless connection would be able to play live against other players, when in reality that option didn’t exist.


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