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  2. It's been awhile since anything has been posted here in Switch club and I am sure you are all rather disappointed because when you were kind enough to join expected regular upkeeping with the Switch. Due to sheer negligence the people who have relied on Switch club to keep them informed and able to keep up with discussion around the water cooler the next day seem out of 'the know'. Hopefully we can rectify these with a quick catch up. First off Atmosphere 082 was released 12/7 or 7/12£ https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases it's significant because it came at a time shortly after the 620 official switch update screwed stuff up and moving security things to TSEC which was pwned shortly after. I thought this would be easy to do but now I realized a lot of homebrew things were released so I'll just keep updating as I go. RetroArch got that dynarec which is good news for N64 emulation because now it will run better without overclocking which is a bonus. A plethora of NSP file installers were released and a lot of homebrew games as well. A slight influx was due to the gbatemp contest thing. There was also a theme manager and installer, which didn't work out so well for me personally. Either way I have to take time to track these things down so I'll post as is and try to make an effort to add back soon.
  3. SDFiles has been a popular commodity among the Switch scene for awhile worked on by tumGER. It was a pre-compiled from official sources binaries from different developers collection in one place. Now he just released version 10 and seems to have collaborated with several others on it. Also v10 introduced a plethora of different features. A new fad seems to be in the form of toolkits which are homebrew applications that give the user different options to customize stuff. Here's the description from gitHub: SDFilesUpdater from the name I can gleam that it updates the SDFiles package without having to manually transfer files. Here's the blurb on this: Implemented the new version of Hekate and Atmosphere. So a quick run down of the features if you do not feel inclined to read a bunch of stuff: I think that if you are new to the switch scene and not really sure where to start off you might want to look into SDFiles because while there's a bunch of stuff to it and may seem a tad overwhelming it's basically as easy extracting it to the root of an SD card then you're off. Source https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases Also I'll pop a via https://gbatemp.net/threads/sdfilesswitch-gets-a-major-update-with-v10-sdfiles-toolkit-announced.521194/ I saw it here first.
  4. There was an update to 0.7.1 https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases
  5. Rather momentous day for the Switch today. Fincs released nx-hbloader 2.0 which enables Homebrew apps to the full RAM of the system along with several other components here's a snippet. Source here https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader/releases/tag/v2.0.0
  6. Atmosphere the CFW that has been being developed by Team ReSwitch has officially made the 0.7 pre-release available. There's a lot included in the release; too much for me to pretend to be able to paraphrase so here's the description from gitHub: As you can see there it is rather jam packed with features also more to come in future releases. You can check it out here: https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere/releases As of now it still makes use of the fusee exploit which requires that you enter RCM mode you send the payload. ( I'll come back later with a picture )
  7. Nintendo launched an update for the Switch 6.0.1 and fixed some apparent bugs that were in the last one. Official change log: Sources say that user experience has seen less enhancement than in recent times. Nintendo is constantly striving to rectify this with almost every update. Generally the system is stable, or so you would think. According to Nintendo the stability of the system has been in need of a general improvement. Thus leaving us the end-user in a never ending unstable yet ever-stabling general system improving hell. If the stress of never knowing whether your system will ever be finally stable or if you are plain sick and tired of chasing that mirage of a nirvana that manifest itself has a enhanced user experience perhaps it is best to withstand from this update. Source https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22525/~/nintendo-switch-system-updates-and-change-history
  8. RetroArch the frontend for several emulators that has been made available on several devices. Has recently launched an official build; with the combined efforts from the RetroNX team. This can be found here : https://www.libretro.com/index.php/core-updates-summary-october-2018/ In order to run this application you have to be running a CFW and install the NSP with tinfoil.
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