CECHE01 glod?

Hi guys! 


I get new trouble on my head :s Few days ago I get PS3 FAT CECHE01, she can boot, but feezes at start with glitches on TV, so i decide what this is problem with RSX, After disassembling and scalping chips (I hate CELLs radiator) I ask my friend to make reflow. He have IR station and its no problem to reflow RSX. 


Afer assembling console wot work. We dont kill it with high temp (216C max).


After plug in AC cord: red ligt (standby mode),

after pressing power on – green light, cooler start for 2-3 sec and stop at all (cant hear it)? no sound, no image

after 25-30 sec console beeps 3times and blinking red light.


NO RECOVERY/RESET MODE. If I press power button no additional beeps, just power off afer 10? seconds of pressing button.


Anybody here know what is it? RSX or something else, changing RSX is headache for me.

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