[Updated][Caution] Leaked Rogero 4.60 MFW

Some idiot on some idiot site leaked Rogero’s latest MFW, this MFW was still in its testing stage and was NOT ready for release and may have the potential for bricking your PS3, so if you have managed to grab it, be very careful and DO NOT blame Rogero if you do happen to brick your console, as it is not his fault, blame the clown for leaking it and the stupid website for keeping the thread open and keeping the link in the post.

The ironic thing, that certain website is quite quick to delete and hide threads, which call them out on their bullshit, I’m not going to name the site, because they don’t deserve any recognition from me, but if this doesn’t show you already that they don’t give a fuck about devs, then you need to take a harder look.


Also developers, stop trusting just any idiot >.<


This is for Side_Winder
I know you are reading this you dumb illiterate cunt, i did not tell anyone to release anything and i have no reason to make PS3HaX look bad, you dozy sons of whore are doing a good enough job yourself on that front, seriously, you were one of the staff members who i thought would have my back, but you turned out to be a two faced weasel like hellsing9.

Also BobbyBangin talking about drama this and drama that, you are the putrid son of scum that has caused more drama in the past 5 or six weeks than i have caused in two years, you also involved yourself in most of the drama i created, so stop trying to make people think that your shit don’t stink, but yeah keep the crap up, you are only causing yourself and the forum you are a staff member on more harm.

tjhooker, I’m really surprised at you, but really i shouldn’t be.

Finally to all you dozy bastards who think pauline45 is a girl, stop being so fucking dumb, he is a man from Scotland in his 30’s, you dumb fucks.


  • Fuck PS3HaX
  • Fuck Pirate
  • Fuck The Two Faced Staff
  • Fuck The Dumb Members And Fuck All Your Mothers(In the ass)


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