Buy A Worthless Piece Of Junk For $19.99

If you want to throw away some money on something useless you probably won’t use and will throw under the sofa or somewhere else you will forget about, then get the worthless piece of junk for under $20.

Buy A Worthless Piece Of Junk For $19.99

BestBuy seem to want to offload their worthless junk and are selling the PSTV for $19.99, though they are still charging an extortionate price for the Lego bundle.

Waste your money here

Giving the console credit though, wasting $20 dollars on the PSTV would be less wasteful than spending $20 on the piece of shit that Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is, also if you are lucky and get your PSTV on a certain firmware, you can make it less useless.

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