Axiom Verge For PC: One Gamer’s Review

A while back I saw a tweet from NeoSabin showing a pic of Axiom Verge on PS4. I made a sarcastic remark, not because I thought the game looked terrible, but because it looked very much like a game many of us already know and love…. metroid.

Axiom Verge For PC

I am not the proud owner of a PS4 yet, so my review is based on the PC version of the game which was just released this week. I don’t imagine the games being much different.

What else can I say…. I personally think the game is excellent. It looks and feels a lot like Metroid. That may be considered a plus by many people, but to me, I saw it as another unoriginal game coming out on the PS4. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Everything about this game screams nostalgia. The soundtrack is excellent, the old school 8/16 bit graphics are excellent, gameplay is excellent, and generally I am having a lot of fun playing it.

During this review I will not be giving away spoilers or the plot to the game. I really feel like it is a game that everyone should experience if they can. This is a game that recaptures that same magic that many of us experienced while playing Super Metroid. If you liked Super Metroid, or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you should check it out.

The game pokes fun at many of the old Nintendo moments that we used to see. The game is based in the future in the year 2005 (yes I said 2005). During your quest through this game you will discover secret weapons and power ups. You will also notice areas you cannot access because of what appears to be glitching. It loks like what happens to NES graphics when the cartridge is dirty. This isn’t glitching, it is actually a clever way of paying homage to the NES days. A lot of stuff can be missed if you are just trying to rush through the game. Your save file keeps track of the total percentage of rooms you have been in, as well as the percentage of items you have acquired. You can play for fun, you can play to trophy whore/complete the game 100%, or you can speedrun if that is your thing. The game even has a mode for speedrunners where most of the dialogue is cut out. You basically get to decide if you just want to finish it fast, or if you want to complete 100% of the game


I really want to give a good review, but by doing so I feel like I would spoil a great game for people. It is an awesome indie title that recaptures the magic of an old classic that many of us know and love, while still maintaining that it is not metroid…. it is axiom verge.


1.)Nostalgia Nostalgia Nostalgia
2.)Excellent soundtrack
3.)Challenging. The game gets progressively harder as you unlock more sections of the map
4.)Just downright fun. I have been looking for a game to hold my attention for a while. I can’t seem to put this down.

5.) Captures those quirky NES moments. They even managed to make the infamous 8 bit glitching a part of the gameplay ;)

I am having a hard time finding any. It is a solid retro styled game that is a lot of fun to play. It caters to many types of gamer.

Overall I recommend this game to anyone that can get a hold of it. If you like speedrunning, supporting indie devs, nostalgia, or just awesome games then Axiom Verge is a game worth checking out.

Axiom Verge is available on PS4 and PC (linux, Windows, or Mac) A PS vita is currently being planned for release.

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