Attempted Rape Scene Found In GTA V

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series is no stranger to controversy, it has always been a game full of violence, even back in the days of birds eye view.

We have seen politicians and the like complain about the games violence, we had the Hot Coffee, not so long ago and GTA V was banned from Target stores in Australia, due to the fact you could beat up prostitutes and get your money back, but this latest bit of controversy will make all others look innocent in comparison.

Attempted Rape Scene Found In GTA V

The video shows a character driving along, in what looks like a desert, when he sees a woman being attacked by two men, upon inspection, we see a man holding a gun and another man, who is naked, pinning a female down:

Here are three scenes in the clip that sort of stand out, i am also posting them, in case this was something that Rockstar added to the game and ask for the video poster to take the clip down, or rather force him via DMCA:

The website where i first read about this, think that this is the PS4 version of the game and i tend to agree, due to these small fact’s:

1.) When you use upload a video clip on the PS4 to YouTube, it always adds a link to the game on the PS Store.
2.) The link leads to the PS4 version of the game on the US PS Store.


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