This tutorial is made possible by valentinbreizmarkus95 and The distribution used is compiled with 3D drivers and some emulators.


This is not my guide, I just followed and translated it. Nobody is responsible if you brick your console.

BEWARE: The following steps do not yet work for all PS4 models, because the payload is not compatible:

  • CUH-1102A (Should work)
  • CUH-1115A (Should work)
  • CUH-1116A (Should work)
  • CUH-1216 (Not working)
  • CUH-1216A (Not working)
  • CUH-1208B (Not working)
  • CUH-1216B (Not working)
  • CUH-7016B (Not working)


  1. 8GB (minimum) USB Flash Drive (Tested with both USB3.0 and 2.0)
  2. Payload: ps4-Linux-Loader.bin (download here)
  3. Fedora Fail0verflow (download here)
  4. Rufus (download here)
  5. USB keyboard and mouse
  6. PS4 Kexploit (IDC) to run the exploit and inject the payload (tutorial on how to run exploit can be found here / I tested with IDC which can be found here:

Step 1: Create a Linux bootmedium

Open Rufus and select DD Image from the dropdown menu under Format Options. Make sure your screen looks exactly like this screenshot:


Click on the icon next to DD Image and select the Fedora image you downloaded earlier (unzip the zip file first). Click Start, and if a prompt shows up, press OK.

Step 2: Run the kernel exploit

Run the kernel exploit so you can inject the payload. If you still don’t know how to run the exploit see number 6 under requirements above.

Step 3: Insert Flash Drive and inject Payload
Connect your USB Flash Drive with the PS4 (port to the right). After that inject the payload ps4-Linux-Loader.binIf you still don’t know how to inject a payload see number 6 under requirements above.

Your console now needs a couple of minutes before rebooting into Linux and launching the Fedora distro.

FAQ: Try again or another USB Flash Drive if it doesn’t work on a compatible PS4.


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