[Released] WiiUxtractor v1.3

mixelpixx has released a GUI for DiscU, here is a quote from the release thread:

This is a GUI for DiscU 2.1b

  • Handles Ckey creation
  • Handles Gamekey creation
  • Allows for you to execute DOS command line if need be.

Currently only 38 Games on list, if there are more with info released we will gladly add them. Would also like to add some other tools or utilities as well as the Wii U development and need for tools continues. This is version 1.3 (4.5.15)

Place *.ISO in same folder, rename to Game.wud
create your keys, and click unpack/decrypt/send DOS cmd

If you put text in the DOS cmd box, it will default to trying to execute that, so leave it blank for normal run. I am open to any suggestions to make it better, or things to add. Just let me know.


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