The PS3 is thirteen years old this November and even though Sony have left it behind in terms of great releases, it is still getting loads of love and support from the Homebrew scene, with releases from many developers such as Habib, @Joonie, @esc0rtd3w, kozarovv, @DeViL303, bguerville  and so many more, these awesome developers regularly give love to the PS3.


The most recent release is from valued developer and Team Rebug member Joonie, who has released what he has called Hybrid Firmware or simply HFW, what this modified firmware does is bring back the ability to use PS3Xploit on the most recent PS3 firmware update 4.84, with an unknown amount of work, Joonie has managed to bring back the Webkit Exploit from 4.82, PS3Xploit Tools have also been updated for use on 4.84.


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