Adrenaline Bubbles Manager v4.0.4 – #HENkaku #Enso

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OneLua Team have updated their awesome application Adrenaline Bubbles Manager to version 4.0.4:


Changelog 4.04

  • Added japanese letters support for game titles with Sony’s OSK.

Changelog 4.03

  • Fixed error with Homebrews with odd icons, forcing the img to 8bits.
  • Fixed empty iso/cso/pbp list error (Press R) again!!!.

** Changes thanks to 1upus: **

  • Autodetect System language and loads translation if found.
  • Translations moved to resources/lang and renamed to .txt
  • Use english_us.txt as default translation.
  • Automatic creation of translation sample on ux0:data/ABM/lang/english_us.txt.
  • Loading translation from ux0:data/ABM/lang/%language%.txt (if exists).
  • Loading custom ttf font from ux0:data/ABM/resources/%language%.ttf (if exists)
  • Some missed strings added to langpack (updater, custom message etc.).
  • Some lua scripts and translation optimization.

Changelog 4.02

  • Fixed empty iso/cso/pbp list error.
  • Now you can select to resize the games icons to show in Full Bubble or keep the original psp looks (no stretched icons).
  • Press L or R to switch between full or no stretched icons for your bubbles.
  • The script lang.lua got modified, so please update your translation.

Changelog 4.01

  • Support to load your own font.ttf (Must be placed in ux0:data/ABM/font.ttf).
  • Now you can translate ABM, you have to translate only the texts in quotation marks of the “system/lang.lua” script found in ABM and place the translation in ux0:data/ABM/lang.lua).
  • Now change the background color of each bubble is individual (Press left/right to change the color).

Changelog 4.00

  • Fixed error which didn’t allow to install more than 30 bubbles.
  • Now when multi-installing more than 9 bubbles a custom keyboard will open after 10th bubble.
  • Now the PS button will be blocked when Getting Resources and Instaling Bubble.
  • Now you can select the bubble background color!!! (Press left/right to change the color. 17 available colors).
  • Removed more popup messages…again!!!.
  • Thanks ZeroZelta and Dovemac for the iosk keyboard and DevDavis for the port a Psvita.

Here is the QR code to download the homebrew directly to your PS Vita:


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