I would like to share with you my little invention. This morning a user of the site asked me if there was something to automatically install the most requested plugins on the latest HENkaku Ensō 3.65 / 3.60, the answer was clearly yes, Autoplugin.Autoplugin is a tool that automatically installs the plugins in ux0 and  ur0: as:

  • DownloadEnabler
  • NoNpDrm
  • NoPsmDrm
  • PSVita-StorageMgr
  • Shellbat
  • Vitabright (only 3.60 and PSVITA)
  • pngshot
  • Kuio by Rinnegatamante
  • PSV-VSH MENU by joel16
  • Vflux by Applelo
  • Repatch by dots-tb
  • NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina
  • ds3vita by xerpi
  • ds4vita by xerpi

and automatically overwrites the config.txt file without further manual changes.


  • Download the vpk file at the end of the article
  • Install the file with Vitashell
  • Open the program



Changed the xyzz gamesd plugin with Celesteblue PSVita-StorageMgr
Default configuration:


  • The file configt.txt is not the only file saved but the whole folder tai in tai_backup on ux0:
  • From this version has been fixed the problem of updating in case of new version of the application directly on PSVITA


  • Added xyzz gamesd plugin. Now Autoplugin should be compatible with SD2VITA cards (press SELECT)


  • Added option with extra tools:now you can update adrenaline to the new version with one click
  • Revised code
  • Perhaps it solves a bug in the ds3vita plugin


  • Refont of the UI (thank you chronoss09 )
  • Add a list of plugin available and dev name on the menu (thank you chronoss09 )
  • Add an option to restore the old config.txt file and delete config_backup.txt (thank you chronoss09 )
  • added two new plugins ds3vita and ds4vita


  • Initial STATIC graphic addition (WIP)
  • Now you can choose the path where to install the plugins (ux0: tai or ur0: tai)
  • Now the option to install plugins is also available on VITATV
  • neat and clean code


just a small update to add more plugins:

  • Kuio by Rinnegatamante
  • PSV-VSH MENU by joel16
  • Vflux by Applelo
  • Repatch by dots-tb
  • NoAVLS by SilicaAndPina


  • Now you can back up the config.txt before installing the plugins
  • Added command prompt
    X: install
    PS: exit
  • Added new plugins:
  • Vitabright (thank you devnoname120) and pngshot (thank you xyzz)




Source code

We thank Team OneLua, TheFloW, nowrep ,frangarcj,Rinnegatamante,joel16,Applelo,dots-tb,SilicaAndPina,Celesteblue for the various plugins

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