[Video Tutorial] Easily Backport Games And Updates By @modzvilleusa

Earlier i posted a thread containing a video by MODDED WARFARE where he shows people how to backport higher firmware games to be playable on firmware 5.05.



Now we have a new video, this one has been created by …

[IMPORTANT] Exit IDU Mode if you are stuck ! [EASY]

Hello guys it’s been a long time,


Today I saw that a lots of people are touching too much the Debug Setting and have found the IDU Mode. Some people have activated it and now are stuck on this special mode.


This mod is for special console that are in store like……

[Video Tutorial] How To Backport PS4 Games By @MODDED_WARFARE

I am sure by now you know that you can backport higher firmware games to 5.05, this is great for people on 5.05 as you don’t need to update to an unstable HEN in order to enjoy newer games.



The method to backport……

[Released] PSX-FPKG v0.2 – Convert PS1 Games To PS4

The PS4 scene has erupted with awesomeness in the past couple of months, more so in the past week, all thanks to the 6.72 HEN release.



Last week I posted an application created by developer Jabu that allows you to easily convert …


So…. i Heard you all wanted to use the new jailbreak? Look no further, because i will be showing you how to use the latest development on the PS4 scene.


DISCLAIMER: this exploit has been released by Sleirsgoevy, while we are still waiting for the implementation by SpecterDev to be released, i can……

PS1 Games Now Sort Of Playable On PS4

One system that should have automatically been playable on the PS4 out of the box is the PS1, but sadly Sony never gave us the ability to play our PS1 games on our PS4, until now.



The company released……

Backporting Scripts Released For PS4 By flatz

Backporting Scripts Released For PS4 By flatz – PS4 Homebrew & Software – PlayStationHaX


Backport 6.72 Firmware Games To Firmware 5.05

Well known developer and PlayStationHaX admin @zecoxao has posted instructions that will allow you to play games that require a higher firmware on your hacked console running firmware 5.05.



This is great for those of you not wanting to……

PS Plus For North America Half Price

If you need to top up your PS Plus subscription, now is probably the best time to do it as you can get it for half price on CDKeys, PS Plus is usually $59.99 but today you can get it for $31.99 or £23.59.


You Might Be Able Downgrade Your PS4 Thanks To @VVildCard777

Reverse Engineer/console hacker @wildcard has possibly found away to downgrade your PS4, whilst this is great, it isn’t for everyone as you will need to back up sflash0, HDD firmware and syscon firmware before updating your PS4, here are some Tweets for you to read: