[Released] PS4 PKG Sender By @frostysodev

Developer FrostySo has released an application to let you send PKG files to your PS4 without the need of external storage, it is a very simple to use application, select PKG, input PS4 IP and send.





You can……

[Released] PlayStation Swift And PlayStation SwiftUI By @ivanmorenoz

I didn’t know where to post this, it isn’t official PlayStation news and it isn’t really “scene news”, it also doesn’t fit a specific PlayStation console, it isn’t an app that you install on your console and it isn’t acomputer program that you use with your console, but it is PlayStation related and isn’t……

[Released] PS4 Offline Account Activator

charlyzard has updated PS4 Offline Account Activator to be compatible with 6.72 HEN.



This software lets you activate your hacked PS4 offline and allows you to export save data to USB  devices.




Thanks to……

[Tutorial] Install And Use OrbisDev – Now You Can Easily Create PS4 Homebrew

Back in the  old days of the PS4 scene, it was hard to create homebrew for the PS4, there was a Sony SDK, but no one wanted to use it.



When 5.05 HEN was released I moaned on Twitter that……

All The Backporting Apps

As there are several backporting apps now, I thought I would create this closed and pinned thread so people could be informed and it also helps me with the revised Q&A I am creating.




Backport Scripts By flatz


Backport Tool By……

[Video Tutorial] The Ultimate PS4 Backporting Tutorial By @MODDED_WARFARE

[Video Tutorial] The Ultimate PS4 Backporting Tutorial By @MODDED_WARFARE – PS4 Tutorials – PlayStationHaX


[Released] AutoBackPort By @RetroGamer_74

Developer RetroGamer_74 has released his own backporting application for the PS4, this one is called AutoBackPort, here is a simple guide on how to use it:



1.- Select your Dumped Game 6.72
2.- Select temp folder for extraction
3.- Select other folder for fix……

[Tutorial] Backport EA Titles with flatz’s trick

Tools Required:

IDA Pro or Ghidra with proper ps4 loaders / tools (i’ll be using IDA Pro 7.x with balika’s loader for this)
Hexeditor of choice (I Use HxD)
Flatz’s required functions, They are as follows:

sometimes they have underscore behind them so:

eboot of the game you want……

Noob404’s 1Click PS4 Downporter – Downport with just a Click!

Here’s the fully automated 1Click PS4 Downporter. There are a few places where you have to press any key on CMD. But, apart from that, everything else is automated. This will search for all the PRX files in the game folders and subfolders and downport them. You don’t have to do a……

[Released] PS4 PKG Tool By @pearlxcore

Developer @pearlxcore has released PS4 PKG Tool, here is a quote of what this tool does:



This tool allows us to display PS4 PKG library, manage and perform various operations on PS4……