[Video Tutorial] How To Play NES Games On Your Hacked PS4

Last week Markus95 released ports of the NES and Mega Drive RetroArch cores, the only problem is that you had to add your own roms, which for some people can be quite tricky, this tutorial from Nagato’s revenge should help you though: https://twitter.com/NagatoRevenge View The Thread Here https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/5531-video-tutorial-how-to-play-nes-games-on-your-hacked-ps4/

[Released] PS4 Exploit Host Menu v6.5 By @leeful74

This time I have totally rewrote my exploit menu from the ground up and it is now faster to load, faster to cache and faster to load from cache on the PS4. All this is possible because I have managed to reduce the overall file size from 150MB to 14MB for the self host version….

[Video Tutorial] Install Game Updates On Your Hacked PS4

Nagato’s Revenge is on a roll with his tutorials, he has made ten or more in the past couple of weeks, this one Nagato shows you how to install game updates for disc based games onto your hacked PS4: Please subscribe to Nagato and follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NagatoRevenge View The Thread Here https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/5523-video-tutorial-install-game-updates-on-your-hacked-ps4/

[Released] Save The Scene v1.02 By @Lapy05575948 Starring @RetroGamer_74

Lapy is probably one of the most refreshing developers in the PS4 scene and his game Save The Scene was an almost instant hit, not those of you with a PS Vita can also enjoy the game as the developer released a port of the game for Vita’s and PSTV’s today. Download Download 2 The…

[Released] PS2 RetroArch Cores For PS4 By @Markus00095

Developer Markus95 has ported the Picodrive and QuickNES RetroArch cores for PS2 to the PS4: Picodrive is a Sega master System and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Emulator whilst QuickNES is a Nintendo NES Emulator. Source View The Thread Here https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/5520-released-ps2-retroarch-cores-for-ps4-by-markus00095/

[Released] PS3 Hybrid Firmware(PS3 HFW) By @Joonie86

The PS3 is thirteen years old this November and even though Sony have left it behind in terms of great releases, it is still getting loads of love and support from the Homebrew scene, with releases from many developers such as Habib, @Joonie, @esc0rtd3w, kozarovv, @DeViL303, bguerville  and so many more, these awesome developers regularly give…

[Released] PSVibe: PS4 Rainbow Cock Edition By @_AlAzif

Have you ever had a yearning to shove a vibrating controller shaped rainbow in your ass? If your answer is yes, then this new version of PS Vibe by Al Azif will be right up your back alley, of course this app does have other uses not affiliated with your ass, you could open your…

[Released] PSVibe: PS4 Edition By @_AlAzif

If you happen to enjoy inserting controllers in your butt, like to see controllers vibrate or like to give the motors on the controller a workout, then this app is for you. This was quite a popular application back in the PS3 days. You will need this application to get it working: https://forum.darksoftware.net/threads/release-liborbis-pkg-usb-loader.7059/ Source Code…

[Released] PS4-Xplorer BETA 1.09 By @Lapy05575948

The last time i posted about PS4 Xplorer it was on version 1.05, that was just a little over a week ago and today we see the release of version 1.09. This version add’s .json support which was suggested by @TOXXIC407 as well as a lot more language translations, full change log: supported .json files (@TOXXIC_407…

ESP8266-PS4Exploit (BASIC)

ESP8266-PS4Exploit v0.03 (BASIC)  What’s NewThis “BASIC” version contains the required basics such as: AppUSBDISC DUMPERFTPFTP+RW (FULL PORT)MIRA+HEN+VR 1.8HEN 1.8 + VRHEN 1.7 + VRHEN 1.8 VR ENABLERAVATAR DUMPERAVATAR INJECTORDiscDump5XX download link View The Thread Here https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/5500-esp8266-ps4exploit-basic/