[Released] PS3Lock v0.5 – PS3

[Released] PS3Lock v0.5

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MixeryMaxe has updated his PS3 Authentication System to version 0.5, here is a little info about it:


PS3Lock is an authentication-system for the PlayStation 3.
An personal password protects your …

Pokkén Tournament

Yay a Pokemon skinned Tekken game…



Pokkén Tournament has been announced for the Wii U! Starting in spring, 2016, you can bring home the fun of the exciting Pokémon arcade fighting game. In Pokkén Tournament, Pokémon appear more lifelike than……

[How To] Run TubeHaX Without DNS

If you read the TubeHaX part of this How To, you will see i had problems with TubeHaX:


I sorted my problem, but others were not so lucky, it seems that some ISP’s mess with DNS settings and so installing the Homebrew Launcher with this method was impossible.
Thankfully this problem has……

Dragon Ball Z 3DS Bundle

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is coming to Europe on the 20th of October 2015, you can grab the demo now from the eShop, you will find out that it is a decent game and a worthwhile purchase if you are a fan of Dragon Ball.

If you for some reason do not yet own a……

WiiU Kernel Exploit Released

Here is a post written by M tha MaN 

Marionumber1 released a few hours ago the kernel exploit. It works from FW 3.0 to 5.4.0 although you have no option to launch it if you’re on 5.4.0 (the Webkit exploit for 5.4.0 isn’t released yet).



[How To] Run Homebrew On 3DS

With Cubic Ninja the 3DS Scene was shown an easy way to run Homebrew on the 3DS and since then the 3DS scene has blown up with awesomeness, so i am writing this article in an attempt to show you or help you how to get homebrew running on your 3DS/N3DS.

Giant Lego Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Castle

Joseph Zawada has spent over two years creating this massive Hyrule Castle:

Visit The Forum To Discuss The Story: Giant Lego Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Castle

[Released] CTurt’s PS4 File Browser

Just a few hours ago CTurt released a File Browser for the PS4 which do work via the WebKit exploit on a PS4 FW 1.76. Together with the Playground Framework there is allready a nice base to experiment on the PS4. The release of Developer CTurt just show……

[Released] SKFU’s Pr0xy³

I already posted this on PlayStationHaX front page, SKFU’s Pr0xy started of as a PS Vita proxy, but it cover so much more now, it works with the 3DS and Wii U, here is what was posted on PSHAX front page:

SKFU’s Pr0xy³

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Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

Yes, yes, i know this is WiiUHaX, but the WiiUHaX forum resides on the PlayStationHaX forum, so the posting is justified 🙂
To visit the Nintendo related forum, click the link below:

Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

One year ago, on the 31st of July……