Here’s the fully automated 1Click PS4 Downporter. There are a few places where you have to press any key on CMD. But, apart from that, everything else is automated. This will search for all the PRX files in the game folders and subfolders and downport them. You don’t have to do a thing when it comes to downporting eboot.bin, param.sfo and prx modules. Everything is automated. No HEX Coding required.



  1. Windows Machine.
  2. Python 2.7.18.
  3. .Net Framework 4.61.
  4. Fake PKG.


Download 1Click PS4 Downporter[/CODE] 


VIDEO TUTORIAL – Downport PS4 Game using Noob404’s 1Click PS4 Downporter


How to downport any PS4 Game using Noob404’s 1Click PS4 Downporter

There are only 3 steps:-

  1. Extract the downloaded file. Start Downporter.
  2. Copy PKG to Input folder. No need to rename PKG. IMPORTANT – Copy the PKG, don’t move it to this folder if you need it later as the program will wipe the PKG once extracted to save space.
  3. Click Input.

You have to press any key on the CMD windows a few times, but that’s it. Even this will be automated in the update.



SPRX – No, this software doesn’t downport sprx files (right.sprx) as I have found it doesn’t require a downport. All the right.sprx I analysed don’t refer to a Firmware version. So, if a game doesn’t work, there’s a huge chance right.sprx is not the culprit.

SelfUtil or UnfSelf – I have decided to go with unfself as selfutil seems to have issues with 5.05+ elf files (Invalid magic). Will try to incorporate selfutil in later builds.


Noob friendly Tutorial

If you want a completely noob friendly Tutorial, you can check my blog post here or watch the video above.



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Please help me with your feedback. When you report errors, please be specific so that I can get it fixed at the latest.



zecoxao for donwporting steps.

flatz for Python scripts.

Fake PKG Generator Tools Team.

And others….

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