I feel really fucking dumb for having to actually write this topic, but since @RoxanneTweeted something about PS4 firmware 8.03 yesterday, people have been hyping it up as she has a WebKit exploit for firmware 8.03, this is NOT the case :wall:




Here is the Tweet Roxanne posted:


It has 172 likes, this is because most people assume that it is WebKit exploit related, it has four quote tweets each assuming it is WebKit exploit related, it has replies assuming that it is WebKit exploit related, but that is not the worst.


In a now deleted article, well known French scene site Logic Sunrise posted it as actual news, the poster believed that Roxanne has a WebKit exploit for 8.03.



You can read it here:



On top of that people have also made YouTube videos about it.


So for the record:

Roxanne does not have a 8.03 WebKit Exploit.

There is no known 8.03 WebKit Exploit.


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