In an amusing new video posted on Nintendo’s Social Media channels this morning, Nintendo partnered with comedy/gaming troupe Mega 64 to drop some HUGE surprise E3 announcements on us.

The video, which has the guys from Mega 64 creating a “Filsamech” in the likeness of the President and CEO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Amie, to infiltrate the Nintendo headquarters and find out top secret information about E3. In it, we learn quite a few things about the big N’s upcoming E3 plans, and boy, there’s some good ones in there.

First of all, during E3, Nintendo is going to be hosting a Super Smash Brothers Invitational Tournament at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles! They didn’t specify which version of Smash Bros. it would be, but my money is on the 3DS Version, which will be releasing at the end of the Summer. There could be a chance that it’s an early demo of the Wii U version as well, however, so we’ll have to wait and see. For those who can’t make it to Los Angeles in E3, you’re in luck! Nintendo is also going to have Smash Bros playable in Best Buy locations across the US during the E3 festivities as well.

Furthermore, fans of Nintendo will also be pleased to hear that some of the Nintendo Treehouse and development team will be live-streaming all throughout E3, showing off games that they’ve been working on and other events from the E3 show floor. If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes goodness and want a closer look into the work that goes into developing and localizing games, this should be awesome news for you.

Finally, Nintendo left us with one last, major tease — They’ll be holding their a major Live, Digital Event for E3 on June 10, 2014. They’ve already teased that there’s going to be new Games and Announcements revealed (and promised that we won’t see Urban Champion 2!), so this should be the big event we’ve all been waiting for.

What do you all think of these announcements? Which announcement are you most excited about? What’s on your E3 wishlist? Let us know on the Forums Here!