Nintendo Confirms The Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U Hardware Bundle


Nintendo of Australia has now confirmed the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition bundle, with the same details; it’s stated the recommended retail price in the region will be AU$429.95.

Original Article:
Not so long ago there was a rumour of a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle that seemed entirely feasible; the leaked box art was in line with the standards of EU packaging, and the logic behind the system was obvious. Nintendo of Europe has now stepped out to formally announce the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition bundle that’s coming to stores on 30th May, which includes a disc copy of the game.

The bundle, pictured above, includes the expected content.
32GB Black Wii U + GamePad
Sensor Bar
Disc copy of Mario Kart 8

Nintendo’s official UK store is listing this at the standard retail price of £249.99, while retailer GAME is yet to add a listing. Nintendo has also released the following trailer to show the various purchasing options.