Monthly archives: January, 2021

No No No Roxanne(@roXyPS3) Has NOT Revealed An 8.03 WebKit Exploit

I feel really fucking dumb for having to actually write this topic, but since @RoxanneTweeted something about PS4 firmware 8.03 yesterday, people have been hyping it up as she has a WebKit exploit for firmware 8.03, this is NOT the case 


TheFlow Discloses New PS4 Exploit For 7.55

It is only six months since TheFlow disclosed the last big Kernel Exploit and now he has done it again, this one works with firmware 7.55, this exploit was reported to Sony just 20 days after he disclosed the last one in June.




How To Access Google Classroom Using PS4 or Xbox

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past couple of years, then you will know about this horrible virus that has been holding us all hostage.



Many places such as UK and Ireland have gone into lockdown, with schools closing……