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identify components HDMI IC ps4

Hello good afternoon, it is my first post, I wanted to thank everyone for the work you provide in these forums.
My problem is that I have a slim ps4, when changing the ic of the hdmi these components of the board blew me up, can you help me identify them? Thank……

[Release][WIP] PS4 Tools Homebrew

PS4 Tools Homebrew WIP Showcase
After the poll on twitter where everyone wanted to see what I was making here it is

It features:

Save data mounting and copying to usb. (A huge shout out to ChendoChap for this)
Reading system info(IDPS,PSID,Username,UserID)
Reading of PKG files directory from the console.(This is all……

PS4HEN 2.1.4_Live link \ CACHE

HEN 2.1.4  


* Homebrew Enabler
* Jailbreak
* Sandbox Escape
* Debug Settings
* External HDD Support
* VR Support
* Remote Package Install
* Rest Mode Support
* External HDD Format 7.xx Support
* FW Version Spoof to 7.02
* Debug Trophies……