Monthly archives: February, 2020

[Release] dtbImage for ps3 linux with ps3sbmmio and proper ps3 ram support

tiny image
huge image

here are the images me, wildcard, M4j0r and SSL are currently using for testing CPA/DPA on SW2. i’ll put the toolchain required to compile these at a later time, as well as the syscon programs and the PUP used to test this

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HEN 2.1.2 BY SiSTR0 – Live Demo link

HEN 2.1.2 

* Homebrew Enabler
* Jailbreak
* Sandbox Escape
* Debug Settings
* External HDD Support
* VR Support
* Remote Package Install
* Rest Mode Support
* External HDD Format 7.xx Support
* FW Version Spoof to 7.02
* Debug Trophies Support…