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[Released] PS4 Homebrew Store By @LightningMods_

The controversial developer @LightningMods_ has released his much anticipated Homebrew store.

The Homebrew store is created using @bigboss‘s LibORBIS open source SDK and give you the ability to host your own store, you can find out how to do that here:

[Update] [Released] PS4 Player v1.0 By @Lapy05575948

Developer Lapy has released a Media Player for the PS4, it plays .mp4 and .mkv .mov files

Sadly none of the files i tried actually worked, which is forgivable as this is a very early beta.

The .avi didn’t show up, which was……

A PlayStation Scene Interview With @m0rph3us1987 By @RetroGamer_74

I have always enjoyed interviews with scene developers, i held a couple of interviews myself back when i wrote for PS3HaX.

Last night RetroGamer74 held an interview with PS4 scene developer @m0rph3us1987, what made this stand out from the others, is the fact that it was a video interview instead of the usually……

[Release] PS4 Tools V1.0 (Unity/Windows)

Hi Guys.

Today im releasing my PS4 Toolset which I called PS4 Tools

This is currently being used inside PS4 Explorer by Lapy and can be used by anyone who wants to create something for the scene using Unity/Mono/.net for any scene related project 

What does it support ?

PKG Files, dds……

Catch @RetroGamer_74 For Tonight’s Interesting Twitch Live Stream

If you are part of the PS4 or Switch scene, you will have heard of RetroGamer74, as well as being a developer who has run his own gaming studio, when he is not creating applications for the PS4 or Switch, he is creating extremely helpful videos for both those consoles, you will find a lot of……

[Released] PS4-Xplorer BETA 1.10 By @Lapy05575948

Lapy has released version 1.10 of PS4 Xplorer, this version fixes some Polish phrase’s as well as the following:

Adds support for 4.55, 4.75 and 5.01.
Reads information from .sfo and .pkg files.
Add’s support for .dds files.

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[Released] Auto Backup License v1.0

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[Released] ElevenMPV v1.00

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