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[Released] GameMaker Studio Export Tool For PS4

GayMaker: Studio

Homebrew GM:S Export tool (Based off the original GayMaker Tool for PSVita)

Run the program. and browse to a GameMaker Studio project file (.gmx). you can also change the images, Title. and TitleID and then your game will be “compiled” for PS4 and saved as a PKG to whereever……

PS4 Trainer – Easily Add Cheats To Your PS4 Games – Hacked PS4 Only

Games are fun, we play them to take our mind of other things, we use them as an escape from whatever is happeining in the real world and completing a game is an awesome feeling, sadly sometimes we get stuck or can’t get past a certain point in the game and that can be quite……

[Update][Released] PS4 PKG Store v1.3+ By @TOXXIC_407

@TOXXIC407 has released three updates for his PS4 PKG Store this week, versions 1.3, 1.3.1 and were released, they include various changes and fixes.

Sadly the releases also added pirated content to the place the files are hosted, so whilst i think this is a great app,……

[Released] Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.18

OneLua Team have released version 5.18 of Adrenaline Bubble Manager, here are the changes:

Now the preview images look more like ABM made bubbles when switching from full to non stretched option with L button.
Now the preview icons download is done by threads in function Online Resources.



[Released] Autoplugin v3.70 And v3.71 By @TheheroGAC

This week @TheheroGAC has released two updates for his popular PS Vita homebrew Autoplugin, here is a list of the changes:


Fixed issue with new line breaking translate on screen keyboard
Resolved crashing if tai/config.txt is a folder not a file
Chinese font automatically downloads if it doesn’t exist

[Released] PGen PS2 On PS4 By @Markus00095 – Genesis/Mega Drive

Markus95 has released the Mega Drive Emulator PGen for the PS4:

This is not a native homebrew, instead it runs inside the PS2 Emulator on the PS4.

Adding Rom‘s is not as easy as it could be, here is a translate guide from the source:

Decompile Megadrive-Genesis_……

BwE PS4 NOR Comparator & PS3 NAND Validator Source Code

I also thought I’d release the severely outdated PS3 NAND validator source. It’s messy and unprofessional, but hey it worked and it was made in 2012/2013. Feel free to update it.

Don’t trust my PS4 NOR Validator? Have a whole bunch of dumps from the various consoles……

[Released] PS3 StoreHaxx 4.83 IDPS/PSID Dumping Method

Team PS3Xploit have released PS3 StoreHaxx 4.83 for the PS3 which will let you dump the consoles Unique Console ID.

Note that this will not let you hack your PS3 in any way, it is simply for dumping the Console ID.

[Released] PS4 Dump Checker By @pearlxcore

@pearlxcore has released a PC application that will check and validate your PS4 NOR Dumps:

Note that i am running the application on Wine, it looks better than this on Windows.


Follow the developer on Twitter:

View The Thread Here

[Released] Autoplugin v3.69 By @TheheroGAC

@TheheroGAC has updated his popular PS Vita homebrew Autoplugin to version 3.69, this is his third update within less than a week, the developer had help from @gdljjrod and @DevDavisNunez from OneLua Team on this version:



Plugin in alphabetical order

          -Various bugfixes

41 installable……