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Vita Save Manager Plus

This is a fork of vita-savmgr.

Sources : here

Download : here



## 4.0.0

– Remove touch controls

– Remove list mode

– Remove ini config

– Change saves path to data/vitaSaveManager

– Change app title ID (you can keep both this and original)

– Auto replace ACCOUNT_ID in param.sfo (#75)

– Add My Saves page

– Add……

.@notzecoxao Reveals Secret Method And Makes Babies Cry

On the 11th of December 2018, @zecoxao announced via his Twitter account that there would be a secret method revealed soon, he said multiple times that it was only good for games and that it was basically pointless as it would be patched soon after release.

So yesterday,……

RetroArch For PS4 Being Worked On

Multi talented developer Frangarcj has started work on creating a PS4 version of RetroArch:

As you can see from the screenshot, it is not quite ready, but frangarcj is known for his great work, so i have no doubt that we will have a usable version soon.

View The……

[Released] LibOrbis USB PKG Loader

@LightningMods_ has released a homebrew application that will allow you to load homebrew from a USB stick or USB HDD, this application is a modification of @bigboss‘s elf loader,  you can find instructions and downloads at the source linked below:

[Released] Trophy Manager v1.0 By OneLua Team

[unable to retrieve full-text content]View The Thread Here

[Released] Streets Of Rage Homebrew

[unable to retrieve full-text content]View The Thread Here

[Update] Is Piracy Coming To Firmware 6.02?

PlayStationHaX Admin @zecoxao  posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter talking about some method coming to firmware 6.02, further tweets suggested that it was only really for games and nothing else:

One has to wonder if it is the method @m0rph3us1987 will be talking about soon……

Open GL ES Released For PS4 By @flat_z

PS4 have an OpenGL ES implementation which is called Piglet and it’s used in shell’s UI rendering and webkit. Zer0xFF and masterzorag were working on making it usable for homebrew applications but then got stucked with native shader compilation. So I’ve decided to give it a try.

However I have……



PS3Xploit  HAN

POWERED BY miniweb







The program interface is displayed

1- IP address

2- host name

 3- user name

4 -host and port for ps3


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PS3 SERVER (custom server)

POWERED BY miniweb
easy to use setup and install 

custom server
You can customize your web pages as much as you want. Change your page by page number within the program
A small interface will show you the details and your IP address, as well……