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[Released] Orbital – An Experimental PS4 Emulator By @AlexAltea – PS4

Talented developer @AlexAltea has added a few updates to the PS4 Emulator that he released a few months ago, this will not let you play your PS4 games on your PC just yet, but it still is a remarkable achievement, here is a quote from the source:

[Released] PS4 Package Viewer v1.2 By LMAN – PS4

LMAN has updated his PS4 PKG Viewer to version 1.2, here are the changes in this version:


Added new options to:

View package contents.
Search package contents.
Check for package updates.
Check the integrity of package.
Export all unencrypted contents.
Extract folders and files from package.
Split already merged official package.
User interface is……

[Released] FTPS4 With JKpatch By @Mistawez – PS4

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Param SFO Editor V0.2

Hey guys 

well here it is sorry for the delay live has been keeping me busy 

i have made a few changes to the PARAM.SFO Editor 

but here are the basics 

With Raw View (Raw Button) you can see the SFO’s Name and value fields……

[Spanish Tutorial] Use An ESP-12E( ESP8266) Development Board To Host PS4 Exploit

Spanish YouTuber NanospeedGamer has created a tutorial on how to use an ESP-12E Development Board to host the 4.55 PS4 Exploit:

Follow him on Twitter here:

NanospeedGamer uses developer Draqen’s software on his ESP-12E, you can follow him here:

View The Thread Here

[Released] XMB Waves Installer For PS3Xploit – PS3

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[Released] ManaGunZ v1.32 – PS3

Zar has updated his PS3 Backup Manager to version 1.32, there are quite a lot of changes:

Fix : Reduced memory usage to avoid ‘random’ freeze.
Fix FileManager : No more deep scan on ISO.
Fix Filemanager : Scroll bar.
Fix : MD5/SHA1 of +4GB files
Fix : Scetool keys file.

Use An ESP-12E Development Board To Host PS4 Exploit

Codworth has released a Payload that lets you use an ESP-12E Development Board to host a PS4 exploit:

Of course you can use other methods, such as self hosting on your computer, using and Android device or using a Raspberry Pi, but this method is probably the most cost……

[Released] PS4 AIO MOD Tool 1.60 for 4.55 2018-03-24

Search In

This Forum
This Topic
More options…

Find results that……

[Tutorial] Create your own Custom Themes for your Hacked PS4 – PART 1

Hi Guys.

Here i will be including in depth tutorials on how to create your own custom Themes for the PS4 and how to Package them up for installation. In the First installment i will be showing basics on editing image files such as icons, task bar icons and the background colors and……