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[PS4] Playground/Online Mirror Of The 4.05 KExploit (+forks)


I’m now hosting a dedicated webpage which mirrors different fork’s by different developers of the kexploit for firmware 4.05 on my website. Some people like to call a page like this a playground but it can’t be compared with the one that is available for  firmware 1.76. Here’s a list of the kexploits currently hosted:


How To Rebuild Your Fake Signed & Patched Raw PS4 Game Dump!

Tutorial: How to rebuild your fake signed & patched raw PS4 game dump to PKG format.

Following on my tutorial on  “How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games.” i will now show you how you can rebuild a PS4PKG from your gamedump.

Step 1

Please view the……

[Released] PS4 Update Blocker By @CelesteBlue123 – PS4

@CelesteBlue has released an update blocker for the PS4, which blocks updates O.o

Unfortunately for some insane reason which i cannot understand, he gave the software to LightningMods, who uploaded it to his GitHub without mentioning that it was Celeste who created it, perhaps Lightning is bribing him with nude……

Live #PlayStation Scene Help – #PS4 #PS3 #PSVita #HENkaku #PS3Xploit #PS4Hen

Forums are great, you can get help, give help, create tutorials and guides or just hang out and have fun, you can also make many great friends through forums, but the major use for forums is looking for help:

Sometimes forums can be slow and you cannot always get……

How To Dump Your PS4 Disc/PSN Games (Easiest Method).

Tutorial: How to dump your own PS4 Disc/PSN Games.

(In this tutorial i’ll show you how to easily dump your PS4 games that you own.)

Following on my previous tutorial i will now show how you can dump your own PS4 Disc or PSN games.

Step 1


[Released] PluginBox v0.2 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

@DevDavisNunez has released PluginBox, a plugin manager for the PS Vita, here is a little information:


This useful application will allow you to Download, Install and Manage your plugins.

Changelog 0.2

Initial release POC.
Install ‘gamesd/sd2vita’ Plugin.

To Do

Add support to more Plugins.
Add more GUI.
Add more stuff.
Add a……

[Released] PS Vita PFS Tools v2.0 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

The awesome and extremely talented motoharu-gosuto has released an update for his PFS Tools, here are the changes:

Support of icv.db format (savedata, trophies etc)
Keystone and Sealedkey parsing and Keystone sanity check
Complete rewrite of unicv.db parser (to accomodate icv.db)
Support of Merkle trees (related to icv.db)
Cleanup and improvement……

[Released] VitaShell v1.81 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

TheFlow has updated VitaShell to version 1.81, here are the changes:

Changelog 1.81

Added adhoc file transfer feature.
Fixed bug where it didn’t count files and folders in archives correctly.
Improved controls code.

Changelog 1.8

Aligned memory to 64bit for optimal I/O.
Fixed crash when using FTP.

Changelog 1.79

Added ability to open .psarc files.
Added support……

Six v5 #SD2Vita To Give Away – #HENkaku

So i bought 10 version 5 SD2Vita adapters, ripped one open and gave three away to friends, so i have six left to give away, if you want one, visit the link below and state what your favourite PS Vita Homebrew, winners will be picked on the 18th of February:

Official #PS2 Classics #Emulator On #PS4 Compatibility List

I posted this PS2 on PS4 compatibility list on Friday, but it is somewhat disorganised and does not contain much information in regards to modifications or faults with the game.

Thanks to Roxanne we now have a more organised and better looking compatibility……