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PS Plus Lineup September 2017 [EU]



New PS Plus Free Games:

inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)

Child of Light (PS4)

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League (PS4 – PS VR )

That’s You (PS4 bonus title)

Truck Racer (PS3)

Handball 2016 (PS3)

We Are Doomed (PS Vita &……

[Released] OpenRTE v1.0 – PS4

OpenRTE v1.0

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theorywrong has released a PS4 Memory Editor



PlayStation Press Conference 2017 – Watch Here

Sony are holding their annual PlayStation Press Conference at the Tokyo Game Show on the 19th of September, you can watch it live below in 20 days:


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PlayStation Press Conference 2017 – Watch Here

[Released] Offline PS4 Remote Play – PS4

Offline PS4 Remote Play

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Sony did a great thing by releasing Remote Play for PC’s and other devices, however they forced it upon us that we need to be connected online in order to use it, there are numerous occasions where that is……

[Released] Adrenaline Bubble Manager v3.00 #HENkaku #Enso – PS Vita

Adrenaline Bubble Manager v3.00 #HENkaku #Enso

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Team Lua have updated their popular homebrew application Adrenaline Bubble Manager to version 3.00, here are the changes:

Adrbblbooter plugin files updated to newest version……

GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

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GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

[Release] rsxploit updated and working

so, after some deliberation with Zer0Tolerance, we decided to release an updated version of the lv2 exploit that my friend released a long time ago.
First, some notes:
This exploit was patched on 4.40, NOT on 4.45
There isn’t just ONE non checked pointer, there are FOUR! they are all 4 now checked in 4.40……

3DS Tool NTRBoot very cool

NTRBoot has been released which involves the use of a DS flashcard and magnet that can unlock several useful options for your 3DS. If you have a bricked 3DS this may be able to breathe life back into it. 3DS on non exploitable fw can now be hacked. Apparently works on every 3DS just to……

PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

This is just a short PSA to inform everyone that Nintendo have sneakily released a new FW for the dead WiiU. I dont know when they did it, but a quick look at other sites it seems they did it a few days ago.


So if youre a stupid bastard like me, and havent blocked……

[Tutorial] How to use FTP with fixed debug settings

You need: fixed ftp payload with full debug settings ps4 on 1.76
pc to send the payload
netcat/netcat gui
HxD or hexeditor of choice
This follows the same way of the previous tutorials so i’ll just make this simple.
Before sending the payload, hexedit it to add your IP.
Search for

replace it……