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Gamecard To microSD PoC Adapter

xyz from Team Molecule has released a PoC showing an 128GB+ microSD being inserted into the PS Vita via a modified Gamecard, here is a video of it in action posted by Team Molecule member @Yifan Lu

Visit the forum for more help:
Gamecard To microSD PoC Adapter

PS Plus Lineup July 2017 [EU]

It seems to me like Sony is stepping up a bit with the free Instant Game Collection games for july. For all kids enjoy these games during your summer vacation.

New PS Plus Free Games:

Until Dawn (PS4)
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series (PS4)
That’s You (PS4)
Tokyo Jungle (PS3)
Darkstalkers Resurrection……

SNES Classic Release Sept. 29th

After the success of the NES classic albeit relatively short lived. Nintendo is releasing a SNES Classic September 29th and it will come with 3+18 games.


The mention of ‘Playing With Super Power’ was a nice touch.



Additionally gizmodo said that it will also have the never released star fox 2 as can be seen on the……

Internal USB storage mod.

After seeing I could mount my USB storage devices via VitaShell (thank Yifan) I decided to to create an internal USB storage mod.

I added a toggle switch in case I needed to remount it although I’ll rarely use it.

Here’s a picture of the inside.

I will also be setting up a hardmod service for pretty much……

Happy Eid al-Fitr

To my friends and all Muslims around the world, Happy Eid Mubarak.








VitaShell 1.63 coming soon

Stay tuned to playstationhax because the developer TheFlow is about to release a new Vitashell update which adds:

Changelog 1.63

Added ability to export video files.

Added support for PSVSD uma0: mounting.

Fixed bug where the right analog stick was simulated when the headphone was plugged in.



Visit the forum for more help:
VitaShell 1.63……

[RELEASE]AdrBubbleBooter V0.3

LMAN has released a new update to AdrBubbleBooter

Directly boot any game (ISOCSOPBPPSOne) from any PSP Bubble in livearea,With all features enabled, plugins, filter, savestates and PSOne sound enabled.This is a separated plugin, which can be used with all new adrenaline versions,so no worries with the compatibility issue or with updated adrenaline versions.


official site …

Killing Floor Free On Humble Store

Not really my type of game, but a free game is a free game.


Visit the forum for more help:
Killing Floor Free On Humble Store

[Release] Switch Adrenaline by Gdljjrod

Developer @gdljjrod has released a new PlayStation Vita homebrew application in collaboration with Team ONElua. The app is called Switch Adrenaline and that’s exactly what it does.

Switch Adrenaline will not let you install the eCFW itself, so Adrenaline must already be installed in order for this app……

[Release] AccountManager by BaltazaR4

Today developer BaltazaR4 has released an application for PlayStation Vita named AccountManager. The application is developed with the help of Team ONElua and is based on Account Switcher from Elpendor.

With this application you can manage multiple accounts on your Vita handheld. You can even use previously saved accounts in Account……