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[Released] PlayStationHaX App v1.02 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

PlayStationHaX App v1.02 – #HENkaku

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@ConsoleHax has released a nice little app for us which lets you visit PlayStationHaX simply by running it.


[Released] Screenie v1.0 – HD Screenshot Plugin For #HENkaku – PS Vita

Screenie v1.0 – HD Screenshot Plugin For #HENkaku

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The awesomely multi-talented dev @Rinnegatamante has released a HD screenshot plugin for the PS Vita:


Image courtesy of RedSquirrel

#Nintendo To Release ‘new’ 2DS XL In July 2017

I am sure most of you remember that console called 2DS, the horrible looking device with tiny screens was a 2D version of the 3DS, but instead of taking the shape and form of the 3DS, it was like someone had opened a 3DS and squashed it, now whilst i could forgive the horrible look,……

[Released] AT9&AT3 Converter v2.2 By @BenMitnick – PS Vita

AT9&AT3 Converter v2.2 By @BenMitnick

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Multi talented developer BenMitnick aka BMK has released and updated version of his AT9&AT3 Converter for the PS Vita, PSP and PS3, here is a quote from the source:


PS Plus Lineup May 2017 [EU]


New PS Plus Free Games:

Alienation (PS4)

Tales from the Borderlands (PS4)

Blood Knights (PS3)

Laser Disco (PS Vita)

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants (PS3)

Type: Rider (PS Vita)


Will leave Free PS Plus:

Drawn to Death (PS4)

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (…

[Released] psvimgtools-frontend v0.3 – PS Vita

psvimgtools-frontend v0.3

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Remember that little troll @silicaAndPina who released a modified version of a Lego game, posted it on the Vita piracy section of Reddit, the file wiped the PS Vita Memory Card and in some……

[Released] Numpty Physics v.0.4 – PS Vita

Numpty Physics v.0.4

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@Rinnegatamante has ported Numpty Physics to HENkaku, here is a quote from the source:





Vita Port of NumptyPhysics for PSP. This port is an improved……

#HENkaku For 3.65 DOES NOT Exist – #TaiHENkaku #PSVita #Vita #VitaShell #Retweet #RT

I didn’t expect i would have to create this article and i am only doing so because of a horrible click-bait news post created by quite a reputable website, where the headline makes it look like there is a Native Hack for PS Vita Firmware 3.65, now i am NOT going to name this site……

Rumours Suggest SNES Mini For Christmas 2017

‘Sources’ close to Nintendo have told Eurogamer that we are to expect a SNES Mini in time for Christmas:


For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
Rumours Suggest SNES Mini For Christmas 2017

How To Get Skype On PS Vita – Works on Firmware 3.60 to 3.63

It seems the original post i created that you can see in the Reveal hidden contents spoiler below, was a ripped of guide, the original guide is by @silicaAndPina and NOT the GBATemp member, my guess is the GBATemp member wanted to extend his ePeen and make people think he did something……