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Softmodding my New Wii U

I just got a 32GB Wii U. I am looking for a way to softmod it. All I can find is ways to mod for individual games. I need something that will let me play games that I have on an external hard drive. I have a similar mod on my old Wii. Can somebody pl…

Sony Being Sued For Faulty PS4 Disc Drive

Sony has been taken to court over their inability to deal with a fault in some PS4 systems, the Plaintiff Dominic Moschitti states that Sony know of the fault and wants them to fix it free of charge, here is a quote from one of the sources:






Plaintiff Dominic Moschitti says a concealed defect in the Sony PlayStation 4 causes the disc drive to spontaneously eject, making it effectively useless.


Moschitti says Sony is fully aware of this defect but refuses to repair it free of charge.


The disc drive is an essential component of the PlayStation 4. Without a functioning disc drive, users can’t insert game discs, DVDs or Blu-rays.


According to this Sony PlayStation 4 class action lawsuit, the defect is in the circuitry between the PlayStation’s eject switch and the disc drive itself.





Source 2

Source 2(Google cached link)

Steep – Snowboarding From Ubisoft

I am sure that most of you know by now that i am a huge fan of snow and skate boarding games, the last Snowboarding game i bought was SSX for the PS3, which i purchased before i decided to boycott EA, the last Skateboarding game i bought was the fucking awful Tony Hawks Skateboarding 5, which was fucking awful, i can never play Skate either as it’s made by that shitty company EA, all these reasons make me happy that Ubisoft are bringing out a Snowboarding game, not only does it have Snowboarding, it also has Skiing, Wingsuits and Paragliding, here is a trailer for the game:




You can also sign up for the Beta here, it is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC

PS Plus Lineup November 2016

The new lineup for PS Plus games for November 2016.




New PS Plus Games:

  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, PS4

  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4

  • DiRT 3, PS3

  • Costume Quest 2, PS3

  • Letter Quest Remastered, Cross Buy Vita/PS4

  • Pumped BMX+, Cross Buy Vita/PS4


Will leave PS Plus:

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4)
  • Transformers: Devastation (PS4)
  • Mad Riders (PS3)
  • From Dust (PS3)
  • Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth
  • Actual Sunlight (PS Vita)


Do not forget to add all free games from October to your library, if you want to download/play them later on. You can add the games to your collection without downloading them using the PlayStation App on your smartphone, or visit the PlayStation Store website on your PC. Log into your account, go to the PS Plus section, place all the games your basket and checkout.

[Tutorial] How to decrypt and dump usermodules

First of all i’d like to say thank you to the person who has allowed me to post this tutorial. His english isn’t perfect so he asked me to make this tutorial on his behalf. Thanks, grass skeu :)

So for this, you’ll need:

* ps4sdk precompiled

* elf-loader precompiled OR alternatively’s elf loader (found here)

* the payload source

* 1.76 console

* fat32 usb pendrive

1- Fire up elf loader on your 1.76 console

2- Let it load all the way up to stage 5 without memory errors!

3- Compile the payload source. You can specify in between:

ps4KernelExecute((void*)path_self_mmap_check_function, NULL, &ret, NULL);


ps4KernelExecute((void*)unpath_self_mmap_check_function, NULL, &ret, NULL);

which module(s) you want to decrypt. if you want, you can even decrypt all modules from 1.76 Dump released a while ago! This includes elf,self,prx,sprx,sexe,sdll and eboot.bin. However, take into notice that you can only decrypt usermodules from disc or psn apps when you have loaded them and minimize them (by pressing ps button), and only from absolute path! (due to npdrm management)
I have left an example:

decrypt_and_dump_self("/mini-syscore.elf", "/mnt/usb0/mini-syscore.elf");

so, the elf will be written to usb0 (rightmost port), but you can specify others

4. run listener (if you want, this is optional):

socat -

where ps4 ip is your local ip (mine is
5. finally send payload:

socat -u FILE:path/to/DumpFile

specifying the path to the payload and the ip.
if the payload fails to be executed with out of memory error just stabilize on stage 5 WITHOUT restarting console and try again.

Any doubts please ask.
And all credits go to grass skeu for this awesome trick :)



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Don’t update to 4.05, use a bypass :)

Hey guys, i bet you’re all expecting a tutorial video haha jk jk.


Just wanted to continue what greg said earlier, if you believe that there will be a jailbreak or public release of the exploits in near future for firmware 4.01 then don’t update. instead use a bypass to stay online if you want online access. 


Roports have been confirming that the PSProxy PS4 Update Bypass by Red-EyeX32 Works with 4.05 and therefore will keep you guys online. I won’t be providing a tutorial on how to use this today but just giving you guys a heads up on ways to continue playing and wait for the exploit at the same time.


The tool can be found here < PSProxy.rar > 



Press start on the utility.

Add IP and Port to the Vita/PS4.

to PSN



Enjoy guys and lets hope for a release we can all enjoy in the near future :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar


Source via psxhax: source 1, source 2

[Released] TRPViewer – View/Edit Trophy Files – PS Vita

TRPViewer – View/Edit Trophy Files

View File

LMAN has released an application that will let you extract, view and edit PlayStation Trophy files, here is a quote from the source:





A Small Tool to View\Edit\Delete\Extract Contents from PlayStation TROPHY.TRP files!
Also have the Ability to Create a New TROPHY.TRP file from folders!



[Released] VPKViewer v0.4b – PS Vita

VPKViewer v0.4b

View File

Leecher Man aka LMAN has released an update for his application that allows you to view the contents of your .VPK files, here is some information about this application followed by the changes to the application for this month:





VitaPackageViewer is A tool that view PSVita VPK contents
in details, with the ability to edit it’s access permissions,
Also it can check on-line for official game updates and more.




*View VPK\Folder contents in details.
*View\Edit Safe\Unsafe permissions.
*Create Small VPK installer.
*Create Full VPK from folders.
*Extract VPK Contents from files.
*Check On-line for official game updates.
*Export Loader\Modules from dumped games.
*Import Loader\Modules from dumped games.
*Completely Scan files for any critical\suspicion codes.
*Completely Hash files using CRC32.









*First public beta release.
*Added new icons.
 Added infos button in toolbar.
 Reordered toolbar buttons.
 Enhanced APP\GAME detection.
*Support to View contents from folders.

*Added new option to import loader\modules.
 this option is useful if you want to update
 or change the loader\modules of your game.
*Added new option in ‘check for game update’
 message to copy download link to clipboard.
*Added new option to complete scan files
 for any critical\suspicion codes.

*Updated toolbar.
*Updated dumpers versions.
*Updated folders browse dialog.
*Updated and added folders size view.
*Updated critical\suspicion codes.
*Updated output formats for scanned files.
*Updated loading files type, now support also ZIP files.
*Updated and improved loading VPK files when it’s contents
*Improved error handling for in-completed vpk files.
*Improved complete data scan operation, now uses threads.
*Added new toolbar button to complete hash files using crc32.
*Added new toolbar button to show\hide confirmation.
*Added new toolbar button to show\hide standard buttons.
*Added new standard buttons which behave as toolbar tools buttons.
*Added new statusbar icon\button to show logs.
*Added new configuration file VPKViewer.ini to save\load settings.
*Added the ability to load custom font, just rename the font to
 VPKViewer.fnt and place it in the same folder as the VPKViewer.exe
 Also you can change the default font size\color in the VPKViewer.ini file.
 Or you can add the custom font file path in VPKViewer.ini file. 
 If for some reason font doesn’t work well, try another one or delete it. 
*Fixed some contents were not displayed in the right panel list for some games. 


*Added new toolbar option to choose compression level when creating VPK files.
*Added new toolbar option to generate full VPK or just the installer from folder.
*Added new toolbar option to enable\disable auto save hashes to SFV file when hashing files.
*Added new toolbar button to extract VPK contents from VPK file in proper structure.




this is the tool you need if you want to make sure the .VPK file you are about to install is safe.


PS4 Firmware v4.05 Out Now – Do Not Update

Earlier we posted about a possible exploit that has the community divided, well this weirdly timed update from Sony will throw more speculation and guessing out there among the scene, the official update from Sony apparently makes the system more stable 





For those of you who believe the recent exploit, do not update your console.

And So? PS4 4.01 OFW Exploit?

This exploit has the community divided, some say its fake because the LED doesn’t go a certain way and others say it’s legit because it was showcased at a big conference, decide for yourself: