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[RELEASE]multiMAN 04.78.01 by developer Deank


The developer Deank has released a new update for multiMAN version 04.78.01.The new update fix crash when scanning for / net_host (ps3netsrv ) games



multiMAN 04.78.00 BASE (20160125) (mirror)

multiMAN 04.78.01 UPDATE

Just place it on a USB flash drive to FAT32 and install it from the XMB of PS3 (requires multiMAN 04.78.00 installed)

[3DS] CtrBootManager9 for a9lh

Today @linkkenedy over twitter shared a link to some scene dev’s, showing off his new project which he call “CtrBootManager9 for a9lh”. It’s a 3DS Boot Manager / Loader which is used to load ARM9 Payloads. ( You can read more about this here )

Not much else informations was shared, excluding a video and that this loader seems to be very quick.



[Release] Full RSX VRAM/IO access exploit

This allows userland/lv2 access to the entire 256 MB RSX VRAM range and the entire RSX IO address space and works on all firmwares up to the last version. Particularly interesting here, is that this allows to access the last 2 MB of VRAM, reserved only for the LV1 driver, and maybe slightly less interesting, accessing ‘vsh.self’ VRAM area and IO mapped memory.


## Disclaimer

The requirements are quite hard to satisfy (many of you either don’t need this, or can’t run this) and it’s only relevant for devs (so some don’t need to care about it either). It just gives you access to something inaccessible before with userland/supervisor privileges, nothing else. That’s the ONLY reason I’m posting this (and maybe the hope of someone being able to do something better with it).


## Requirements:

You need either:

  1. Userland entry point (e.g. Browser exploit [1], <= 4.78?) + NAND console (although probably if you have this, you already hacked it and have LV1 access).
  2. LV2 entry point (e.g. RSXploit [2], <= 4.45?). You will need to replace the `sys_rsx_context_attribute` LV2 syscall with the `lv1_gpu_device_map` LV1 call in the source code of the PoC provided below (and remove all the GCM library code among other things).


## Download

Source code available here (documentation inlined as comments):


## Acknowledgements:

Thanks a lot to @3141card, for his LV1 RE files, and to people from Nouveau/Envytools people, specially mwk.


[1] There’s a browser-based (was it Webkit?) memdump PoC for PS3. So, just dump memory, find gadgets and build a ROP chain to load userland code.

[2] There’s a flaw in ‘sys_rsx_context_allocate’ that allows that. More info on the RSXploit thread.


PS4_DEV – Tools and File Collection for your PlayStation 4




nas – Proxima – flatz – CTurt – Red-EyeX32 – SKFU – cfwprophet – fail0verflow – bigboss

Password only for trusted Sceners !

Files: 36 | Size: 1,65 GB


Zelda WiiU dev talks about game

Recently a dev of WiiU shed some light on the new Zelda game. Actually shed of light is kind of overstating it, he didn’t really say much about it. But that it should be new and good I suppose.


Edit: Oh, also that it is almost done but still no release date.

NX? Maybe Or Maybe Not?!

just come across this and it made me think…oooooooooooo look at that.

what do you think? real or not real?

or just one of those random prototypes patents?






sorry for image size, i cant seem to upload any images, only from url.


found the info here–349431.phtml?

Scum Will Be Scum



A Moving Tribute To Satoru Iwata

Last night was the Game Developers Choice Awards and this video was shown:


[Tutorial] Install Linux On PS4

If you have a PS4 on the correct firmware, it can run Linux, below are various articles to help you to achieve his:




Hack The PS4 – Status for End Users

PS4 Hack: Tools and resources if you want to hack your PS4 today

[PS4] CTurt Publishes New Overview to booting Linux and more…


45 Minutes To PlayStation VR Conference

Soon the world will find out the price and other details about Sony’s Virtual Reality device for the PS4, the press event is invite only, but you can watch a live talk about it here, not sure if it will be live from the actual event, or if it will just be a bunch of people talking about it live:


Thanks for the link @StarMelter and @cfwprophet.