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[Release] Flow Rebuilder 5.1.0. With support for DECR

This was on ps3hax, but nobody saw it so, i’ll leave the link here.

RU PKG Manager for REBUG 4.78.2 (Sorry fix russians)

Hello guys!

I was did translation for pkg manager at my favourite CFWRebug 4.78.2

But the translation not all Russians are satisfied


Then I created voting in social network. According of the results it I made a new translation. 

You can update translation just by install a pkg file, that I created.


2016022517_9799456_20849931.jpg 2016022515_4956491_20849943.jpg


This pkg file will replace:

– RU translation for pkg manager

– gameboot “REBUG”

– RED waves

cfw settings (RU version) !!!


See video How it looks:



Russians, who like REBUG and @Jonnie – sorry me. 

I’m just in a hurry and did not think. I really wanted help to Joonie!!!



[Released] Rebug Toolbox Source Code – PS3

Rebug Toolbox Source Code

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It will be six years this August that we seen the first PS3 hack in the form of PS Jailbreak, it would be another five months and numerous hours spent creating the basis of the 3.55 MFW.


From the beginning of the PS3 scene, or rather from when it was first hacked, to guys @evilsperm and CyberSkunk worked together on creating and releasing what probably is the best PS3 CFW that you can install on your console, years later and that team would be joined by two awesomely talented dudes @Joonie and @Abkarino as well as habib.





Today 25th February 2016, evilsperm  released the source code of Rebug Toolbox, here is what he had to say about it:



This all started 6 years ago when the PS3 was finally cracked. At first we had the PSgroove dongles.


I (evilsperm) contacted Cyberskunk and a new friendship was born.  We worked to bring debug settings to the dongles at the time.


Yes we succeeded (and pissed off lots of other devs because they couldnt pir8 off devnet anymore).


Than we were graced by the likes of Fail 0ver Flow, Geohot, Grafchokolo/glevand, and the entire PS3DEV team (the list is long).


After F0F released the first 1/2 of the keys to the kingdom Geohot stepped in and put the last piece of the puzzle together, and here we are today SIX YEAR LATER! (amazing how time goes by so fast)


After we had the ability to create custom firmware Cyberskunk and myself decided it was time to start creating the end all be all of custom firmware’s for the PS3. I think we have, and judging by the 1,000,000 + users of Rebug over the years I would say all of you think the same as well ;)


Rebug has and always will be focused around the Rebug toolbox and DEX. We came up with the idea when we were working on the dongles at the very start of the PS3 scene explosion. We had plenty of help along the way to get things perfect, we also need to thank DeanK for the source to multiman and his help in creating the gui for the toolbox. Our first gui without DeanK was amazing ugly but functional :P


Fast forward about 5 years:

We now have Joonie and Habib working with us on Rebug. These guys are super talented and we are happy to have them on the Rebug Team. Without these 2 Rebug would be no more. Cuberskunk has moved on and is trying to start a family, and I have been extremely busy, with work and kids. On top of that we had lost the final source code to the toolbox due to a server failure, and I had a very old backup that we were able to work with after Joonie and Habib got their hands on the source. They were able to tweak it even further and make it what it is today!


So Today we release the source to the masses. Maybe this will get more devs interested in the PS3 again because the PS3’s EOL is far from over. Hopefully we can make this a more open community to build upon. We will also be releasing all of our tools we use to build rebug in the coming weeks, so keep checking the site, twitter, facebook, all the forums, youtube or however you get your rebug fix ;)


Sorry were not sorry for releasing this a long time ago :P



You can read the full article and download the source by clicking the download link.


News Source

[Rumour] New Pokemon Game information Leaked ?

A couple of minutes ago i posted this article, informing you guys f the Pokémon dedicated Nintendo Direct:


It appears according to rumours circulating around Twitter and some mainstream gaming news websites, that Nintendo may have accidentally leaked information on two new upcoming Pokémon titles, named Pokémon titles, named Pokémon Sun and Moon, there is no information as to which console they will be on, but going by all the other Pokémon titles, it will be released on the 3DS/N3DS, would be awesome to see a home console specific title, they could pack such awesome into it, here are the leaked logo’s:






Pokemon Dedicated Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Nintendo are holding a special Pokemon dedicated Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 3PM GMT, to view it live, click the link below:





Nintendo Direct Live At Twitch

PS Plus March 2016

And here is your delightful list of poop for March 2016:




  • Broforce, PS4
  • Flame Over, PS Vita
  • Galak-Z, PS4
  • The Last Guy, PS3
  • Reality Fighters, PS Vita
  • Super Stardust HD, PS3



[Released] PS3 Game Updater v1.52 – PS3

PS3 Game Updater v1.52

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Rudi Rastelli has updated PS3 Game Updater to version 1.52, here is a quote of the changes:





– Changed “curl.exe” to version 7.47.1


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    Developer: Rudi Rastelli
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3DS HaX Updated To 2.6

Smealum and the other awesome 3DS devs have uploaded their softwares for the 3DS:





Official Website

[Released] Rebug 4.78.2 – PS3

Rebug 4.78.2

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Here is another update from the great Rebug guys:







What’s new since 4.78.1 REX/D-REX?

COBRA 7.3 Support added

(PS2 Launcher is NO LONGER needed to have wireless connectivity with DS3, Huge thanks to our beloved developer Habib and @mysis)


XMBM+ support for for both XMB operation Mode [Debug/Retail] added

(XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now “FULLY” supported via standalone pkgs.)

More info regarding XMBM+


webMAN MOD 1.43.27 

(It has many bug fixes and improved features!)


The issue with System Deactivation is fixed

(This issue was introduced since REBUG 4.75.3 due to changed act.dat deletion patch, now it’s fixed!)


Russian language support added for Package Manager

(Thanks to Alex @Lightra1n for Translation!)



[Tutorial] Convert PS4 4Pins to 5Pins PSU


Here we have a lot of PS4 that can be imported from USA and some from Europe, and for who does not know some comes with a 5Pins PSU and some with 4Pins PSU.


In this tutorial we will convert a 4Pin PS4 to use a 5Pin PSU, there may other methods to do that but i found this is the easiest:


– You Will need One 4 Pins Power Cable and One 5 Pins Power Cable and follow the images and Diagram: