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[Competition] Win Some PlayStation Plus

If you have read the forum or seen the front page today, you will have seen that today we celebrate the forums 1st birthday.

To further celebrate the occasion we are going to have a competition and there will be three chances to win something:
1st Prize – 2 Years PS Plus
2nd Prize – 1 Year PS Plus
3rd Prize – 3 Months PS Plus

All you have to do is post something on this thread, doesn’t matter what you say as long as you post something.

The competition will end on the 31st of August.

You will receive the PS+ for your region, or for whatever region of PSN you use.

Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

One year ago, on the 31st of July 2014 we opened PlayStationHaX forum, in that time we have managed to get 845 members, 2174 threads and 22,662 posts.

So i want to thank you all for making the forum……

Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX

Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX :)






One year ago, on the 31st of July 2014 we opened PlayStationHaX forum, in that time we have managed to get 845 members, 2174 threads and 22,662 posts.

So i want to thank you all for making the forum what it is, thank you for being part of the community and contributing.

Thanks to the VIP’s, thanks to the Staff Members, the Moderators, Super Mods and Admins, thanks to Lucif3r and euss for putting up with me moaning when i broke the forum, thanks to NeoSabin for always catching my typo’s and thanks to the members who made this their home.

Again thank you all :heart:
I hope to bring you many more years of mostly PlayStation related stuff :)



To celebrate PlayStationHaX birthday, i will be holding a competition, though its 6:30 AM here in Crimea and i will be going on a little journey soon, so will post about it when i get there, hopefully, if not, ill post about it in five days time.



How to get access to RSX extra RAM?

Some of you guys might remember that, a long time ago, there was a driver for other os that allowed 3D stuff thanks to a nifty trick that gave access to the RSX in OtherOS. Since there are people working on ps3 emulators, and the RSX docs are very scarce, would there be a way to access the RSX extra memory? it is blocked by hypervisor, but i dont know in what way or how…
For those clueless, theyre the last 4MB of RSX memory in MMIO


More information:

Specifically this:

FIFO workaround:
“The hack consists of asking the Hypervisor to return without waiting for a blit to end. After the Hypervisor returns there is a small length of time during which the FIFO or FIFO registers can be modified before the GPU has finished reading the command. This will occur when a large blit is decomposed into many smaller 1024×1024 blits by the Hypervisor. The last operation pushed to the FIFO by the Hypervisor is a wait for the GPU engine to go idle. By skipping this operation, it is possible to enqueue more commands to the FIFO for the GPU to execute. So the hack consists in either patching the last operation with a NOP, or changing the FIFO write pointer to stop earlier.”

VRAM workaround:

“Once arbitrary commands can be sent to the FIFO using the FIFO workaround, is it possible to enqueue a blit command from video RAM to video RAM. This command can be used to copy the end of video memory to lower regions of the video memory where it can be accessed directly from the Cell (direct access to memory above 254MB from the Cell is blocked by the Hypervisor). As this memory contains the RAMIN, RAMHT, RAMFC and GRAPH information, it can be analyzed to observe what the GPU-related Hypervisor calls do. Changing the direction of the blit (low video RAM to end of video RAM) allows a program outside of the Hypervisor to write to this reserved region (although the destination address must be 256-byte aligned due to restriction in the GPU blitter). To achieve a single unaligned write it is possible to read a large block, modify the desired value, and then write the entire block back. 
However, the first parameter to the lv1_gpu_memory_allocate call sets a limit to the video RAM zone which can be DMA’d from/to. Setting this value to zero equals to ‘no limit’. This is probably due to a missing check in the Hypervisor, as the DMA objects size is specified as using a limit , equal to the size minus 1. Thus a size of zero is actually interpreted as a limit of 2^32-1 bytes (~4GB) by the GPU
At first glance this would appear to be a security hole. But in actuality it is a feature Sony knows about and has used in official code: size = 0 is the default value in the Linux frame buffer driver, and were this issue properly resolved (0 = no RAM, no access) the official driver would be unable to work. ”



Game iso format. Need GNU/Linux support.

Using genisoimage to create a game.iso, game.iso won’t mount with WebMan. Using Hermes makeps3iso.exe under windows, the game mounts. How exactly can I create valid images that will mount with WebMan under Linux, particularly Debian 8? According to th…

PS Vita CMAC Key Verification Script

python script to verify if the cmac key sony uses is the same as the ps3 gpkg key. So far it has been verified on the beta pkg (Uncharted) and on a Retail one (Resogun)
I’ll verify on a couple more. You can do it too 🙂
OK if hashes match. NG if they don’t

Tapatalk Fuck You >.<

So i updated the forum software and thought everything had went ok, until i tried to post something, i noticed there was no comment box and i could not reply to anything, on top of that, none of the pop up menus worked.

So i tried re uploading all the files and with this internet, it takes an incredibly long time compared to home, that still didn’t fix the problem, so i redownloaded the files from Invision, then reuploaded to the server, but yet again, the problem was not fixed.

So i disabled the Donations application, that did not fix the problem, so next i tried the plugins, the first one i disabled was Tapatalk and straight away the problem was fixed.

Seriously, Tapatalk has been nothing but a huge pain in the ass ever since i first installed it, if it wasn’t for the fact some of you use it, i would get rid of it completely. 

R2-D2 PlayBook 4

Hardware modder Eddie Zarick has revealed his R2-D2 themed PlayStation 4, which he dubs the ‘PlayBook 4’, it is one in a series of modded portable PlayStation 4’s, here is a video showing it running:

You can find more of his work here:

Goodbye Satoru Iwata :(

Sadly Nintendo have announced that Satoru Iwata has died, due to a Bile Duct Growth, he was only 55:

Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone

List of games Satoru Iwata was involved in.

[Released] Ohana3DS-Rebirth (W.I.P) – 3DS

Ohana3DS-Rebirth (W.I.P)

View File

gdkchan has released Ohana3DS-Rebirth, this W.I.P gives you the ability to open animations and models from 3DS games:






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